Insanity Restored
by Henry “Jake” Morgan

 We are accustomed to standard sized feet, inches, ounces, quarts, pounds, bushels and we can easily see the chaos,
acrimony and litigation that would result if those standard weights and measures changed on a place to place, minute
to minute basis.

 Imagine trying to order materials with which to build a house if the architect, lumber yard, and the measuring tape in

your pocket all used different sized inches and feet.  How difficult would it be to buy and sell oil or milk…if every
producer, distributer, retailer and consumer used a different sized barrel/gallon/quart.  Imagine the opportunities for
cheating, fraud, intense stress and resultant conflicts on individuals, businesses and institutions.

Now maybe you can understand why America is currently going insane.

Before ratification of the US Constitution weights and measures were different, region to region and state to state.
Chaos, acrimony, litigation, suspicion, distrust, dishonesty and fraud were rampant….much like the insanity we are
experiencing today.  

  Blood running in the streets. Mobs of rioters and demonstrators
threatening banks and legislatures. Looting of shop and home.
Credit ruined. Strikes and unemployment. Trade and distribution

paralyzed. Shortages of food. Bankruptcies everywhere. Court

Dockets overloaded. Kidnappings for heavy ransom. Sexual

perversion, drunkenness, lawlessness rampant…


One distinguished politician writes to another:

 “The wheels of government are clogged, and we
are descending into the vale of confusion and

darkness. No day was ever more clouded than

the present. We are fast verging to anarchy and


 Where, when and whom?  Get ready for a shock,
America, 1786, ten years after the signing of the Declaration
of Independence. The correspondence was from George
Washington to James Madison. On February 3, 1787

Washington wrote to Henry Knox, “If any person had told

me that there would have been such formidable rebellion as

exists, I would have thought him fit for a madhouse.”1


The Miracle on Main Street by F. Tupper Saussy, Pages 27 & 28


But ….. when ratification of the US Constitution mandated standard weights and measures….the insanity blew away

like a puff of smoke.  Peace, sanity, prosperity and good will flourished. The Great American Prosperity Miracle
got afterburners and people started doing business on a handshake.

 I    t took a little more than four months to write the U.S.
Constitution, and almost a year for the states to ratify it.

      Then another year for the government to be set up.
The most immediate relief brought about by the

Constitution was economic. The cause of this economic relief

was Article I Section 10, which prohibited the states from

enforcing payment in anything but gold and silver coin. If

people wanted to, they could make deals using for exchange
cattle, paper money, real estate, tobacco, chickens, peanuts
anything they could agree on.

But when it came to the state’s participation in
anyone’s economic life, such as enforcing fines, taxes,

judgements, etc., the terms were spelled out quite clearly and

absolutely in Article I Section 10. Nothing but gold and

silver coin.  NO THING.


      Did putting America on a sound money basis hurt

anyone?  Did it cause a disastrous economic upheaval? Did it

throw bankers into bankruptcy, businessmen out of
business, government employees out into the cold?  The best

source of information on this should be none other than

George Washington who was a businessman, bureaucrat,

farmer, banker, legislator, and military man, among other

things.  This excerpt is from a letter he wrote to his good

friend the Marquis de La Fayette, dated June 3, 1790 less

than a year after the ratification of the Constitution. It shows
quite dramatically what happens when an economy goes

from paper money to gold and silver coin:

      You have doubtless been informed , from

time to time, of the happy progress of our

affairs.  The principle difficulties seem in a

great measure, to have been surmounted.  Our
revenues have been consideragly more productive

than it was imagined they would be.  I mention this

to show the spirit of enterprise that prevails.


How about that!  Revenues “more productive than it

was imagined they would be.”  Couldn’t we use some

“considerably more productive revenues” and some “spirit

of enterprise” these days?  All it takes is gold and silver coin.

The public record is filled with jubilant reports of the

effects of the Constitution’s monetary system  The

December 16, 1789 edition of the Pennsylvania Gazette


       Since the federal constitution has removed all

danger of our having a paper tender, our trade

is advanced fifty percent.   Our monied people

can trust their cash abroad,1 and have brought

their coin into circulation.

     Again Washington wrote to LaFayette. It’s March 19, 1791.


     Our country, my dear sir, is fast progressing

in it’s political importance and social happiness.


    On July 19, 1791, in a letter to Catherine Macaulay

Graham, Washington wrote:

The United States enjoys a sense of

         prosperity and tranquility under the new
government that could hardly have been

         hoped for.


   And finally, on July 20, 1791, Washington wrote with

glowing exuberance to David Humphreys:

    Tranquility reigns among the people

with that disposition towards the general

government which is likely to preserve it. Our

public credit stands on that high ground which

three years ago it would have been considered

a form of madness to have foretold.


     In other words, Washington was saying “if anyone had

predicted that our economic and societal problems could

have been solved by simply making nothing but gold and

silver coin our money, he would have been called crazy.”


    Like so many people today, Washington had originally

felt that the “anarchy and confusion” was being caused by a

host of demons, paper money being just one of them.

What he didn’t realize until after the ratification was that

irredeemable paper money had been the sole creator of those

demons. When it vanished, the demons vanished.



The Miracle on Main Street by F. Tupper Saussy, Pages 57 – 60


Yes, we still have all of our accustomed standard weights and measures mandated by the Constitution….

 except one.

The standard weight dollar. (371.25 grains of fine silver)

 With the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, the US abandoned the standard weight dollar and made theft by monetary fraud legal for

the Federal government. Sixteen years later the Great Depression rocked the world.


“By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly
and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.  There is no
subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to
debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic
law on the side of destruction, and it does it in a manner which not one man in
a million is able to diagnose.

~~~ John Maynard Keynes


Honest weight money, along with our other honest weights and measures is the foundation of an honest, peaceful, prosperous

Dishonest money is the quicksand that fosters a dishonest, corrupt, chaotic, insane, impoverished and unstable society.

Roger Sherman, delegate from Connecticut to the 1787 Constitutional Convention, author of Article I, Section 10, clause 5 of the
US Constitution (“No State shall…make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts;…”) stood in that

historic assemblage and pronounced, “We must seize this opportunity to crush forever [unbacked] paper money and the mischief it creates.”

When ratification of the U.S. Constitution outlawed dishonest money in 1789, chaos subsided and the Great American
Prosperity began….almost instantly.

With the abandonment of honest money, beginning gradually in 1913 and finishing in 1963 & 1972, chaos, poverty and general insanity have
returned with a vengeance.  America is sinking like the Titanic with a great gash in her side.

Unless America is quickly repaired by the restoration of honest weight money she too will be swallowed by the ocean of history, and sink
into oblivion with the rest of the worlds failed civilizations.” 

 The insanity which has destroyed every “lost” civilization, dishonest money, was vanquished by seventeen words authored by Roger Sherman: “NO STATE SHALL MAKE ANY THING BUT GOLD AND SILVER COIN A TENDER IN PAYMENT OF DEBTS.


Honest weight money fosters honesty in general. Dishonest “weightless” money fosters dishonesty generally.

Politicians, thieves, conmen and criminals celebrate and thrive on dishonest “weightless” money…..

the insanity that our Founders and Framers conquered is back.


The cultural, economic, legal, political, social chaos and insanity from which they saved us has returned.


Insanity…..has been restored.


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