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Thank you, readers, for all your great responses over the past few years to Everything They Ever Told Me was a Lie. The facts have become more evident in recent months than ever before.

The minuscule number of negative comments I received, along with “When will we see Volume II?” were enough to motivate me to begin compiling a second batch of information for just that. Will we ever have a Volume II?  Who knows? Maybe—if you help me come up with a fitting new title that will continue to differentiate the volumes, such as my new choice does. How about: Nothing They Ever Told Me was the Truth?

A few readers still doubt my doubts about man’s alleged visits to the moon fifty years before the technology to return yet even exists today; and while everyone used kind words while voicing an opposing opinion, none offered any proof to support NASA’s claims of having gone there. Actually, nobody can even do that anymore. NASA guaranteed that when it came forth and admitted that it had lost or destroyed over 750 boxes of data, records and pictures of what, in reality, would have been the greatest achievement by man in all of world history of the planet, had they really been to the moon. It was the final straw and only served to further strengthen the evidence that they had not done what they had claimed to have done and then sold to the world.

If you had films of Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence or Hancock signing it or Franklin addressing the woman’s queries from the steps of Philadelphia’s Constitution Hall saying, “It’s a republic, madam, if you can keep it;” would you destroy or even be careless enough to misplace them? Or what if you had shots of Napoleon at Waterloo or Lee and Grant at Appomattox or David felling Goliath? Is that not important enough to not only keep but guard as closely as the original copy of the Declaration has been protected? We need to stop to realize that all of these famous feats of history fall way short of three men jumping on a rocket ship and flying to the moon and back without refueling for a round trip of half a million miles. Lindbergh was a piker. One old friend told me, “I don’t care what proof you show me, you are never going to convince me that Armstrong did not walk on the moon.” What a great innovative thinker, huh? Facing logic like that, I must surrender and give up on the debate. His is called “cognitive dissonance.” Maybe he can go to work as a tour guide for NASA (slightly down society’s totem pole of prestige from that of a Walmart greeter).

On the other hand, one unknown Internet book reviewer wrote, “Pat Shannan is not a “conspiracy theorist” but a “conspiracy scientist,” which in my narrow-minded opinion is the greatest compliment a journalist could ask for. He pointed out that I write about facts and evidence, which is what I have always pursued, rather than mere opinion and theory. Has anyone noticed that there are only parrots and no investigative journalists in the CMM anymore?

As I wrote in the recent JFK 50th Anniversary book, the term “Conspiracy Theorist” is one of the best deceptive pieces of subterfuge that has ever been inserted by the programmers into the American vocabulary. Coined by the CIA mob,it was furthered to us from the people who run the newspapers, magazines, radio, television; and worst of all, the college professors spewing their socialist deception—all in attempt to demonize those of us who would dare to question why the king has no clothes. Does anyone remember anymore the 1981 (from behind closed doors) quote from Reagan’s CIA Director William Casey? 

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

So here we have the obscure in 1981 being so blatantly obvious in 2016.  Didja’ never read Orwell’s 1984?  It’s time you did. And it if you have in the past, it’s time for a refresher course of reading it again. You are living it.

For instance, here are some simple ones that continue unanswered and will almost certainly remain this way:

At least three powerful bombs went off inside the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City in 1995 and at least that many more were hauled away and detonated safely. So how does this fact fit the FBI’s explanation of an alleged “busted sting operation” or Patsy McVeigh’s AFNO bomb in a truck on the street doing more damage to the center of the building than the front? Does the FBI always use live and deadly bombs to nab the criminal element in action?

Over 3,000 architects have now signed on to agree that a collapse of a skyscraper from mere fire of jet fuel 80 floors up is impossible. So what news commentator would even attempt to justify three such collapses in one day?  But after 15 years, most do.

In 1996, more than 700 witnesses went on record as having seen from the ground what they believed to have been a missile launched from the water that brought down TWA Flight 800. Why do you continue to say that it was a fuel tank ignition? Oh, I know why: because you heard it on faux news.

So this is the type of deceptive road-blocking that we investigative reporters meet every day. Anything that the bureaucrats cannot answer without appearing totally moronic is just ignored. And because we don’t wear badges of authority, we miss many opportunities to interrogate alleged victims and especially the accused, whose opposite side of the story is never heard in the press. However, eventually, in some cases, our adversary will inadvertently reply to our questions with the display of his future behavior to compare with his past.

