JFK and the Ridiculous Notion that the Government will tell Us the Truth This Time ~

by Pat Shannan

Regarding the recent media hoopla about releasing the long-suppressed JFK murder files, forget it. If they tell the truth in Trump’s alleged upcoming release (parts have already been postponed for six months while the CIA busily redacts), I mean the whole truth and nothing but the un-redacted truth, it would bring down all trust anyone has ever had in the federal government. The recent exposure of so much more has already had such a great impact that a confession by the Deep State operatives that even the Warren Commission report was contrived to convince the world of Oswald’s “acting alone” would destroy any credibility the federal government might still have left.

Therefore, we must look for no more than a pacifying report that will ignore many of the facts we know to be true, as produced over the years by private researchers. Do not expect to see any exposure of Secret Service Agent and driver Bill Greer stopping the limo at the precise position where Kennedy was shot in the head (a hundred witnesses saw the brake lights) or the multiple shooters all over Dealey Plaza.

Nor will you hear of the DPD and Sheriff’s protection of the plot or of Jack Ruby’s relationship with Lee Oswald along with so many other conspirators, and certainly nothing about the two Oswalds being groomed for a whole decade, which was one of the CIA’s most successful ploys.

It doesn’t take a psychic at this late date to predict all this.

Former CIA Director William Casey

Former CIA Director William Casey

First of all the 54-year-old assassination case of President John F. Kennedy has been solved already for at least half that time. It is only the fake news and fake history factions that have kept these truths suppressed. As exemplified with the recent false flag hoaxes throughout the nation, as well as remembering Gordon Kahl, Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, TWA-800 and 9/11 (to name just a few), we can know the bigger truth from the 1981 message CIA Director William Casey gave to his agents during their initial meeting following his appointment by President Reagan:

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Former Assistant Secretary of the U. S. Treasury and current investigative reporter Paul Craig Roberts says, “My answer [to the JFK release of info] is that we already know, thanks to exhaustively researched books such as James W. Douglass’ JFK and the Unspeakable (Simon & Schuster, 2008), far more than is in the released files. My answer is also that it doesn’t matter what we know or what the facts are, the official story will never be changed . . . Yes, there are other carefully researched books that you can read.”

Indeed there are, several hundred, matter of fact; and the one containing some of the most suppressed information of all is found right here.

Mark Lane

Mark Lane

Jim Garrison

Jim Garrison

Next, let me give you a little history of the journey. I was already past the age of majority on 11/22/63 and remember whom I was with when I heard it at 12:45 CST and what was said. Our problem over the next 72 hours was sorting it out. While the official story of “Lee Harvey Oswald being the sole, lone nut, communist shooter that had performed the near impossible from a sniper’s nest on the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository at Dallas’ downtown Dealey Plaza was not quite believable, we had no choice but to accept that story because there were no alternatives. Gradually, through the investigative research of a few (Mark Lane, Penn Jones, Jim Garrison, Jim Marrs), facts, evidence and witness testimony began to surface that overcame the many deceptions.

Professor Richard Popkin

Professor Richard Popkin

To illustrate how the mysterious case was affecting the ordinary citizenry, Richard Popkin, not in any way an investigator but rather a Philosophy professor at the University of California at San Diego, gleaned the controversial facts by merely reading the Warren “Omission” Report and wrote a book entitled The Second Oswald in 1966. Therein, he questioned such things as how a high school dropout could attend six weeks of language school while in the Marines in Japan and come out speaking Russian so fluently that when he meets his future wife, Marina, she believes him to be a native. Or how could Oswald, while trying out a new car in 1961, have been zooming up and down Dallas’ Stemmons Parkway, telling the car salesman, “My name is Lee Harvey Oswald and soon I will be coming into some money and will be back to buy this car?” Not only did the Oswald killed in the police station on 11/24/63 never possess a driver’s license but in 1961 he was in Russia and did not return until ’62.

But even Popkin’s book cover showed two pictures of Harvey instead of one each of Harvey and Lee because at that time, nothing more was available.


