Robert T. McAllister’s Conflict of Interest in Steele Case

Robert McAllister was under investigation by the Feds during the Edgar Steele Trial

By NICHOLAS K. GERANIOS   11/ 9/11 05:52 PM ET, Associated Press Liar Wire Service

Robert T. McAllister Disbarred Steele Attorney COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — An Idaho attorney who once represented the white supremacist Aryan Nations group [blatant lie] was sentenced Wednesday to 50 years in federal prison in the failed plot to kill his wife and mother-in-law.

Five days later, a 29 Count Felony Indictment was unsealed charging McAllister with a host of financial crimes.  Obviously, it would be impossible for the entire McAllister investigation to have taken place in the five days between the sentencing (November 11th), and the unsealing of the indictment on November 16th.  Further, McAllister is quoted in the Denver Post:
“A federal judge dismissed the bankruptcy case in April. In June, McAllister agreed to be disbarred for eight years for twice using client funds for personal use.

Two months later, McAllister told a judge in Idaho that he had provided ineffective counsel to a client [Steele] convicted earlier in the year of murder-for-hire. The trial occurred while McAllister was dealing with his possible disbarment.”  [emphasis added]

“At the time . . . I did not recognize the extent to which my mental state had deteriorated” as a result of his remorse, McAllister wrote.”

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