Here’s what I mean.

At Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, the only evidence the criminals had to bury was photographic, and dozens of FBI and Secret Service agents immediately converged on the crowd demanding people release any film from their cameras that might show the shooting of President Kennedy—for evidentiary purposes, of course. Most people complied, but a few escaped with their own evidence that later proved to be invaluable in trapping the real culprits.

Fast forward to April 19, 1993, outside of Waco, Texas. News cameras are driven back two miles by the attackers to avoid any incriminating photos of government crimes. Only high-powered lens enabled the capture on film of some of the government’s murderous atrocities.

Fast further forward exactly two years later to Oklahoma City and see the FBI postpone the rescue operations while the agents concentrate on removing the surveillance cameras from the light poles — this for two hours while injured people died. A total of 23 of these tapes that would reveal reams of truth were never even used at trial and remain sequestered to this day.

Fast forward one more time to Boston on 4/15/13. Here we see the hi-tech problem that the enemy has to try to overcome but has not. Only because of its total control of the media (and its long dead investigative reporting) is the FBI able to attempt to confront the problem: that of overcoming the surveillance cameras at every corner, storefront, parking lot and alley, then the multiplied problem of photo and “radio” coverage created by the possession of a cell phone by nearly everyone on the street. Photo surveillance snatching is out of the question in this modern day. So what the alternative must then proceed with is always a complete ignoring of the facts (and truth) and carry on the “official story” as if nobody had noticed anything any different. See this for confirmation of the “crisis actors:”

So wake up and ask yourself and others: why were the police telling the marathon participants and spectators to “be calm” before the bombs went off because “we are just running a drill,” and what are the statistical odds of a training exercise for a terrorist attack going on at the same time a real terrorist attack occurs? Then multiply that factor by the odds of the same thing having gone on in Oklahoma City in 1995, then multiply it again for 9/11 with the military drills over the Atlantic, then multiply it again for the training exercise that was going on in London on 7/7/05 during the subway “attacks,” (then multiply it a few more times for the other ones that went on such as Sandy Hook, Aurora, Boston, Tucson, Charleston, San Bernadino, Roseburg, Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge, etc. etc. etc.) How many simple dolts can still believe that these false flags are not being  created by the New World Order advocates honed in on stealing your guns?

DUH! What astronomical figure of absolutely impossible odds can you come up with?

If you can understand and appreciate the creation of the Two Oswalds and how they were used fifty years ago to deceive America, and because you have Internet access, I know you cannot argue with what I have said above, I just hope and pray that, in order not to be ever duped, this information will give you the insight to see the next hoax each time it appears in front of you.

Meanwhile, the election rigging is more rampant than ever before. A year ago, no one imagined (particularly the NOW elite controllers of both parties) that Donald Trump, number 17 and dead last prospect in the cast of Republican (fraudulent calculation of) favorites could emerge as the nominee in July of 2016, but he did.

And Trump is speaking to audiences of 10,000 wherever he goes, and Hillary might get a hundred. When she spoke at a high school in Omaha only a week after her rigged nomination, one reporter counted only ten people in attendance that were not students or faculty. A few days later, the CMM announced that Hillary was leading Trump by 15 points.

Think of how stupid the average person is—then realize half of them are stupider than that.

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  1. Mark Belk

    Hey Pat, you hit a home run with this musings article and by the way I meet some of those people that are stupider than stupid every day. Those people are as big a threat to our liberties as the treasonous politicians who cater to them.

  2. Jean

    It’s great to hear someone say it as it is. Anyone with half a brain could figure out that there was no mechanism to launch the LEM off of the face of the Moon to a height of 60 miles to hook up with the return vehicle which was supposed to be circling the moon at 3000 mph. It is obvious that the Murrah building bombing was a government approved operation as they did not allow an in-depth investigation but buried the truth as fast as they could. Hoppy Heidleberg’s grand jury experience proved it was a government operation. No real questions allowed. Unfortunately, the below average intelligence people vote. My bet is they are staunch Hillary supporters.

  3. Dave Johnson

    Another phony event we know as “Sputnik” brought about Federal control of education (to keep up with the Russians). With that control came the ability to dumb down America. That is why there are so many stupider than stupid people walking around. That includes the ones walking around Washington DC. Thanks for your time and effort. We certainly need Volume II when you get time! Can I pay with OneCoin?


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