Jim Marrs

Robert Groden

Robert Groden

The late Jim Marrs (Crossfire) and I would confer often, and both he and Robert Groden (The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald) were cognizant of the likelihood of the two Oswalds almost as long as I was, but I am older than both and got on this part of the case in 1966, intrigued by the idea, as soon as I had finished Popkin’s book. However, both of them were writing about their suspicions of the “two” in the late ‘70s and had more details than I by then. But it was not until John Armstrong came along with his indefatigable research in the ‘90s that cemented it for all of us.

Jim never chased it further then because it was a decade after his Crossfire masterpiece had come out, he was pursuing new topics and in his words, “Frankly, Pat, I am weary of it.” But Jim had nothing but praise for Armstrong’s research which had convinced him that it was Harvey’s mother Marguerite (the only one the public ever knew after Harvey’s execution in the basement of the police station) and not Lee’s mother that he had been interviewing in Fort Worth in the late ‘60s.

John Armstrong appeared on the public scene in 1998, when he spoke at the popular JFK Lancer conference held every November in Dallas. In 2003, his 1,000-page epic Harvey and Lee was published, and I was captured again.

I have said several times in radio interviews over the past four years about my “Reader’s Digest” version (160 pgs) found in the “Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds” that it was not an inspired work but rather one that was provoked. For a full decade, the most tenacious research by anyone yet was being ignored even by those writers that were supposed to be “on our side.” They continue to speak and write about a singular Oswald and dilute their own compositions by paying no attention to the irrefutable evidence produced by John Armstrong.

I wanted to rectify a great injustice to the author as well as to further enlighten people to the whole story.

This work explains the intricate details of how a New Orleans-born high school dropout (Lee) was linked as a young teenager with a probable war orphan (Harvey) who had grown up speaking Russian (and possibly English as well) for some future use by the Deep State in the Cold War of the fifties. The only thing they had in common was that they looked enough alike to be almost twins.

To further clarify, the following is the Introduction from the opening pages of the book.

The JFK Assassination and the Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds



1-ray comp

The late conspiracy researcher, Jack White—a brilliant photo examiner and perhaps one of the men most responsible for educating the public about the many anomalies in the Kennedy assassination via the photographic evidence—assembled 77 photos of Oswald in poster form (above are shown just 25). He, like John Armstrong, had more than enough evidence to believe that these photos showed two different people — although some of the photos are, he believed, composites with elements of both men!


Dr Charles A Crenshaw MD attending the dying President at Parkland Hospital, Trauma room 1 on 11/22/63:

“I walked to the President’s head to get a closer look. His entire right cerebral hemisphere appeared to be gone. It looked like a crater–an empty cavity. All I could see there was magled, bloody tissue. From the damage I saw, there was no doubt in my mind that the bullet had entered his head through the front, and as it surgically passed through his cranium, the missile obliterated part.

This interview of Dr. Crenshaw on ABC News’ 20/20 is extremely revealing, especially an incident recalled by Dr. Crenshaw at the 7:50 mark in the video:

The Warren Commission Report’s conclusions have not fared well over the years and are only supported by certain so-called ‘scholars’ among professional academia, who as a group tremble in fear of daring to question the government’s version of events, lest they be labeled ‘historical revisionists’. Robert F. Kennedy called the report, “a shoddy piece of craftsmanship.”



The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie—deliberate, contrived and dishonest— but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.




An introduction to this book’s premise of a case that needs no introduction . . .

While the mere existence of both Harvey and Lee Oswald may come as something of a surprise, when we learn the methods and lengths to which their string-pullers went all those years, the whole murder case slowly erupts more into a profound and astounding shock that strains our credulity—until we view the facts.

For a full decade these two were blended into one, and for the first half of that period, there is little evidence showing that they even knew each other or had any knowledge of the plot to meld them into one. Yet when one joined the Marines, the other soon followed. When one was shipped out, the other was shipped in. The same pattern was true in civilian life.

