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Found on Irish TV… Banned in the USA…
George Bush does his best to stop the tough questions from rebuttle. It is common practice for the news station to provide a list of questions and potential questions to the President. On every single rebuttle question the interviewer asks, George Bush cuts her short, and they never return to her real questions.

FOUND ON AN IRISH TV STATION, THIS INTERVIEW WAS BANNED IN AMERICA ~ Abu Ghraib Abuse Photos ~ ABU GHRAIB Torture & Prisoner Abuse ~ The Bush Administration’s Response To ABU GHRAIB ~ GEORGE SR-NEW WORLD ORDER ~ Bush Gets Caught In His Own Lie

Finding The Humor ~ 8 Years Of ‘Bushisms’ ~ george bush is funny ~Must See Hilarious Bush Bloopers! ~ George W Bush – American Idiot ~ George W. Bush screw ups

Americans voted Jr. into office TWICE.

When he came into office the country had a HUGE surplus.

Eight years later we were TRILLIONS of dollars in dept.

Less than two years later Americans seem intent on blaming it all on Obama.

From the video description on

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