This came in an email a few days ago. Your editor took him up on the offer. The first hospital we reached was the second one listed: AMG in North Las Vegas where the lady told me that they had no victims at all. When I asked why their facility was not utilized, she said it was because they did not have emergency facilities. Hmmm. So what, we wondered? With the alleged number of 500+ beds needed for the wounded, one would think that this unusual emergency would require every medical facility in town plus some more. Both of the other two facilities mentioned here told us that they could not say how many victims were still there or how many had died after hospitalization. We urge you to call the numbers below with you own pertinent questions.





And, from the mainstream media…

Vegas Shootings’ Hospital Bills Come Due, But There Is One GIANT Exception

After the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, the city that many just see as a party-town tourist destination came together in unprecedented ways. As a resident of this proud city, this writer has seen blood donations wrapped around the block, restaurants offering free food, and donations in the millions just to name a few.

As the days go by, more business items are being dealt with and one of those is hospital bills. The high number of victims means that many Las Vegas hospitals were involved and now several of those hospitals are stepping up to help even more. One hospital group is going even further.

Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican, which has three hospitals in Las Vegas and several other healthcare facilities, has announced they will not require payment for ANY victim of the 10/1 shooting. Instead, the hospital will accept donations to help cover the costs, the rest will fall on the hospital itself.

St. Rose Dominican Hospital President Larry Bernard and his hospital are doing something incredible.

St. Rose Dominican Hospital President Larry Bernard and his hospital are doing something incredible.

Other hospitals are helping victims as well. Obviously, during the aftermath of the shooting, nobody was worried about a patient’s ability to pay. It was all about helping as many as possible.

A spokeswoman from Sunrise Hospital has said they will be “extremely sensitive to the financial status” of the victim’s. University Medical Center, the only trauma center in Vegas, treated more than 100 victims. They have received many donations and have said that they will “cover as much of the uninsured expense as we possibly can.”

One of St. Rose’s hospitals in Las Vegas.

One of St. Rose’s hospitals in Las Vegas.

St. Rose issued a statement that it “does not intend to bill or require payment from any patient victims of this tragic event,” and the focus “remains on the immediate medical and supportive care needs of the injured as well as their long-term healing process.”

This is Vegas Strong.

Of course, if they had no patients to begin with, it is pretty easy to forgive the nonexistent debts.
This hospital is not one of the three previously mentioned, however, so we cannot call it “fake news,” at least not yet.


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