. . . in case you have been puzzled by the strange resignation of Gen. Flynn and President Trump’s acceptance of same without a whimper.

To understand the power behind the throne, one might go back to the September, 2015 MUSINGS found at this site and the December, 2016 MUSINGS as well. There are a few crimes that are “unmentionable” and must forever be concealed from public view. This one, as well as the Obama birth fraud, the truth about 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing(s), fall into the category of “bringing down the whole government” (as stated by one anonymous FBI agent) if ever fully disclosed.

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  1. jane

    Looks like Clintons and their friends the De Rothschild’s got to Flynn. And is there any truth to the rumor that Obama is running a 30,000 anti Trump army from Obama’s home two blocks from the white house? If so Obama needs to be hung for treason, which should have been done over 4 years ago.


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