Rand Paul (pictured) has just one thing to say when asked if Susan Rice committed a crime: “YES.”

Honesty is something that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has never had a problem with. When he was running for President, he was one of the few people that could not be put off no matter how heated exchanges with Trump became. When Paul thought that Planned Parenthood had broken the law, the did not dance around the topic, but rather, showed America the law on how “samples” are to be used. He did not get in the mire of the debate and simply stood by the facts of the law. He has even taken a chainsaw, an inferno and a woodchipper to the tax code. One doesn’t usually have to guess what the Senator is thinking, to say the least.

Proving this truth, Rand Paul today requested that former Obama National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, show up on Capitol Hill to testify under oath about unmasking practices used on Donald Trump and his circle. While many in Washington are tiptoeing around the issue of if a purposeful crime was committed by the Obama administration, the Senator from Kentucky is calling it as he sees it. When asked “Did Rice commit a crime?” Paul simply replied, “Yeah.” There was nothing else that needed to be said, but how many in D.C. have been brave enough to tell the truth?


Rand Paul is not standing idly by as Susan Rice is found to have trampled the Constitution. He wants her to answer for it in court.

He did elaborate a bit, however, saying,”I think she did something that’s devastating, and that is to take top secret information without a warrant for looking at an American individual, and exposed that individual, and then perhaps be associated with people who may have leaked this information.” This does not just matter in the realm of “Trump vs. Obama,” or even “GOP vs. Democrats,” as much as it is about what this can lead to. The more people that have a given data set, the more people that there are who can use it as leverage or blackmail. From there, leaderships are compromised and the essence of America is lost.

These laws are in place for a reason. We all know that there are too many laws in America today, but this is not one of the ones that need any easing. Paul knowing this said also that Susan Rice did “something terribly damaging to this country,” and that she used the intelligence community to do it. He mentioned also that this exposed the “dangers” seen when “political people use top secret information for political purposes.” Rice, it should be remembered, was a staffer. That means that she had clear authorization to view this data, but did not have any such clearance to gather, mine, collate, or unmask anyone.


Headlines all over the U.S. are telling of the laws that Rice broke and of her unmasking techniques.

This is why Judge Andrew Napolitano called the act, “espionage,” showing unity with what Paul is proclaiming. This is sure to go deeper and include far more people as the facts come to light. Paul addressed this by stating, “the more we learn about Susan Rice, the more we’re going to learn that she’s been involved, I think, in a lot of shenanigans with using intelligence at the White House for political purposes.”

Paul also showed his Constitutional roots by reserving some harsh criticism for a FISA system that gives the government the “right” to listen to ANY American’s conversation without the use of a warrant. “But when they’re talking to Americans, to listen to the Americans or to unmask the Americans,” the Senator stated, “I think you ought to go to a regular court and have a regular court order or warrant.” Since this matter not only destroys the right to privacy in America, the Washington Times is reporting that “Congress is due to consider reauthorization of the FISA court system.” This will be a time that will see Paul bringing up Rice’s abuses, it can be assured.


“Absolutely false?” That remains to be seen once Rice takes the stand.

It is good that this is being brought to light because, with an attention span that can not make it through a three-minute pop song, America is likely to not still be calling to mind what Snowden warned us of as often as we should be. Susan Rice has given us reason to remember what Snowden said about how a withered Fourth Amendment was going to affect America in a very fundamental way. Julian Assange of Wikileaks has certainly spent more than his fair share of man hours warning everyone who would listen as he sits paying the price for it trapped in an Embassy. Now Rand Paul has stepped up the plate and is prepared to keep warning us and that is good. Most of America is still asleep at the wheel and those who are active need not lose sight of what was shown to us over the last few years.

The fact that the Democrats (maybe all the way up to Obama himself) were doing to Donald Trump exactly what they falsely accused Russia of doing to him or Hillary Clinton can not be lost. This is more than a dose of irony since the malice of the accusation have dampened relations even further with Russia. It must be remembered that Gen. Michael Flynn had his career demolished by these deeds and he was painted as someone who had worked behind the back of his nation. That has to be a “one, two” punch combination that lends itself to him keeping a VERY close on eye on who is found to have done this to him.


Trump took to Twitter when this began and no one believed him. Now facts are proving that he was right.

It is also chilling in the way that the unmasking was used against members of the news media, too. There is no one on either side of the political debate that feels comfortable with government being allowed to snoop into the role of the free press. A press that keeps the government on their toes and walking the tightrope of the Constitution is as important as anything that holds our country together. Once the press feels pressured or intimidated, we become like World War II Germany. For this reason, it was mentioned that when Trump briefly banned CNN from questions, he did not SILENCE them. He simply “fired” them. There is a difference.

This difference is something that Susan Rice seems to not have understood. She will be understanding it now, especially if those who were affected by her illegal actions begin to sue her. It will be realized the moment that Paul gets his desire and she is in a courtroom trying to explain why the National Security Advisor to the President felt that the rights of the nation were nothing worth respecting and how that caused her to try and cheat to get her candidate into office. That should be almost as much fun to watch as Rice’s face on election night. Almost.