Recently, a reader in Tennessee took interest in our December Musings and a week later went up in a private plane around the Memphis metropolitan area. It was a sunny and cloudless day, and from about sixty miles out he noted that not only was the world flat for as far as he could see in every direction but he also could see all of Memphis’ most famous downtown landmark, The Pyramid, from the parking lot to the top. A month earlier, all this would have been meaningless to him because, as with the rest of the world, he had been programmed to know that the earth is “too big” to witness the alleged curvature with the naked eye, but from recent reading and video-watching, he had just learned that this was not true. Now he had the formula and knew that most or all of that skyline should have disappeared behind the earth’s curvature from sixty miles away. (20 miles equals 266 feet of earth’s curvature if any exists; 40 miles should reflect 1,066 and 60 miles away proposes 2,400 feet of curvature according to the age-old and NASA-accepted formula for measuring the 25,000 miles around the alleged globe.)

Henry Ford said in 1921, “History is Bunk,” referring to the assassination of the Austrian Prince as the reported cause of WWI rather than the actual fact that the banksters start all wars; and other myths written by Satan’s chosen deceivers. With his discerning eye and perspective, had Ford lived in this century, he might have been one of the first to uncover and report the biggest hoax of all. The 500-year-old belief that the earth is a spinning ball was a scientific theory impossible to prove or disprove and could not be until recent years. But with the modern-day scientific advancement of computers, the Internet, email and YouTube’s multiple exposures of NASA’S faked photos and destruction of incriminating data, the truth has been unveiled and spread to the multitudes that what we have been taught about a spinning earth, the sun, the moon, space and the universe has, indeed, been a big load of bunk. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the modern-day Internet video is worth ten thousand or more.

It is not the earth being flat that agitates people, but the fact that the earth is not a globe, and any challenge to that lifelong false indoctrination is difficult to even bother with, let alone investigate — after all, why waste time on that? Everybody knows the earth is a globe! Even millions of Bible-believing church-goers have been programmed to accept supposed science over God’s word from “In the beginning” (Gen. 1). And at Gen. 1:16 we are told in plain English that God inserted two lights, a big one for the daytime and a lesser one for the night (Look it up), yet many of these same people not only believe the “scientific” baloney that the moon is a reflector of the sunlight but will argue all day that that is what the scripture actually says.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and the speaker a raving lunatic.” Dresden James

And of course, in these days of a faithless majority, there are many who have no use for God’s word, and for those who can pause their cursing and insults long enough, we have a simple test that can not only produce cash for the first participant but will make him/her a hero for all of history for being the one to prove once and for all the actual curvature of the earth (or the lack thereof). What follows is the test designed by our friend in Tennessee:

Northern Hemisphere Flat Earth Challenge!

Win $1000 and a Free Danube Cruise!

Prove that the Earth is spherical and win the Northern Hemisphere Flat Earth Challenge!

The centuries-old and NASA-accepted formula contends that the Earth has a curvature of 8.01 inches per mile squared. Let’s assume that the Earth is a perfect sphere of 8 inches (8”) per mile squared and prove them right or pretty dang close.


Fly your airplane or helicopter 61 miles directly south of your takeoff runway. Then turn 180 degrees back north.

As you turn your aircraft back to the north, level off at 2,400 feet, heading straight back to your takeoff runway.

Use only your compass and horizontal situation indicator on your straight and level return flight north.

Do not adjust your flight by using your altimeter. I suggest using independent tools to confirm the altitude and pitch, such as a six-foot level to confirm straight and level flight and a range finder to confirm the altitude. This gets rid of any internal aircraft gyro compensation arguments.

Maintain a 2,400 feet altitude and from the 60-mile point fly north to your take-off location. Again, using only your compass and horizontal situation indicator, fly north back to the takeoff runway always maintaining level flight.

Upon return at the takeoff point, if the Earth is flat, then you should be 2,400 feet over the takeoff runway.

If the Earth is a sphere, you should crash directly into the tarmac. Having proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Earth is a sphere, you can collect your prize money (posthumously).

60-Mile Earth Curvature Calculations


*The Earth is 8” of curvature per mile squared.

*There are 12 inches per foot.

*60 Mile Challenge

*Formula for curvature, distance is in US miles.

**Miles(squared) x 8”= Distance in inches.

**Divide by 12 to get feet.


60 miles x 60 miles = 3600 miles squared.

3600 x 8” of earth curvature = 28,800 inches/sm.

