A fellow JFK researcher and author, whom we may identify at a later date, has put together these observations for all to ponder:

This is, so far, my synopsis of the LV situation…….

Where are videotapes showing suitcases being carried into the hotel, into the elevator, and down the hall to Paddocks room? Mandalay Bay hotel is filled with security cameras. Where are the videos of Paddock, his car, or his suitcases?

Why is there a clear photo of police taking cover behind a wall during the shooting, with the Mandalay Bay Hotel in the distance showing no broken windows?

Why does a woman taxi driver have video/sound recordings of two shooters?

Where is proof, any proof,  that Paddock shot a security guard?

Where is the proof, any proof,  that Paddock fired a single shot at spectators?

Where is there proof, of any kind, that Paddock purchased thousands of rounds of ammunition?

Where is there proof, of any kind, that Paddock purchased items that enabled semi-automatic weapons to function as fully automatic weapons? Where is the evidence?

Where is the proof that Paddock purchased 48 weapons (not including shotgun purchased in Utah and 2 firearms purchased in NV)? Every weapon has a serial number, which can be traced from the manufacturer to relayer to end purchaser. Where is the evidence and Paddock purchased these weapons?

Where is there proof, of any kind, that Paddock shot himself?

Why were several orders of food placed for Paddocks room if he was alone?

Why was a phone charger found in Paddocks room that did not fit either of his cell phones?

Who used Paddock’s room card to enter his room when his car was not in the parking lot?

Paddock was found dead in his room, with thousands of rounds of spent ammunition, and lots of guns. This is no proof whatsoever that Paddock shot anyone, only pure speculation. And I’ll bet if an honest autopsy is performed, there will be no gun smoke residue found in his lungs, because he never fired a rifle.

The LV Sheriff called Paddock a “suspect” and said that he suspected other people were involved. The next day the sheriff was no longer allowed to talk to the media. Now, an undersheriff reports to the media and insists Paddock was the only shooter, who acted alone, while FBI agents stand beside him on either side.

Clearly, this is a set-up that the police, FBI, and media are covering up. I wish someone would honestly report the facts, and only the facts, and stop all this nonsense speculation. If not, the media is creating “Lee Harvey Paddock.”

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  1. Jean

    There was a drill going on with crisis actors and someone went live with the
    shooting. But the shooting came from the 10th floor based on the muzzle flashes that I saw in some of the videos, from the center of the building.
    People were killed, but not by Paddock. We saw no muzzle flashes coming from the broken out windows. It would be so simple to confirm all of this but the
    people in charge (FBI) do not want the truth to be known or they would show
    all of that hotel film if it existed. It was a set up and Lee Harvey Paddock
    paid the full price or, he was alive and taken out later, we only saw legs.


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