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1_ZTFAnDyNqQSzUtr1W6x_mwFive years ago I wrote a book entitled Everything They Ever Told Me was a Lie (Vol. I) which included the fake Apollo 11 Moon Landing, the CIA’s creation of Two Oswalds, the murder of Vince Foster, the OKC Bombing Hoax on America, the 9/11 inside job and cover-up, the fraud of Obama’s birth, the framing of James Earl Ray along with other FBI atrocities and the general implication of the many false flags inserted into our lives via the Deep State liars – all of which have since been exposed far more today than when I first toldja’ so.

Since then, readers have written to the publisher and/or posted online with the same, repeated question: “When will you do Volume Two?” Never have, and the main reason is that most of the information that I held regarding those cases cited above and others yet to be published has become known anyway because of the immense coverage within the Internet.

But now we have come across one that is bigger than all of the others put together, and at your first glance, I don’t expect you to believe it for a minute. But I do hope you will have the foresight to stick with me and look further as I did (but as so many others refuse to do), and maybe we will be able to finally call this one “Volume Two.”

In a recent piece published on these pages, John Kaminski referred to this type of thing (without referring to this particular subject) as being “lies that wreck our lives.”

Now from here I must offer that if you believe fluoride prevents tooth decay, the 9/11 attacks were committed by 19 crazed Arab terrorists, chemo-therapy kills cancer, Big Pharma is beneficial to your health and government would never lie to you, then you must stop here and go elsewhere, because your mind is so deluded with intentional government deception by design that you cannot advance from here. Some would say that you “have drunk the kool-aid.”

On the other hand, I will welcome your feedback, but you first must follow a few of my rules lest you be totally ignored. Those rules will follow shortly.

earthspinAbout twenty-five years ago, I acquired a fascinating book by a Georgia pastor entitled The Earth is not Moving, in which author Marshall Hall exposed the many biblical facts that refute the unproven Copernican theory of the vast universe and the spinning earth known as heliocentricity. Pastor Hall’s facts were convincing: including not only the ridiculousness of the earth spinning at 1,038 mph, sailing around the sun at 68,000 mph and hurtling through the Milky Way at somewhere between 300,000 and over a million miles per hour, but he also included the fact that none of these theories had ever been proven. Then he enlightened us to another important fact: Copernicus, Galileo, Einstein and other heralded promoters of this theory were all Satan worshippers and the theory was designed to get the Bible-believing world away from God Almighty and His creation and to begin to believe that the earth was a miniscule part of an unending glob of space known as the universe.

teinmMarshall Hall’s research disproving the globular and spinning earth made sense, but except for a few century-old books attesting to a few experiments by others, there was nothing current with which to verify or refute it. (It reminded us of 1963-64 when the official assassination story from the government of “Oswald Acted Alone” was then “verified” by the bogus Warren Commission. It just wasn’t quite believable, but there was no evidence or investigative news available at the time to say differently, but gradually this began to change.

Think about this: the heliocentric story, incorporating the Big Bang baloney-filled Evolution Theory, is fake from start to finish; but it is inscribed into encyclopedias, history books, and the public’s consciousness. We have been observing a globe in every library and schoolroom since kindergarten and listening to junk science teachings almost daily through books, magazines, radio and television. Such is not really learning but rather indoctrination, and it is ubiquitous.

And while this is only one example of the institutionalized mass of lies concocted by Washington and the fake news artists, it is by far the biggest and longest-lasting ever, continuing over 500 years. Washington’s self-serving control over explanations has removed Americans from reality and made them slaves to fake news and fake history.

For 450 of those years, we were easy to fool, but with jet travel and the arrival of the space age, followed by the Internet, YouTube, and mass communication through email, the truth became impossible to hide anymore. Only those with eyes that will not see and ears that will not hear are failing to recognize it.


ancient-hebrew-earthI Chronicles 16:30 “. . . the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved.”

Psalms 93:1 “. . . the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.”

Psalms 104:5 [Bless the Lord] “. . . who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever.”

Isaiah 45:18 “For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the Lord; and there is none else.”

Of course, there are some readers who reject the Bible as being Absolute Truth and whose beliefs lie within a lifetime of absorbed “science.” For you, researchers have compiled dozens of verifiable facts attesting to the proof that the earth is not a spinning globe, and with this next example it is much easier than with any other to see for yourself and understand the absence of the earth’s curvature.

Mathematicians have developed a formula for us ordinary mortals to be able to see the earth’s alleged continual circular bend, if it were only there; and in order to meet the amount necessary for 24,000+ miles, the human eye would see this as a very evident curving within only a few miles. A good place to prove it to one’s self is in a light airplane over Florida or from Pike’s Peak looking back at Kansas or from most any ocean beach; but with the hundreds of videos now available at, you do not even need to leave home.

