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pat2Pat Shannan

Pat Shannan’s thirst for truth was set in motion a half century ago when he began to examine the “other side” of the news of the JFK assassination, and it has never been quenched.  Through the years he discovered that Americans have seldom been told the whole truth about anything of consequence. Such is the case with the current mainstream propaganda revolving around the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. His latest, The JFK Assassination and the Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds presents evidence and facts seldom heard or seen in print.

His amateur sleuthing turned professional after the notorious 1983 federally sanctioned “rubout” of Gordon Kahl by the FBI and U. S. Marshals in North Dakota and Arkansas.

In 1992, Shannan was hired on by Chuck Harder as investigative reporter for the “People’s Radio Network” and covered such high profile cases as the federal attacks at Ruby Ridge, Waco and on the Montana Freemen; as well as the huge FBI burial of the truth of the Oklahoma City bombing. Pat’s two-hour DVD documentary of these facts – OKC Bombing – Forerunner to 9/11 – is still available.

Washington DC Spotlight and American Free Press newspapers and the national Media Bypass magazine carried his commentary and roving news reports for two decades.   Read more…

BarnewallMarilyn M. Barnewall

Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall began her career in 1956 as an investigative journalist with the Wyoming Eagle in Cheyenne. During her 20 years (plus) as a banker and bank consultant, she wrote extensively for The American Banker, Bank Marketing Magazine, Trust Marketing Magazine, was U.S. Consulting Editor for Private Banker International (London/Dublin), and other major banking industry publications. She has written seven non-fiction books about banking and taught private banking at Colorado University for the American Bankers Association. She has authored seven banking books, one dog book, and two works of fiction and recently completed the biography of the $27.5 trillion man. She has served on numerous Boards in her community.

Barnewall is the former editor of The National Peace Officer Magazine and as a journalist has written guest editorials for the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News and Newsweek, among others. On the Internet, she has written for News With Views, World Net Daily, Canada Free Press, Christian Business Daily, Business Reform, and others. She has been quoted in Time, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and other national and international publications. She can be found in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who of American Women, Who’s Who in Finance and Business, and Who’s Who in the World.     Read more…

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  1. Melvin A. Falkner

    I need some help with a civil suit. I am being blocked on finding justice on my situation. I have studied some of the issues that your site was covered and i feel that the risk of asking is worth the goal. I want justice.

    1. Pat Shannan

      “You don’t understand, Son, Justice has been kidnapped and hidden somewhere in the law.” Hal Holbrook (old judge) to Michael Douglas (young and still naive lawyer) in “The Star Chamber” (1983).


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