Edgar Steele Is Completely Innocent

INI editorial comment:  Because our own INI legal counsel and our former webmaster worked thousands of hours on the Edgar Steele documentary and appeal, we can positively endorse the title of this page. The Government committed gross misconduct and FBI Special Agent Michael Sotka committed no less than five counts of perjury on the stand. (See documentary movie below) Funding is urgently needed to aggressively pursue the onerous and expensive legal process of filing a Habeas Corpus in pursuit of getting Edgar a new trial, overturning his wrongful conviction and bringing him home. Please donate at  www.free-edgar-steele.com.

Edgar’s health is poor and he’s being held in a “Super-Max” prison where he has nearly died three times because the prison inhumanely denies him medical care for his serious health conditions. The fraud committed by the Government in this case was vast, illegal and much too extensive to address here. Unfortunately for America, such deceitful behavior within the judicial system has become more the rule than the exception.

Cyndi and her mother, both the alleged victims, always maintained that Edgar is innocent. Cyndi has gone to great lengths to defend her husband and is now working even harder to free him. Sadly, Cyndi’s mother passed away in 2012.  What follows is strictly factual. Throughout the trial, the Jury was not allowed to hear or see most of the truth.  The documentary video at the end of this article depicts many of the facts withheld from the jury including the expert testimony of one of the Defense audio engineers.

 – Wesley W. Hoyt, JD, Founder of INI World Report 

The Edgar J. Steele Persecution

Free-Edgar-SteeleThe US Government falsely arrested and falsely imprisoned First Amendment attorney Edgar J. Steele on trumped up murder-for-hire charges, naming his wife Cyndi and his mother-in-law as the intended victims. Edgar is innocent. What follows is not fiction. This really happened in June of 2010 and is still fundamentally unresolved.

Real people such as you and your neighbors and good Samaritans the likes of Edgar Steele, a defender of the Constitutional rights of others, continue to be prime targets of the Government’s attack on the innocent who appear to be “politically incorrect.” If you dare to speak out against tyranny, oppression and the growing police state in Amerika, you will likely be targeted, prosecuted and sent away for a long prison sentence.

There are malevolent forces in and around the Government that are hate groups, pointing fingers at others to take the heat off of themselves, while they promote persecution of the innocent. One such group is the Southern Poverty Law Center (“SPLC” – a so called “non-governmental organization” which may have started as a “bully buster,” but now has become the “bully.” Along with the FBI, the SPLC regularly attacks innocent people such as Edgar J. Steele who is a law-abiding father of three, grandfather of two, a husband, an attorney, a champion of free speech and a true justice seeker. He and his wife Cyndi Steele, who have been married over 25 years, have served many individuals oppressed by the government, many of those cases pro bono.

The Government version of this tragedy is that on June 9th and 10th of 2010, the FBI’s “Confidential Source,” Larry Fairfax, allegedly recorded two conversations where Mr. Steele was purportedly plotting the murder of his wife and her mother. These “recordings” are the only evidence the Government has against Edgar Steele. If the defense ever has a real opportunity to show that those recordings are fictitious, then there is no case and Ed will be released. 


 On June 11, 2010, while at his home, Mr. Steele was “cuffed and stuffed” and then incarcerated on charges which alleged that he and his handyman, Larry Fairfax, were plotting to murder Cyndi Steele and her mother. Four days later Fairfax was arrested on charges that he manufactured a lethal pipe bomb, which he admitted to attaching to Cyndi’s vehicle; a fact that the government knew and chose to do nothing about, for a minimum of six days before the bomb was discovered by Mrs. Steele. The government also knew about one or more of the Fairfax bomb accomplices, but also failed to arrest, charge or prosecute any of them, either.

 Interestingly, while the robust Mr. Fairfax who confessed and is now a convicted felon, was held in a local jail under soft conditions, free-speech attorney Edgar Steele was moved out of state and kept incognito in solitary confinement for 32 days. None of the law enforcement authorities would admit that they had him in custody until significant protests were mustered. Further, the frail Mr. Steele was kept in harsh, freezing conditions without the critical medications needed to treat lingering symptoms from a very serious heart surgery performed on him a few months before his arrest. Fairfax served only a two- year sentence, while Mr. Steele, convicted by false testimony and manufactured audio tapes, is serving what amounts to a death sentence for a 66-year-old (at the time)—a night-marish 50-years for a crime that never happened.


On June 15, 2010, as she was on her way to a court hearing regarding her husband’s case and with time to spare, Cyndi stopped for an oil change a few blocks from the Federal Courthouse in Northern Idaho. The oil change mechanic discovered the bomb. The bomb squad was called in to remove the bomb while Cyndi was taken to court by Federal Officers to attend her husband’s hearing. While at court, Cyndi was told by a US Marshal that the Government would NOT provide her with any protection against the additional accomplices in the attempted pipe-bombing still at large, one of whom is a neighbor of the Steeles.

Given that Mr. Steele has an established web presence from which he has authored incisive commentary on First Amendment, socio-political and financial matters, it is not surprising that most of his supporters feel that his incarceration is yet another jailing of a dissident for speaking his mind, making him just another political prisoner. Edgar Steele always expressed himself with an edge when it comes to telling it straight and naming names. See www.conspiracypenpal.com

Mr. Steele published the book Defensive Racism, which has seen wide distribution over the years. At his web site there is a brief biography, the capstone of which at the time of his arrest, was his work-in-progress investigation of human trafficking involving a “Russian Bride” scam out of the Ukraine.  This pursuit was twisted and used against him when his email files were used as evidence against him at trial, even though his wife Cyndi testified to the authenticity of his investigation and her awareness of it.

Mr. Steele’s aggressive representation of clients who have run afoul of the Government, in addition to his own use of free speech, may be just the reason the Government and its consulting NGOs colluded to silence him with bogus charges, pre-trial “detention” and no bond.

An archive of the Steele case progress, news articles, support efforts and more can be found at www.free-edgar-steele.com – the site having been created to share the information critical to exonerating Mr. Steele. This web site also tracks a number of interviews given by Cyndi Steele and her attorney (at that time) Wesley W. Hoyt, as well as donations received and supporters’ comments.

At present, many caring souls and organizations have financially supported Mr. Steele’s legal battle, thus raising over $114,000.00 to date. There is a dedicated defense team working for him. The word has traveled far and wide about this travesty of justice and of Edgar’s fight for freedom, with donations coming from Canada, Europe and far away Australia.  However, much more funding is needed. 

The defense team has engaged the finest audio and acoustical engineers in America to analyze the Government recordings. These recordings were allegedly made on June 9th and 10th, 2010. It has now been proven that the recordings were spliced and dubbed with sound effects and dialogue from multiple people pretending to be Edgar Steele and that the recording did not happen all at once as falsely represented by the Government. Audio Expert and retired NYC Police Detective Dennis Walsh has provided his evidence and conclusions seen and heard in the documentary below.

If you are outraged that the Government can do this to a First Amendment lawyer and you think that this could happen to you or someone you love, we ask you to please donate to the Edgar Steele Defense Fund, P.O. Box 1255, Sagle, Idaho 83860. Donations are administered by a non-profit corporation. Please make contributions payable to the “Edgar Steele Defense Fund.” If the Government can railroad Mr. Steele into a death sentence (he will likely die in prison if not released soon), then what is to stop them from coming after any of us? We must join together and stop these political prosecutions before it is too late.

Please give generously, because the life you save may be your own. From the bottom of our hearts, we, the Free Edgar Steele Defense Fund members, family and friends, graciously thank you.

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