Above is the title of a major study looking at the side effects of aspartame.  If you don’t already know what it is then you’re either an idiot or an ostrich with head buried firmly in sand.
Unlike the FDA approved studies performed by the maker of aspartame, GD Searle, this was an independent look at what happens when you eat aspartame.
In case ostriches are reading this, aspartame is a drug.  It was first reported in 1966 by chemists trying to design an ulcer medication.  An accidental tasting by lazy chemists caused its sweet nature to be elucidated…
The Journal of the American Chemical Society wrote, “We wish to report another accidental discovery of an organic compound with a profound sucrose (table sugar) like taste . . . Preliminary testing showed this compound to have a potency of 100-200 times sucrose.”
A congressional report later published that, “Seven infant monkeys were given aspartame with milk. One died after 300 days. Five others (out of seven total) had grand mal seizures.”
Fast forward, after much politicizing, astroturfing and PR campaigns, aspartame was ultimately approved by the FDA as an artificial sweetener.  GD Searle made bank!
God bless America. ‘Cause they need it.
Today, millions of children are being poisoned by the failed ulcer medication turned “sweetener.”  Adults too, of course. But hell, adults can read so technically, they should know better.
When I was a graduate student, teaching organic chemistry, I showed the students how toxic aspartame really was…applied science is the best science.
I stocked up on diet soda and taught the kids how to extract the ingredients. Aspartame came out as methanol, phenylalanine and formaldehyde 60% of the time.  Those are the byproducts.
Thus, if aspartame toxicity wasn’t bad enough, you’re poisoned with the byproducts that result from room or body temperature.
And would you believe that corporate America puts this crap in baby food!  See Pedialyte.
The above paper kindly showed what happens, over time, when you consume aspartame and its byproducts…cancer.  Especially Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukemia.
All kinds of other nasty stuff can happen.  Ask Michael J. Fox…He was hired to endorse the sickening sweet soda.  And apparently drank tons of it … Horrific to think of the outcome.
A pilot emailed me recently to say he lost his career due to testing positive for alcohol after a flight.  It was methanol, the byproduct of his diet soda consumed during his mission. He’s lucky it didn’t make him go crazy, as it has done to some pilots in the past!  The altitude hastens the toxic response.
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Dare to live with your head out of the sand,
The People’s Chemist

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