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OLDIE BUT GOODIE !!!!  Now that Congress seems to be taking up some serious investigations of wrongdoing regarding the Clintons and the Obama Gang (administration & cronies), maybe they will take up the subjects spoken of below.  After all, there is no statute of limitations on fraud and there is no statute of limitations on murder.

(If BS (Barry Soetoro) was not legally the Commander-in-Chief, were any deaths that resulted from his “orders” actually murders?)

Subject: FW: “One picture is worth a thousand words.”


From: Neil Turner []
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2012 2:39 AM
To: Neil Turner
Subject: “One picture is worth a thousand words.”

Citizens for the Constitution:

9 May, 2012

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: “One picture is worth a thousand words.”

We’ve written and spoken hundreds of thousands of words – and our elected and sworn ‘public servants’ won’t listen or respond.

We’ve had millions of patriots quietly and peacefully demonstrate in front of their offices in D.C. – and our elected and sworn ‘public servants’ won’t listen or respond.

We’ve had patriotic members of the military, such as LTC Terry Lakin, LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick, Major Stefan Cook (may he R.I.P.), Sgt. Gary Stein, etc. put their lives and careers on the line  – and our elected and sworn ‘public servants’ won’t listen or respond. (Even the ‘honorable’ and ‘patriotic’ Congressman Col. Allan West would not say a word when his fellow officer, LTC Lakin, demanded that the usurper show proof that he has the authority to be Commander in Chief. West shows respect for the unknown-origin & past usurper occupying the Office President and CinC, but no respect for his oath of office, no respect for the Office of President and CinC, and no respect for fellow officer LTC Lakin.)

But show one picture of the scumbags of the 112th Congress – with a Scarlet Letter “T” for Traitor on their forehead, and they call out the US Capitol Police!


Yes, it was one of these 3 members of the 112th Congress, CA Senator Barbara Boxer or Dianne Feinstein or Congressman Elton Gallegly, who, instead of honoring their oath and calling for a Congressional investigation of the Birth Certificate and Selective Service ‘Forger-in-Chief’, they instead called out the US Capitol Police for an investigation of whomever might make such courageous but truthful charges of Traitor against them.


Attached is the letter sent by a ‘little old lady from nearby Pasadena’ (Ms. Fran Austin) to each of the 3 ‘Traitors’, for violation of their oaths of office to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The letter even gave them instructions on what it would take to redeem themselves, and to exchange their Scarlet Letter “T” for a Scarlet Letter “P” for Patriot, – by taking the steps necessary:

  1. a)To expose these gross violations of the Constitution and their oath to support and defend it;

  2. b)To ascertain that Mr. Obama/Soetoro’s name is NOT on the ballot in 2012, and;

  3. c)To take the steps necessary to remove this unconstitutional and unlawful risk to our National Security from our White House and the Office of the Presidency.

Here is Fran’s, alias “Grandmasaurous’”, report on her call from Special Agent Lauren Vieth of the “US Capitol Police”:

On Friday, May 4th, 2012, at approximately 5:30 P.M., PST, I received a phone call from a woman who identified herself as “Agent Vieth” of “US Capitol Police”.

Her phone number is (202-224-1495). She declined to give me her first name when I asked.

She said she was calling in reference to letters received from me in April by my Congressional Senate and House representatives, Boxer, Feinstein, and Gallegly.

She said they contained the words “treason”/”traitor”.

She asked what my “goals” were.

I told her that my goal was to have them do their sworn duty to the Constitution and remove Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, aka Steve Dunham, aka Harrison Bounel, from the office he is ineligible for and has usurped so that I could live in a free country with a legitimate President.

I told her that I and millions of Americans had contacted all of Congress, SCOTUS, local officials since 2008, bringing them much evidence and urging them to abrogate this illegal “presidency and administration”.

She began her “interrogation” questions:

“Do you have a gun?”

“Do you have mental problems?”

“Do you do drugs, alcohol?”

“Who do you live with?”

