The cover-up in progress was evident from the beginning when such things as a 16-foot hole in the Pentagon was said to have swallowed a Boeing 767; the cover story of 19 Arabs performing the impossible; then the demolition charges timed to perfection in the WTC were tell-tale as well; Bush and Cheney refusing to testify under oath; and when the Kean Commission Report was finally released some three years later, the puzzling question of how Building Seven fell without being hit by a plane could not be answered, so it was ignored completely, as if it had never happened.

It became known very shortly after the 911 attacks that almost all of the Al-Qaeda attackers were Saudis. We later heard that Saudi Arabia had founded and was sponsoring Al-Qaeda.
Today, one of the “rebel” groups supported in Syria by the US is Al-Nusra, also known as Al-Qaeda in Syria.
The question is why would the US support a terrorist group?
The answer is disarmingly easy: the petrodollar. The US killed for money.
Only Trump, by virtue of his outsider status, can dare to shine the light on this.
Every other candidate will lie and obfuscate.

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