Millions of children have been and will be brainwashed and indoctrinated every day with the filth of our day, at school, church and thru the satanic influence around and including leftist government. Pull them away from this evil deception.

(unless, of course, you have already succumbed to the moronic deception of guilt for not being “politically correct” and “tolerant.”

The gay activity above is from another new Disney Television programme for children. Disney is now openly promoting deviancy to children, purveyors of filth from a company that once espoused wholesome values. 

Regarding the Alabama theatre refusing to show this latest Beauty and the Beast is a step in the right direction. 

What is not mentioned, however, is the fact that there really was no reason for yet another version of this movie, already presented as a cartoon just a decade or so ago. Unmentioned is the transformation of the beast over the years from an ugly old man to a lion-type beast to now a GOAT-BASED beast, the Devil, is not mentioned although many are making that connection. In otherwords,

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  1. Donahue Wait

    More Disney world ‘Zionist’ Satanic Brainwashing


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