The lies promulgated by government and perpetuated by its lapdog CMM concerning the tragic 1999 plane crash that killed young John Kennedy, his wife and sister-in-law immediately became “fact.” The Orwellian “Newspeak” has a way cementing non-facts into the walls of our minds. Only those of us willing to question the official story were able to root out contradicting facts making mockery of what we were being sold. One of these examples was the landing gear, flight papers and suitcase that washed up on the south side of the island on Saturday, and witnesses fishing on Friday night said that the “loud explosion” came from the south as well; but the plane was allegedly found a few miles north of Martha’s Vineyard the following Wednesday, which still appears to have been impossible.

Pittsburgh attorney Victor Pribanic was fishing in the shallow waters of Martha’s Vineyard the night of the crash, heard an explosion and upon hearing later that the Kennedy plane was missing, informed the police, the FAA, Coast Guard and NTSB. No one ever contacted him again.

When I visited the island six weeks after the crash, almost everybody we talked to, from cops to airport personnel to newspaper editors, had at least one fact conflicting with the official story. When I visited the Martha’s Vineyard Airport and announced to the manager why I was there, his initial greeting was quickly followed by, “Are you guys still beating that dead horse?” Buddy Wyatt, on duty in the tower on the night of July 16th, was conveniently “on vacation,” but when I had reached him on the phone a month earlier, he was already denying that Kennedy ever spoke with him or any other ATC people that night.

Indeed, anyone could tell that the “fix” was in and a cover-up had been quickly put in place. However, nobody has come close to putting the puzzle pieces together as well as John Hankey of Los Angeles. The hour and a half education found here in “The Assassination of John Kennedy, Jr.” is well worth your time, even if you have to watch it in shorter segments.

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