By listening to Kevin Shipp and Robert David Steele, Americans could shut off the TV news every night and remain far better informed about what is really going on.



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  1. Olddog

    Dear Sir,
    I would bet my life that 99% or more, of what I just watched is true, but I’m having a hard time understanding how you both have remained alive long enough to have produced and aired this film. Absent the details, most of this has already been published on my own sites by one author or another and I can assure you, if they kill Trump there will be hell on earth in America.

  2. Olddog

    Mr. Shannan,
    After considering the information in this video I have decided to post another comment because I am convinced the most notorious villains alive were left out almost completely. In any organized endeavor of this scale there must be someone, or organization, at the top; specifically the International Investment Banking Cartel, which is not uncommon among journalism. My question is WHY have you ignored the despots at the top of this inexplicable travesty? After posting hundreds and hundreds of articles about Americas demise, even I have a hard time finding more specific info on them. You can check here if you care to. and

    1. Pat Shannan (Post author)

      If you ever read my past, present and future Musings, you will see that what you cite has always been my favorite whipping post. I’ll say it again: “Legal tender is the root of all modern evil.”


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