and his administration is already stacked with traitors hell-bent on destroying him. Here is the most illuminating half hour yet with the information that Robert David Steele has been prevented from getting to the POTUS.

Robert David Steele-Deep State Isolating Trump from We the People
If Trump can’t mount a counterattack and get rid of his White House “traitors,” what happens? Intel expert Robert David Steele predicts, “He will not be reelected, and he will also probably be impeached in 2018. . . . Donald Trump is toast after 2018 . . . if we don’t do electoral reform. The Democrats will steal back the House and they will impeach Donald Trump. They will combine that with protests in the streets, and they will combine that with banking pressure to include a $20 billion bribe . . . and Trump will finally say I can’t handle this. I can’t do this, and he’ll leave. . . . Candidates can be bought, particularly if you apply so much pain to them that is simply not worth the hassle. I believe in Donald Trump. I want to devote my life to helping Donald Trump to restore the Constitution and restore democracy. I am deeply upset that Donald Trump is not getting the advice he needs to lay this out for America and provide a solution. The Electoral Reform Act needs to be…
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  1. Ed Kendrick

    The Achilles heels of the traitors are getting more and more obvious. Chemtrails, 9-11, Federal (not) Reserve (none), treacherous and deceiving mass media all out in the open to create an up-wising.

    My favorite is 9-11 and the Israeli role in planning, executing, and colluding with lying mass media in the cover-up.

  2. Cecille Chan

    Paul Craig’s latest assessment that Trump is now toast is exactly right. We do not need to wait until 2018 to declare Trump toast. He had good intentions going in, but the deep state outmaneuvered him very quickly. I do not think Trump had any idea what he was really in for. For a moment there I entertained the possibility of a world free of the globalists’/Zionists’ sinister control. The empty-headed mouthpieces of the globalists in Hollywood and the fake media are spewing venom against Trump and everyone else not falling in line with their master’s globalist agenda. They enjoy temporal perks for their asinine loyalty to their globalist masters.Is the population so dumbed down to actually believe that these Hollywood entertainers/fake reporters speak from their hearts for the welfare of everyone? We are doomed, and I would really like to be optimistic. I just cannot find a good reason to be as of this moment. I wish everyone would really do their diligent search for the truth about our lives. Read everything you can get your hands on. Know both sides of any story. Your formal education is not worth the money you spent on it. All our educational institutions are controlled by the same globalists. I wish everyone would wake up from this stupor.


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