This Should Scare Everyone, Flynn Never Lied


Republicans and Democrats alike should be scared about one overriding fact in the Flynn case. The FBI said Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn never lied, yet he had to plead guilty to lying in order to avoid a protracted fight he could no longer afford.

Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s son, also Michael, wants justice for his father. He reacted to the release of the FISA abuse memo with hope but he might be underestimating the level and extent of corruption in both the media and the administration of our intelligence agencies. He went on fire on Twitter with several tweets.


He has every reason to believe his father was wronged.

Recently, Robert Mueller asked for a delay in Lt. Gen. Flynn’s sentencing because both defense and prosecution were not ready. Mueller allegedly also wants to talk with Flynn again.

Flynn pled guilty to one charge of lying to the FBI and is “cooperating” with the agency investigators in their Russia probe.

In the spring of 2017, FBI agents who interviewed the retired general said he didn’t lie. They said he was confused and couldn’t remember the details. Then Mueller came in with his team of witch hunters and they decided Flynn did lie after all.

Ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn did plead guilty because the case caused tremendous strain on him and his family. It also bankrupted him and he had to sell his home, his last asset.

Listen to Catherine Herridge summarize the Flynn plea deal last December. Mueller turned a case of Flynn not lying into a crime of lying to the FBI.

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