This formula tells us that in order to meet the amount necessary for a total-circling of the “global” earth, a drop of eight inches would occur in the first mile – hardly discernible – but twenty miles, a distance easy to observe standing on the sand at the beach, calls for a drop value of 266 feet. In other words, the water on your right (ten miles away) should be about 90 yards lower than the water on your left (ten miles the other way), but of course, it isn’t. It remains level.

Sydney-Aerial-Photography_8609In the 1960s, my wife and I spent a few years in Australia, and I began to take flight lessons. Buzzing around the flatlands of New South Wales west of Sydney one day, I asked the instructor how far away we were seeing things (Newcastle to the north, the Blue Mountains to the west) from 4,000 feet up. He said, “About a hundred miles.”

Being in my naïve twenties and as indoctrinated as the rest of the world, I had no reason to question the curvature of the earth, but now I have learned a startling fact about that “hundred miles.” According to the math formula, the drop value at 100 miles is 1.26 miles! Towns and buildings and mountains in plain view 100 miles away should have dropped a mile and a quarter out of sight from a ground view, yet I could see beyond them. I am now learning from the experts that while there was not any visible curvature from 4,000 feet, the fact that I was viewing the objects from an altitude of 4,000 feet on a supposed spherical earth, the horizon drop would have actually begun 77 miles away. That means with visibility of 100 miles, I would have been able to see 23 miles past the horizon. The drop below the horizon at a distance of 23 miles is 353 feet, which is still more than a football field and would have been obvious to the human eye.

The simple answer to the question of how were we so deceived for so long? is that until the recent advancement of hi-technology we had no way to cross-examine the authority. We had no countering evidence. Now we do.

And in addition to the hundreds of videos available with priceless information that costs nothing, a new flat earth “bible” with over 700 pages of irrefutable evidence exposing the fraud within the junk science of the heliocentric theory is now available

The Greatest Lie on Earth is Edward Hendrie’s classic and is available on Amazon for 28 bux and INI will post it right here soon for $30, including S&H. It is well written 9781943056019with short chapters that your high schooler can understand and is turning the educational system from kindergarten to universities upside down.

And now for the rulebook:

I don’t want to hear from malcontent morons who want to tell me how insane I am before supplying any countering facts. Because I suspect that I am miles ahead of you in researching this subject, I only want you to do your own. If you merely read this page and regurgitate up some disrespectable response saying how crazy I am without following the rules, you will get no respect either. Any profanity will disqualify your comments from this publication now or anytime in the future. We only want you to learn the truth, and that you must do on your own.

First, you must look at this in order to acquire some elementary education. It will take only the first five minutes here to get your attention:

…and this one is for those with logical thinking, not blocked by indoctrinating but bogus “education:”

Then pursue it on your own just as this longtime but newly enlightened friend did:

Wow, four days straight of watching flat earth videos. I am now a 100% believer. Here is one I watched today…

It is a great collection of video vignettes that illustrate reasons why anyone of reasonable intelligence must conclude the world is flat and realize that we have been lied to and brainwashed since grade school.

Note:  The earth is flat like a pancake. However, it is covered by a “hemi” – sphere, dome-like top known as a firmament and called hemisphere.

Thanks again, Paul



If you don’t have time to sit and watch a video right now, here’s a very educational radio interview with Eric Dubay:

“GOD solves our problems, we have faith in HIS abilities. When GOD doesn’t solve our problems, HE has faith in our abilities.”


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  1. Richard Sharp


    Thank you so much for reporting on this book.

    GOD said, “Prove all things”. In another place, HE said, “Hold fast to that which is good.

    So with that said, I have kept an open mind on most everything. I have studied the hollow earth. But have checked personally at the North Pole to see if Admiral Byrd had found an entrance there.

    On the Coast to Coast show, a long time ago, there was a man who wanted to start an expedition there. I got myself on the list to go. I had his email address and after a year or so, I asked if he was still moving on such a plan. He said, that he didn’t have the money and needed 1M Babel Bucks just to rent the ship. Since then, due to a few computer crashes, had lost his address and lost contact with him. Though I’m still willing to do such an expedition.
    And I have thought about the flat Earth much but hadn’t received enough information about it, but left the option open. Perhaps now I will know for sure.
    I like the idea that the information was done by a preacher that uses GOD’s Word as evidence. Looking forward to buying the book from you.
    I also like your website. I see you are selling “Caveat of Justice”. I read it a long time ago, and it is one of my favorite books.

    Bye. Richard

  2. MartinBrian

    Good to see others believing as I have come to understand over the years. I’ve had Marshall Hall’s book since the early 90’s. He’s since passed on. The book doesn’t really get into the Flat Earth theory. It’s strictly about the non-moving earth which is what’s important to me over the years. Few believe Geocentric Truth still. But it’s extremely important Biblically. Thanks again for this report.


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