To Roger Goodell and the Protesting players of the NFL:  
We are the people who buy your tickets, watch you on TV, and wear your jerseys.  We anxiously wait for Sundays so we can cheer for you and marvel at your athleticism. Although we love to watch you play, we care little about your opinions until you offend us. You have the absolute right to express yourselves, but we have the absolute right to boycott you AND your “cheerleaders” in the new media.  

We have tolerated your drug use and DUIs, your domestic violence, and your vulgar displays of wealth.  We should be ashamed for putting our admiration of your physical skills before what is morally right.  But now you have gone too far. 

You have insulted our flag, our country, our soldiers, our police officers, and our veterans. You are living the American dream, yet you disparage our great country. 

This Veteran is done with NFL football and encourage all like minded Americans to boycott the NFL as well. And ALL their local TV affiliates AND their sponsors!

National boycott of the NFL for Sunday November 12th, Veterans Day Weekend. Boycott all football telecast, all fans, all ticket holders, stay away from attending any games, let them play to empty stadiums. 
Pass this post along to all your friends and family. Honor our military, some of whom come home with the American Flag draped over their coffin. 
Please “share”, “copy and paste”.
Navyman Norm 
“Non Sibi, sed Deo, sed Patriae, sed, Familia….Not for Self; but for God, for Country, for Family!’

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