This piece from a reader is not “hot news” and is not the first time Snopes has been caught lying in defense of Soetoro, but it does offer some solid evidence of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans continuing every day in the District of Criminals.

Many of the emails that I have sent or forwarded that had any anti Obama in it were negated by Snopes.  I thought that was odd.  Check this out.

Snopes is heavily financed by George Soros; a big time supporter of Obama. In our Search for the truth department, we find what I have suspected on many occasions. I went to Snopes to check something about the dockets of the new Supreme Court Justice,

Elena Kagan who Obama appointed and Snopes said the email was false and there were no such dockets so I Googled the Supreme Court, typed in Obama-Kagan, and guess what? Yep you got it; Snopes Lied! ALL of those dockets are there.

So Here is what I wrote to Snopes:

“Referencing the article about Elena Kagan and Barak Obama dockets:

The information you have posted stating that there were no such cases as claimed and the examples you gave are blatantly false. I went directly to the Supreme Court’s website, typed in Obama Kagan and immediately came up with all of the dockets that the article made reference to.

I have long suspected that you really slant things but this was really shocking. Thank You, I hope you will be much more truthful in the future, but I doubt it. That being said, I’ll bet you didn’t know this. Kagan was representing Obama in all the petitions to prove his citizenship. Now she may help rule on them.”

Folks, this is really ugly.

Chicago Politics; and the beat goes on and on and on. Once again the US Senate sold us out! Now we know why Obama nominated Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court.

Pull up the Supreme Courts website, go to the docket and search for Obama. She was the Solicitor General for all the suits against him filed with the Supreme Court to show proof of natural born citizenship. He owed her big time.

All of the requests were denied of course. They were never heard.


It just keeps getting deeper and deeper, doesn’t it? The American people mean nothing any longer. It’s all about payback time for those who compromised themselves to elect someone who really has no true right to even be there. Here are some websites of the Supreme Court Docket:

You can look up some of these hearings and guess what?

Elena Kagan is the attorney representing Obama!

 Check out these examples:


p.s.  I now use  http://http/  to get the correct info..

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  1. Dee Nicholson

    You do know that Elena Kagan is a lesbian, don’t you? She has been pushing the gay agenda for years. Then you have the info about Barry Soetoro and his “proclivities” and the stories about Michelle being “Michael” and all the gay men in the White House and Hillary who is a lesbian and Bill the sex addict and all those pedophiles (Many solid references available there as well).
    This is getting very strange. Doesn’t anyone straight get appointments any more? Apparently not…

    Don’t get me wrong. What people do with their private parts in their private lives is of no interest to me whatsoever. However, I do have to wonder how a small minority of the population (3.8% LGBT, according to the latest Gallup surveys) occupies so many high positions in government, particularly in the US, where “men are men”… that to me is very, very odd, is not representative of hiring the best employees, but seems totally preferential towards a particular group. Wake the hell up, Yanks!!


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