No One Can Imagine the Height and Depth of the Corruption in the District of Columbia Swamp

Suddenly everyone is aware of the controlled mass media’s (CMM) fake news, as if it were something new. Where have you been? Some of us were mildly concerned about it fifty+ years ago (with the Warren Commission cover-up) and have been screaming at least since 1983 when the FBI and U. S. Marshals “legally” ambushed a law-abiding North Dakota farmer. And the CMM could only defile and defame the victim, a Christian and salt-of-the-earth family man who also happened to be a WWII Silver Star recipient that not only out-gunned the government goons surrounding him but escaped.

Local Medina, North Dakota police chief Darrell Graf was appalled the next day in his office to hear a U. S. Marshal and an FBI agent vociferously arguing about which agency would get to hunt down Gordon Kahl and take the credit for murdering him – which is exactly what both agencies did when they tracked him down in Arkansas on June 3rd, 1983. As he watched television news, the unarmed Kahl was shot in the back of his head by U. S. Marshal Jim Hall, but in typical headline-stealing fashion, the FBI took the credit.


But what have you been ignoring in more recent years? You don’t really believe that the Saudis pulled off the 9/11 attacks, do you? And if you still do, was that justifiable provocation to attack Afghanistan and Iraq that were never implicated or accused? Did you think it was justified when 13-year old Sammy Weaver was shot three times in the back by U. S. Marshals in Idaho? How about the act of FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, who shot Sammy’s mother through the head the next day as she stood in the doorway of her mountain cabin holding a suckling baby? We know it was only fake news that prevented the local outrage that followed from going national, because Idahoans seemed to be the only people to know the whole truth until Randy Weaver was acquitted at trial the next year.

Only six months after this atrocity, the infamous 51-day siege began near Waco,Texas, until government assassins shot and burned eighty men, women and children inside their church home. Fake news told us that the initial attack in February was necessitated because it was the only way that the goon squad could arrest David Koresh; that he was molesting children; that people were being held there against their will; that the Branch Davidians fired at the 75-strong army of agents first from church windows – none of which was true. And after the holocaust, initial instigator and Attorney General Janet Reno was quoted as saying, “We did it to save the children.” Brilliant, Janet.

The system had become what George Orwell named the “Ministry of Truth.” Whatever Big Brother says is true.


The list of government victims goes on and on. Fortunately, thanks to the tremendous utilization of the Internet today, many news fabrications have been debunked by independent investigations that the whole CMM [Controlled Mass Media] has lost so much credibility that several members may be out of business before the year is out.

But the question remains: how did the deceit, first of all, get launched and then survive so long? The CIA long ago admitted that it was their own personnel that had placed the metaphoric guns to the heads of the broadcasting and publishing empire way back in 1953 in order to achieve the influence necessary. But what was the so-called “gun?” A .45 auto aimed at the temple of a CEO would certainly gain some cooperation, but what about the honest editors, station owners and reporters downstream that never received the threat? How would that cooperation be accomplished? What could possibly provide this kind of acquiescence within otherwise honest news reporters? And what has been responsible now for their continual reporting of fake news and doing so knowingly day after day?

JUST AS WITH ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE IN TODAY’S WORLD, IT ALL REVOLVES AROUND THE FACT THAT LEGAL TENDER IS THE MODERN DAY ROOT OF ALL EVIL. At one time the continuing theft was created and maintained with the printing press. Today it is high-speeded with the click of a computer mouse.

fakemDuring its first 125 years of existence, the USA experienced less than 1% inflation of its constitutional money, and most or all of this could have been traced to banker fraud (creating “dollar” notes from assets on deposit and using them for personal purchases) and “Lincoln Greenbacks” (the first unconstitutional legal tender in American history and was necessitated by the need to hire northern suckers to participate in Lincoln’s War), which were deemed later by the supreme court to be unconstitutional and outlawed after the war was over. But the new generation of Americans during the Reconstruction years of the 1870s had already begun to believe that a “dollar” was merely a piece of paper issued by the government.

The Rothschild banking family gradually cemented that belief in the next two generations of Americans following the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in 1914. More than 200 years earlier, European banking czar Mayer Rothschild had said, “Give me the control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws.”