28,800 inches / 12 inches per foot = 2400 feet.


((60 x 60) x 8”) / 12 = 2400 feet.

The money will be sent to your next of kin. The Danube Cruise is for some or part of your ashes. Corpses’ or body parts are not allowed. Please have your heirs send in a newspaper article of the crash for authentication and publication to:

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  1. Dave Johnson

    In 1969, with my MA in Christian Education, I took my first job as a 4th-grade teacher in a private Christian school. My first week in the classroom, I went out and purchased a lovely spinning globe to use as a teaching tool. If I had only known then what I know now about the Flat Earth, I could have taught those 30 ten-year-old kids something they would never forget! But alas, on 2nd thought, I probably would have been fired during that first month instead of 12 years later for teaching the “conspiratorial theory” of history to the 12th grade!

    1. Warren

      If you were fired for teaching the flat earth fairy tale, it was well deserved! If satellites are real, then the flat earth cannot be true! I have visually observed, tracked by radio, and communicated through many satellites,dating back to Echo 1 in 1960. Here is a bit I wrote about my experience tracking and communicating through them:

      I should point out that I have communicated through MANY different satellites over the years, starting with a ham radio one in 1972 and some government ones on a project I was working on in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. They were always at their predicted locations and always worked. Go check out the satellite TV dishes in your neighborhood, you will find that NONE of them are aimed horizontally, all are aimed upwards toward a satellite in geostationary orbit.

      1. Pat Shannan (Post author)

        Yup, that’s what this says too, Warren. Could they have lied to you about what you were actually working on? These may help. Go to 20:30 here:

        Also: and

  2. H P

    To be precise, I am sure that I am not a Globalist, in neither Politics or in the Earth Sciences.

  3. Dr. True Ott

    It’s “scientism” vs observable, and repeatable true “science” that certain unnamed numbskulls refuse to understand.

    Scientism is best defined as a set of THEORETICAL ALGORITHMS that the corrupt “powers that be” (the Pope for one) tell the world falsely, are actually irrefutable facts. Copernicus, Kepler and Newton did nothing but supply a theoretical, mathematical MODEL with a whole new set of highly plausible mathematical formulae to back it up. Thus the sun is fixed and 96 millions of miles away. It’s all theoretical. ALL OF IT. Nobody has flown to the sun. NOBODY. Heliocentrism is all theoretical and hypothetical. If you believe otherwise, you have been sorely brainwashed and duped.

    But there is a BIG PROBLEM – their theoretical “model” does not pass the test of critical scientific OBSERVATIONS and MEASUREMENTS. For instance, physicists Michelson and Morley invented the “interferometer” by which they could quantify the earth’s speed of rotation. TO THEIR AMAZEMENT, (keep in mind they fully believed the earth was spinning and moving through space) the tests came back “null and void” – in other words, the earth is just as the bible says it is, solid and IMMOVABLE – i.e. TERRA FIRMA INDEED.

    This created quite a huge stir in the hallowed halls of phoney-baloney “scientism” for over two decades. Enter Albert Einstein, the showman, stage left. He created a new set of largely incomprehensible THEORETICAL logarithms that basically explained away why NOBODY can measure the speed of the earth’s spinning and hurtling through space. It’s all RELATIVE, you see. Why? – because the ether of Newton’s equations doesn’t exist. Right. Sure. And the buck naked Emperor is fully clothed.

    Thus the physicist can now explain to the inquisitive and logic-driven 5th Grade child why it is that a helicopter hovering at zero air speed at 10,000 feet above the earth will not see the earth zipping by at 900 MPH below its rotors, or why a jetliner traveling 520 MPG due east at 35,000 feet will reach its eastbound destination at exactly the same ETA as their westbound flight.

    The physicist will explain that the AIR around the helicopter or jet is ALSO moving at the same RELATIVE 900 MPH. Never mind that the helicopter blades displace this exact same air in order to overcome it’s mass in relation to the O2 “atmosphere” in the first place. Never mind that the helicopter, as opposed to a fixed wing aircraft, has exact instrumentation on board that measures all AIR MOVEMENT (aka WIND). When one employs critical thinking exercises, one has to say that the heliocentric spinning earth model is pure and simple BS!!!

    (Such as this absurd piece of “science”)

  4. Chris

    Your flat earth concept is all based on the bible’s words solid and unmovable. That dose not mean the world is flat and dose not spin.
    Hver in a helicopter at 10,000 feet the same point on earth will remain below you night and day because the atmosphere spins with the earth.

