Project Veritas

You may have seen the red link at the top of the Drudge Report today:

“O’Keefe Targets CNN: Set to Release Hundreds of Hours of Newsroom Footage . . .”

It’s true.

A few months ago, I told you Project Veritas would be investigating the corporate media.

We’ve done that . . . but not in a way that they would have ever anticipated.

Tomorrow, you’ll see the results.

What we are about to release will probably be the largest confidential cache of hidden audio tapes ever released about a single news organization.

You will get raw insight into how they operate and why they make decisions that mislead the public.

What we have seen just in the first few weeks of the Trump administration is a blatant indicator that the corporate media is no longer interested in the truth . . . they only want to diminish, embarrass and harass President Trump.

  • Last week, the corporate media FALSELY reported that 100,000 troops were being deployed to assist with the roundup of illegal immigrants.
  • Not long before that, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer issued a “breaking news alert” based on a completely false story designed to embarrass and discredit Donald Trump.

The information we’ll be releasing tomorrow will give you insight into how these newsrooms operate and how they get away with placing “agenda” before accuracy like the stories above.

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