Wolf Age – The Attack On The Confederacy


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  1. Rhoda Elaine Gelman

    Stephen: I watched your video and listened to your description and views, however I am a bit confused. I believe in G-d with all of my heart and soul. There is Only One G-d. This myth of whom you speak and his awakening is confusing to me. I am Jewish and believe that ‘Our Messiah Will Come.’

    As for the Age of the Wolf, What is your actual belief? I am disgusted with people referring to the Wolf as band and negative. Sayings like: throw him to the wolves – The Wolf is Unprecedented for their love of their family – running wit h pack – courage and strength and extraordinary for their spirituality and devotion to family! Their Eyes Say Who They Are! I have always defended them and we as humans can learn ‘from them.’ Please do contact me.

    Rhoda Gelman/CEO
    Universal Public Relations & Communications
    Astrologic Business Solutions
    Seaside, Oregon

  2. gail

    I am truly appalled at the STUPIDITY of people who blindly follow and don’t bother to research and learn the TRUTH of our history. The Civil War wasn’t even fought over slavery. The Confederate flag was made because both sides were using the stars and stripes. Since most fighters didn’t have uniforms it was impossible to tell who you were shooting at. So the South came up with the Confederate flag.

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