A super deal on four of Pat Shannan’s books for you!


Pat Shannan has always been the “Newsman From the Other Side” with the inside story.

Former FBI agent John Connolly, who was framed for murder by his own colleagues in Boston’s notorious Whitey Bolger case, while serving a life term, stated, “If Pat Shannan wrote for the Boston Globe, I wouldn’t be in here right now.”

Unlike the mainstream molders of opinion, Pat Shannan has written extensively about the victims of government oppression for over thirty years.

As a US~Observer and Freedom Trust special, Oceana Publications is offering four of Shannan’s best books: I Rode With Tupper, Montana Freemen-The Untold Story, One In a Million, and, Maybe the People Have the Answers — all autographed. This package is only $55.00, while supplies last, and includes free shipping and handling. The education is priceless.*

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Read on for book descriptions:

i-rode-with-tupperI Rode With Tupper

I Rode with Tupper is Pat’s introduction to the dark-side facts of the early forming of a federal police state against the American citizenry, an unrecognizable fact at the time that has now become obvious. More than that, it is a walk through little-known American history while giving an on-the-spot report of that infamous government hammer coming down against another American citizen whose only crime was speaking the truth too loudly. (Read more…)

one-a-millionOne in a Million

Here are a few reviews of this remarkable historical novel:

“Wow! What a book!!” – C.J. Campbell, who further writes:

This book is a must read for anyone that comes across it! Horror stories of corruption and incompetence in the IRS have been in the news recently and bear out what “One In A Million” is all about. (Read more…)

montanaThe Montana Freeman – The Untold Story of Government Suppression and The News Media Cover-Up

Dan Rather called them a “hate group” and Ted Koppel “racist hustlers.” They were labeled “domestic terrorists” by the mainstream news media. But the truth was that the Montana Freemen came closer to exposing the fraud within the Federal Reserve system than anyone ever had since the bank’s doors first opened in 1914. (Read more…)

MTPHTAMaybe the People Have the Answers

Shannan’s new book is a startling amalgam of hidden truths, suppressed evidence and little-known history lessons that provide a unique perspective on the “contagions” that currently plague our Republic. (Read more…)


And the bonus book…

Sheep coverLost Sheep Found

I want to thank all those INI World Report readers who have been responding to my “Red Beckman Speaks” columns over the past three years. I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to hear from such dedicated patriots who are so concerned about the future of our nation. Recently, I composed a new booklet of 64 pages that I think is extremely important and contains a message that I really want to get out to as many of our fellow Americans as possible. I call it Lost Sheep Found(Read more…)