When New Orleans-born Lee moved as a young teenager to New York with his mother in 1952, Harvey (fluent in the Russian, his first language) was already there but soon moved and checked into Beauregard Jr. High in New Orleans. When Lee dropped out of school and joined the Marines in 1956, Harvey stayed in New Orleans and finished high school with his best friend, Palmer McBride (as shown in Appendix I). After both were discharged from the Marines in 1959, Harvey denounced the United States and headed for the Soviet Union, and the larger, bull-necked Lee simply dropped out of sight. The 1959 picture of Lee on page 7 is the last one known to surface. From that time forward, until Jack Ruby killed him in the Dallas jailhouse basement, the only Lee Harvey Oswald known anywhere was the skinnier, thinner-haired Harvey, who, by then (the news media made certain), was well known to the world by both names

Therefore, the Lee Harvey Oswald that we learned to hate—the self-proclaimed Marxist, the alleged “Fair Play for Cuba” advocate, the “cop killer” who never killed a cop and the man who ended up dying under that name—was not the Lee Harvey Oswald born of Marguerite in New Or-leans on October 18, 1939, but rather likely was born with the name Alek J. Hidell of some sort of Russian parentage still unknown.

The most prolific assassination researcher ever is John Armstrong, who has shown how the Warren Commission combined the biographies and history of two different people to amass the classic legend of a singular Lee Harvey Oswald that survives 50 years later. The facts show that one of these young men was a Russian-speaking youth, likely a war-orphan or the child of immigrants and the one Armstrong for literary purposes dubbed “Harvey” (and one who apparently preferred that name). The other was a taller look-alike with a unique New Orleans accent and born there on October 18, 1939 who went by “Lee.” Armstrong discovered that both youths became meshed together as teenagers in an American intelligence operation designed to assign an American identity to a Russian speaking child. When he became known to us on November 22, 1963, we had no way of knowing that it was actually Harvey who had traveled to Russia and returned with a Russian wife and was eventually shot dead by Jack Ruby in Dallas. In a bizarre twist of history, it was Lee who had helped frame Harvey for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. And while the operation began when they were little more than children, the full scope of it probably did not become entangled in the plot to assassinate the president until early 1963.

New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who so frustratingly attempted to break through the federal fortress of secrecy, discovered some of this. So did authors Richard Popkin (The Second Oswald, 1966) and Michael H.B. Eddowes (The Oswald File, 1977) early in the hunt. But both of these astute writers would have sat back in amazed admiration of John Armstrong’s work.

The painstaking details of Armstrong’s indefatigable research reflect that he recorded over several years everything he learned—from the inane to the consequential—and compiled it into a thousand pages that offer the most complete inside story of the John F. Kennedy assassination anyone could ever expect to compose. And yet even the mind-numbing tedium never really leaves the foundational premise as encompassed in his book’s title: Harvey and Lee.


This manuscript was begun as an essay that would not stop growing before it became book length. Consequently, there are no chapter titles in the following text but rather continuing information that has remained obscure to most of the world for half a century. Few Americans other than the students of the John F. Kennedy assassination have heard of these facts.

3 - ray dates

Pictures of both Harvey and Lee are posted here in chronological order, beginning with junior high school photos of each in 1952. American-born Lee Oswald is shown in the top row of photos. Harvey Oswald, who spoke fluent Russian for his whole life, is in the bottom row.

According to John Armstrong’s painstaking research, the 1959 photos were taken just eight days apart. The image at far right is from the U.S. Department of Defense ID card issued to “Lee Harvey Oswald” on September 11, 1959. The photo has been cut in half here to show that it is a composite image. The left half shows Lee, the right half, Harvey. The same ID card was used by both Oswalds, and each carried two ID cards—one in the name of “Lee Harvey Oswald” and the other of “Alek Hidell.”








Along with President Johnson in 1964, these ten men on The Warren Commission were the ones most responsible for deceiving the American people. Rep. Boggs and Sen. Russell later dissented and publicly spoke out about the Commission’s conclusions. This may have cost Boggs his life.

The JFK Assassination and the Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds




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