    Oh and Guess all the thousands of photos taken from the space station are all fake. Oh and I guess when sitting on a beach looking at a ship in the distance coming towards you you’ll see the top of the ship first then more and more of it until it’s within 4 or so miles see all of it if you stand up. I guess that’s an illusion.

    Rethinking your interpretation of whatever the bible says about the earth would be wise.


    1. Pat Shannan (Post author)

      Chris, it is obvious that you have reviewed nothing new here because your reply is spewed from the same maleducation background we all once had. Harry Truman said, “You can’t teach anything to anybody that already knows it all.”

    2. H P

      Chris. Setting the Biblical passages aside, I too was a skeptic. But I was smart enough not to criticize before I researched the issue.

      Please watch this video and explain it in a globular Earth.

      Also. Think about the Lake Pontchartrain bridge in Louisiana. Flat as a flitter. Lay a level on it anywhere. 17 miles and the water level is the same at both ends.

      And please, you can search and find NASA spokesmen stating that ALL Earth photos from space are photoshopped. The photos of Earth from NASA are a montage of dozens of photos. Also, you can find NASA Earth photos where the continents are different sizes and the same photoshopped cloud patterns. Why is that?

      I hope the INI editor will link to his other Musings that include many other links. (OKAY, SEE THIS:

      There’s an old saying that says “Burying your head in the ground only exposes an a$$hole”.

  5. Pat Shannan (Post author)

    Here’s what all you deluded youth probably won’t understand until you are as old as we are, at which time your ox will be fatally gored.

  6. Dr. True Ott (Post author)


    You wrote: “Your flat earth concept is all based on the Bible’s words solid and unmovable.” No, the concept is based on observable, undeniable, reproducible, logic-based FACT. The biblical texts are further confirmations of what is observable on the flat earth plane, that has been known for thousands of years.

    Fact 1: All large standing bodies of water on the earth are perfectly LEVEL. We have historically used terminology such as “water level”, “sea level”, etc. A carpenter uses a tool called a “spirit level” to make sure all surface are “plumb” level. The tool uses a floating bubble in a liquid medium to accurately gauge if the boards are truly “on the level.” When someone tells the TRUTH to another, he is being STRAIGHT, and “leveling” with that person. The dictionary defines “level” as being “perfectly flat.” Since the earth is composed of 2/3 ocean water that is standing and is known as “sea level” – I am “leveling with you” by declaring that the earth is perfectly flat. The water level is all the witness you actually need.

    Fact 2. All rivers that we physically observe emptying into the ocean at ZERO ELEVATION (sea level) could simply not do this on a spherical earth. By using simple geometrical calculations, if the earth was a sphere with a circumference of 25,000 miles, then for every 100 miles of the spherical arc there MUST be a gradient elevation drop from any POINT A to POINT B on the globe, of roughly 6,666 feet. Thus if you make New Orleans, as your globe Point A, and plot 100 miles of distance from where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico – you will quickly see that the RIVER must somehow flow UPHILL (up-gradient) 6,666 feet. This is an impossibility, and entirely LUDICROUS to even imagine. Yet if you believe the earth is globe – this is what you are declaring.

    Fact 3. All commercial passenger jets record all pertinent flight information in what is known as a “black box.” This is 100% conclusive proof that we do not live on a rapidly west-to-east spinning ball Why? Because every passenger jet records that upon reaching “cruising altitude” – they in fact “level off” and follow altimeter readings until they begin their “descent” to their destination city. A few years ago, I boarded a Turkish Airlines jet from LAX to Istanbul. The nonstop flight took over 13.5 hours, and we traveled 6,871 miles. I listened to the pilots as they memorialized the flight into their “black box” recorder. “Leveling off at 32,000 feet” – “Roger that!” Without any doubt the vast majority of the 6,871 mile flight was perfectly “level at 32,000 feet” elevation. The instruments kept the nose and wings of the jet “perfectly level” for 13 hours. There was no need to constantly point the nose of the plane DOWN in order to maintain 32,000 feet of cruising altitude.

    See, If the earth was truly a globe, and if the nose and wings of the jet were kept “perfectly level” for 13 hours (meaning there were ZERO changes in altimeter readings and the pilots did not constantly keep pointing the nose down) this means we would never have gone to Istanbul, but instead we would have been over 4,600 miles into “space.” This means we would have gone 4 times higher than the maximum elevation of “low earth orbit” of 1200 miles according to NASA if the earth was a spheroid.