Truth-telling historian John Kaminski sums up the century-long result with:

Because the Jews own virtually all the mass media, we don’t get to hear what Jews really do, running country after country into the ground with their fractional reserve lending schemes in which they create money out of nothing and then charge you for using what was yours to begin with. They cater to diseases and profit from what they say are cures but are usually avenues to new afflictions, and endless medical bills . . . If you ever took the trouble to contemplate the true significance of 9/11 in which the highest levels of the U.S. government were complicit in the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City, you would realize that this jarring epiphany opens a window onto the entire history of the American republic and you would realize the whole system was long ago converted into an endless money machine for the Jewish bankers, who engineer wars as their primary moneymaking technique.

So let us backtrack in history to see the truth of the money heist.

The 1792 Coinage Act, enacted with sincere purpose by the founders who had experienced the hyperinflation of the Continental paper money during the previous decade, defined for all time the definition of a dollar as being measurement of gold and silver: precisely 25.8 grains of gold and/or 371.25 grains of silver. This smartly followed the magic seventeen words from Article I, Section 10 of the U. S. Constitution five years earlier: “No state shall make any thing except gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debt.” It has never been amended. That is still the law. The theft bred and birthed the propagation of all, and we do mean ALL, of the corruption that has followed during the next century.

Gold and silver were the money and the paper notes were the mere receipts for the lawful money on deposit. According to the Constitution, the only lawful money is Gold and Silver. Paper money that is backed by gold and silver is not Lawful Money but merely the receipt for that Lawful Money on deposit — gold and silver coin. Paper “dollars” not backed by gold and/or silver are counterfeit currency posing in clever disguise.

The original Federal Reserve Notes (1914-1963) were a contract that stated “redeemable in lawful money [gold and silver coin] at the United States Treasury or any Federal Reserve Bank,” but few bothered. The paper notes were just too convenient to trade in the marketplace for daily transactions, and the trap was set.

These lawful Federal Reserve Notes were issued until November of 1963, when the first counterfeit notes appeared, mysteriously, the week following JFK’s murder. This paper issue claiming to be “notes,” but with no redeemable clause, were nothing of the kind. Now each claimed to be merely “legal tender for all debts public and private” (without even the period at the end. Must have been saving ink). The former receipts had magically been turned into the actual entity. Few people even noticed, let alone complained. The Lawful Paper notes (and referred to as “dollar bills”) floating in use for fifty years were silently replaced with bogus paper tokens still circulating under the same sobriquet but were not Notes at all because they had no power to redeem the gold and silver coin. The USA was operating on a bogus system of tokens, masquerading as Lawful currency by which the issuance was controlled by a private banking cartel in no way affiliated with the United States government. The USA had been captured, but nobody could see it.

Then in 1965, slug coins began to be issued with all of the silver removed and replaced with worthless filler alloys. This is why the pre-65 U. S. minted silver coins are worth about 15 times their face amount by today’s counterfeit paper measurement (it has been as high as 38X and will soon be again as the fiat paper continues to regress towards worthlessness).


Next, the banks were ordered to renege on the redeemable contract plainly printed on all of the pre-’63 lawful Federal Reserve Notes. June 24, 1968 was the last day that Americans could redeem their lawful notes for the Lawful Money on deposit. Most people today have never even seen the articles I am speaking of here. (Don’t miss the redeemable clause under “THE UNITED” above and below.)


Even at the time this thieving charade was unfolding, few noticed and fewer cared. The normal reaction was little different from that of the average person today.

“Who cares what the money is made of as long as I can spend it on what I need?” was and is the normal reaction from most Americans, little realizing that the founders were experiencing the devastation of hyperinflation at the time they were drafting the Constitution for the united states of America. The solution was hard money, something of value circulating in the marketplace that would not depreciate; and nothing was better than gold and silver coin. What followed was the 1792 Coinage Act defining a dollar as a measurement of gold (25.8 grains) and silver (371.25 grains). This has never changed by law but only by statute and use.

Even the counterfeiting (look up the definition) laws on the federal books today do not forbid counterfeiting but rather “illegal counterfeiting.”

Figure that one out and begin to get a solid grip on the fraud. It has been forever protected by the fake news media, the “Ministry of Truth.”