Wife of Political Prisoner Edgar Steele Releases Evidence of Massive Government Corruption on Eve of 9th Circuit Hearing

Michael Sotka, a Special FBI Agent “coordinated the plot” according to Cyndi Steele, wife of Edgar Steele and alleged victim of a murder for hire plot.

Today she  announces the release of a documentary; Witness to the Persecution – The Plot to Silence Edgar Steele which reveals many disturbing tactics used to convict her husband for trying to have her murdered, allegedly for insurance money that didn’t even exist.

On July 8th, Edgar will have his first appellate hearing in Portland, Oregon before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Following the hearing, attorney Wesley Hoyt and Cyndi Steele will hold a press conference in front of the Courthouse and have the 2 1/2 hour expose available. Cyndi is requesting that the US media take a hard look at this case which Edgar’s attorney Wesley W. Hoyt calls a “KGB show-trial orchestrated to silence freedom of speech.”

Specifically, the documentary exposes:

  • perjury and evidence tampering by FBI Special Agent Michael Sotka
  • the invality of the search warrant, judicial misconduct by Judge Winmill in excluding two key defense audio experts
  • eavesdropping by the Federal Marshals in violation of the attorney-client privilege
  • evidence that U.S. Marshals gave recordings of privileged discussions to prosecutors
  • an interview with audio expert Dennis Walsh demonstrating the inadmissibility of the two audio recordings central to the Government’s case
  • how the Federal Government blackmailed Edgar’s defense attorney Robert T. McAllister to sabotage the case
  • an interview with Dr. Allen Banks, an eye-witness to Edgar’s June 11, 2010 arrest that demonstrates that approximately 45 minutes was deleted from the recording made at the Steele ranch.

Former prosecutor, Hoyt maintains that had McAllister simply challenged the obvious invalidity of the search warrant, Edgar’s case would have been dismissed. McAllister later admitted he was ineffective and blamed it on his psychological problems that caused his disbarment in June 2011 less than a month after the Steele trial  ended, only to find out he was indicted in July 2011, by the same US Government that was prosecuting Steele. “The Government had a clear conflict of interest as it investigated Mr. McAllister in the months leading up to the Steele trial and should have demanded the defense attorney’s removal to stop the Government from  leveraging Mr. Steele’s criminal case to curry favor for Mr. McAllister’s criminal case. The whole case stinks,” said Hoyt. McAllister violated a written order to have a key audio expert served with a subpoena and then lied to Cyndi stating, “Ed didn’t want the subpoena.”

According to public records, shortly after McAllister was hired, the Government began a criminal investigation against him and combed his office so that he knew he was the target of their investigation. McAllister and the government kept all this secret until after Edgar was sentenced in November 2011, and McAllister went to prison.

The admitted car bomber, Larry Fairfax, was never charged with attempted murder. Instead, he was charged with “illegal fireworks” and was released in the Spring of 2012.

The documentary includes many court documents, transcripts, evidence, interviews with witnesses, friends and family along with examples of how the government’s own documents prove that perjury and other felonies were committed by the prosecution team.

Cyndi Steele maintains that the real criminals in this case are FBI Special Agent Michael Sotka, U.S. attorney Wendy Olson, and Prosecutors Traci Whelen and Marc Hawes. In her opinion, Judge Winmill facilitated and participated in this conspiracy to illegally prosecute and convict her husband with many incorrect rulings.

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