    Nope – Chris, the earth is PERFECTLY LEVEL – ie. Perfectly FLAT!

  7. Carol Asher

    David, True, and Pat – Hi!
    Granted that all your explanations here make perfect sense.

    However, I’m still waiting for someone to answer my one biggest question:

    What’s holding the earth (and every other body) “up,”….if centrifugal force gravity isn’t?

    Cheers, thanks!

    1. David

      The same God who spoke the world into existence in Genesis is very capable of holding it up. Pseudo science is not necessary. See Hebrews 11:3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. Remember, it also takes faith to believe in the “Big Bang” that science claims took place billions of years ago!

  8. Perry

    Friday, March 16th, weather permitting.

    This is commitment.

    My wife and I, along with a pilot will take the Northern Hemisphere Challenge !

    If I fail, I will never again preach the lie of a globular Earth.

    If I succeed, I will surely never proclaim anything again.

    To Be Continued…….

    1. Pat Shannan (Post author)

      That will be exciting. Be sure to take along a good video camera in order for us to publish the results of your mission. Also, please position someone with another camera on the airstrip to record your takeoff and flyover (or crash, yuk yuk!) You must have found a pilot that has no fear of such a project because he already knows that there is no curvature. We anxiously wait for March 16th!

  9. Carol Asher

    With all due respect, that explanation just doesn’t do it for me – not in this case. I mean neither to negate Scripture, nor to impugn anyone else’s interpretation of it; I simply know what I know: I know when the depths of my understanding is satisfied, and when it is not. I also believe that my faith and spiritual understanding is about as real and viable – – and certainly every bit as sincere – – as any person of faith whom I know. But as for the question I posed, I guess I’ll just have to go on waiting for a more satisfying answer. Faith is faith, but the laws of physics that govern this physical world we temporarily inhabit are of God every bit as much as true Scripture is.
    Just as before, Cheers and thanks!

  10. Dick L.

    As a pilot with a commercial license. single and multi-engine, and with an instrument rating and several thousand hours logged time, I owned a Cessna 172 and had a weekly flight from Augusta GA. to Andrews NC. — about a 120-mile flight. On one flight departing from Daniel field in Augusta GA. with a weather report of CAVU (“Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited”) that is Clear & no clouds on climb out from Daniel field at about 1200 feet looking ahead to the northeast, I continued my climb to the 6500 feet cruise level I had selected, and I realized the visibility was 100+ miles and what I was looking at were the mountains in North Carolina ahead of me. I continued the flight and when crossing Interstate 85 in South Carolina, I looked to my left I could see downtown Atlanta GA and to my right Charlotte NC, and was just about exactly halfway between the two, I could see clearly the buildings in each city from over 100 miles distance! (Charlotte to Atlanta via I-85 is 244 miles.) At 100 miles the supposed curve drop of 6650 feet would have made the buildings appear over a mile lower than I was and it should have looked to me that I was over 12000 feet instead of 6,500! There was no visible curve in either direction. Because I had been trained (brainwashed?) into believing that the earth is “too big” for me to observe the supposed curvature, I thought little of the incident at the time. Now that I know the formula for measurement (8″ X the miles squared), I can honestly state with great conviction that there is no observable curvature of the earth, period!

  11. True Ott, PhD

    Why the “Globe Earth” deception by the Illuminati Cabal? Because it gets people to distrust the Holy Bible.

    Genesis 1:9 And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. (Water “gathered together” means it has come to rest – meaning it is SEA LEVEL – meaning it is PERFECTLY FLAT!)

    2 Peter 3: {2} That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour: {3} Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, {4} And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. {5} For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: {6} Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: {7} But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.”

  12. Gordon S Watson

    well, Dick L, if the visibility was that good, surely you could see all the way to Washington DC? ,,… maybe even England? Why not, if there’s no curvature to the Earth. Continuing the dialogue = please supply all-concerned with your contact info. so we can learn how you navigate the planet, without using the grid of latitude/ longitude, which is predicated on the theory that the planet is a globe.

    1. Pat Shannan

      Gordon, we have no way to know if Dick L. will reply to or even see your comments. However, previous comments in the recent past have offered what we considered to be the most logical answer to your question. That would be “clouds, fog, mist, smog, mountains, rain, limited human visual abilities and perspective.” The last of which is explained in detail here.


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