One In A Million


Here are a few reviews of this remarkable novel:

“Wow! What a book!!” – C.J. Campbell, who further writes:

This book is a must read for anyone that comes across it! Horror stories of corruption and incompetence in the IRS have been in the news recently and bear out what “One In A Million” is all about. Facts that were discovered have been woven into a story about an all-American family who achieved their dream only to see that dream become shattered and disillusioned when the IRS persecutes them with false accusations. Every REAL American should read this book. Although this book is labeled as “fiction” I suspect otherwise.

An enthusiastic e-mail commendation:


I’m reading One in a Million. What  great book!  I can’t put it down.  People tell me I should write a book about all the crap I know, and I say, “It’s already been written.”  Now, I can give them the title of it.

Tell me something, how much of it is fact?  What I mean is, are the references you use, such as news articles and such, real?  I know some of it is, stuff about Irwin Schiff for example and others, but I find myself trying to separate the fact from the fiction.  It’s outstanding.  I’m only half way thru.  I’ll be ordering some more copies for gifts to other members of the faithful, mostly my family.  It is that good!


“The best!!” – D. Ray Hill, who also writes:

This book has so much information for everyone. As a young American with a family, it is very difficult to live in this country. The truths in this book have opened my eyes to the Big Picture in this country. I have literally reads hundreds of books, but this one is the one to have!

“A masterpiece!” – Sharon Lee, who continues:

Pat Shannan uses his storytelling talent to combine mystery, suspense, truth, and history into a great novel. One In A Million is a historical novel filled with suppressed truths and historical facts about the hoax of the tax system. It’s a gripping story of family, courage, truth, tragedy, and violent retribution. One In A Million is much more than a crime story. It is a priceless education of our tax system and banking system. It is a compelling, convicting, and awesome story of the hypocrisy of the Internal Revenue Service. I recommend One In A Million to everyone! Courageous work from a talented writer. ONE IN A MILLION IS TRULY ONE IN A BILLION.

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This book provides an insight into the inner workings of an evil intershadow government that affects our lives on a daily basis. Thank you Mr. Shannan for a wake-up call to all Americans. -Ted Gunderson, SAC(ret.) Los Angeles office of FBI

ONE IN A MILLION: An IRS Travesty, by Pat Shannan, Review by Steffan Bertsch, Oregon Attorney:

Occasionally I have been asked to review books, but, rarely do I give an unsolicited assessment of one. I am making One in a Million by Pat Shannan the exception. It’s a fact-laden piece of “fiction” about the IRS gone mad, and, while this might shock some, has set up mafia-style hit squads in the CID with the Commissioner’s tacit approval! While most of you know full well that “government” agencies would never do such a thing, that’s exactly what this book dares to reveal. Shannan sprinkles the enjoyable, fast-paced novel with many esoteric facts, long hidden from view of the sleeping public, such as those revealed in “The Franklin Cover-Up” about our beloved George Bush being involved in an adolescent sex ring while holding the office of VICE president. Any freedom-loving American will appreciate the veiled references to modern heroes such as Richie Mack and courtroom tyrants like Jack Tanner, and will also enjoy the express bolstering of Tupper [Saussy]’s and Irwin [Schiff]’s reputations as the writer explains how freedom was lost as fiat money invaded our borders. It’s a spry read that is perhaps more fantasy than actual fiction, which might just get through to some sleepers, if ever it reaches their hands. You can order this trade paper book from any store that is supplied by Ingram, which is nearly every bookstore in the nation. “One in a Million” will never sell a million, the New World Order will see to that, but it could be a mid-lister if some liberty-loving people pick it up, give it a once-through, then pass it along to one of the sheeple. Almost nobody believes the truth when he or she is told it, but by handing them a “fictional” work, some pieces of the puzzle might sift through their programmed “brains.”

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  1. Bob Caufman

    I must get this book! My experience w/IRS is a horror story. I’m now 75yrs,poor health, partially blind with only S.S. for income and the IRS with
    help from S.S. admin steals about half of my check for taxes that I never owed.
    Imagine a $360,000 tax bill when my highest earning year was about 50,000 with about 40% expenses as a courier, three exemptions, RE taxes etc. And I don’t have a government connected trade, business or hold any political office or military.

    We have to exist on welfare at about 1/3 of what refugees get! $833.00 per
    month and $26.00 every 2 months in SNAP benefits !! Now we’re being foreclosed. Damn the IRS and all crooked corps. Congress and all states.
    they’re all the same, just like the judicial system


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