“Where do you work”?

 “Are you married, divorced, widowed?”

“How do you support yourself?

“Verify the last four numbers of your SS#.”

All answers I gave were negative except that I live with one of my daughters and a cat. I declined giving her the SS numbers but said I collected Widow’s SS benefits after I was injured at work and lost my job.

However, I did give her Barry’s SS# 042-68-4425 from CT, a stolen number, and told her it would not pass E-Verify. I reminded her of evidence in the GA court re father Barack Obama, Sr. never being a US citizen and being deported.

I reminded her that all of Congress knew he was ineligible from the get-go, the Dems having committed treason in order to win an election and the Repubs complicit in the cover-up.

I told her of the mountains of evidence available to everyone re his ineligibility, undeclared aliases, forged documents, several murders surrounding his eligibility, the crimes of Eric Holder, the many impeachable offenses he has committed, and LOTS more.

I reminded her that our military heroes remain unprotected by the Geneva Conventions – for obeying orders of an illegitimate CinC. I mentioned the harm to Terry Lakin, Walt Fitzpatrick, Stefan Cook, etc.

I named a couple of those also who had been murdered and the fact that our media are gagged. I mentioned that my exchange student’s brother lived in Kenya, married to a Kenyan,  and they knew his place of birth, as does most of the world, and referred her to the 2004 A/P Sunday Standard article re “Son of Kenya: Obama to be US Senator”. I mentioned that the Birth Certificate was Muslim taqiyya, permissible lying in order to distract, disarm, deceive and destroy an enemy, and that the BC was never the issue, but rather that “natural born” citizenship demands two US parents, and citizenship is traced through the father.

I asked her to PLEASE  investigate this matter and to urge Congress to finally do its duty and due diligence to abrogate this criminal administration.

I asked her to PLEASE call me back…. And she told me not to write letters like that again.

I declared my alias of Grandmasaurous.

I think she is very sorry she had to call me.

Fran Austin, aka Grandmasaurous

Not being content to wait for Special Agent Vieth to complete her investigation (yeah, right!), I called today (May 9, 2012) to ask her which of the 3 had reported to the police their concern over the use of the words ‘treason/traitor’, and how she was proceeding with her investigation of the crimes reported by ‘Grandmasaurous’.

“What’s it to you”, I was asked.  “[Because] I wrote the letter”, I answered.

“Why would Ms. Austin tell us that she wrote the letter if you did?” she asked. “Because just like the taxpayer-funded CRS (Congressional Research Services) writes all the answering letters that the Congress-members dump on us taxpayers, I thought that I would help some of the taxpayers to write an attention-getting letter to their Congress-members”, I responded. (SILENCE).

She then asked the obligatory questions – some answered and some not:

  • Branch of Military? (Army Aviation, Corp of Engineers).

  • Discharged honorably? (Yes. Captain).

  • Thank you for your service. (You’re welcome)

  • Own a gun? (None of your business)

  • How many others can you name who have sent in your letters? (No one that I would name, but I can assure you that other Senators and Representatives in California and Oregon and Colorado and New Mexico and Texas and Florida have received such letters).

I then said how ironic it was that we, the taxpayers, were calling for an investigation of some serious crimes, and you, our employees are instead investigating us.

She then informed me that it was not within the purview of the Capitol Police to pursue or investigate such ‘unproven’ charges.

I informed Special Agent Vieth that I had done my civic duty by notifying law enforcement, such as the US Capitol Police, that there was a serious threat to our National Security by having an unknown foreign agent acting in the capacity of Commander in Chief, and that it was now her sworn duty to act upon it.

(Conversation ended).

I wouldn’t be surprised if many more taxpayers call to ask how they were proceeding with the investigation of the greatest act of treason by the greatest number of traitors ever to take place in the history of this Nation.

That would be Special Agent Lauren Vieth at 202-224-1495. Go for it.

In Liberty and In Truth.

Neil B. Turner

Citizens for the Constitution