In 1990, a series of federal statutes was put on the books to sanction bribery in the U.S. legal code. 5 U.S.C. Sec. 4502, 4503, 4504 authorize payments of up to $25,000 to judges, prosecutors and chosen witnesses that participate in federal prosecutions but are paid only if that prosecution results in a conviction.

Over the past quarter century, I have not only seen this travesty of justice in action in federal court against another innocent defendant more times than I can recount, but in 1991, I had a front row seat. I was that innocent defendant. The details of this and previous episodes are laid out in my recent book, Miracle in Atlanta, published last year.

Now the corruption has apparently drifted into the state courts, and Florida is not the only one. In fact, all of the states may now be exercising the deception. The corruption is out of control.

Here we see blatant evidence of the prosecutors from the State of Florida collecting rewards for gaining a conviction against a man that they KNEW WAS INNOCENT.

Please find the time to watch this to the end. There can be no half-an-hour spent at your computer more important than seeing this:




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  1. Bill Moore


    There are no fair trials.

    I was an enforcement officer for ten years. I quit because I was in a required training session where we were ordered to do things that I believed would be illegal.

    Later, the police came to my house while I was working and stole $25,000 dollars worth of tools. I hired a lawyer and a judge ordered the State police to return my property to me, but the police has already divided it up among themselves. I never got my property back.

    I was stopped in a DUI traffic stop, and the police took me across the street to give me a DUI test. While I had my back turned, the police stole an envelope from the dash with $60 in it.

    We have several houses. A young couple walked into one of the houses, sat in a lean-back chair, smoked some marijuana cigarettes and fell asleep. They accidentally set the chair on fire, and dragged it out into the yard so as not to burn down the house. A neighbor called the fire dept, the firemen saw the marijuana cigarette butts and called the police, and we were eventually required to either tear down our own house or face a $250,000 fine and ten years in prison. We tore down our own house.

    The police are the new crooks.

    Bill Moore

    1. Pat Shannan (Post author)

      Yeah, Bill, for sure. It used to be that the occasional dirty cop would be exposed by the honest ones. Now they all are supporting a crooked system and many times even unwittingly. (“Duh, I don’t know nuttin’ ’bout no constitution. Da chief say dis be the law and we da enforcers.”)

  2. Curtis Johnson

    Please give John Goodman a new and just trial. Also, please prosecute and convict those in the justice system, including the judge and prosecutor’s office lawyers, who did not adhere to the principles of justice and a fair and honest trial for John Goodman.


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