The Real Crimes at Oklahoma City in 1995 ~

A few of us long have been aware of the vast amount of truth and cover-up that went on in Oklahoma City two decades ago, and none more so than Officer Craig Roberts. Now, he has dug through his file drawers to retrieve his notes and recorded evidence in order to finally expose all the details of this “Inside Job” to the naive American public.

1It has been more than 22 years now since the false flag attack and fake news story of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, and yet most of the world still believes the ridiculous cover story that it was executed by militia-minded ex-soldiers mad at the government because of the burning of the Waco, Texas church home of the Branch Davidians along with murdering 80+ men, women and children two years earlier.

As the Investigative Reporter for People’s Radio Network out of White Springs, Florida, your editor was assigned to the OKC case and was sent there six different times by Chuck Harder that summer of 1995 to report radio-live from the scene and write articles for the house organ.

That cover story was/is as absurd as the Warren Commission’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone (even though he never fired a shot at JFK) and the 9/11 Commission’s suspension of the Laws of Physics with its asinine report that burning jet fuel brought down three World Trade Center buildings when only two were even hit by planes. (Actually, because it could not be explained with any near-veracity, the falling of the Building Seven, seven hours after the others, was not even addressed by the Kean Commission.)

The Oklahoma City myth was just as silly, but millions still believe it, thanks to the ever-imposing fake news media. An Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) bomb was detonated from the rear of a Ryder truck parked in front of the Murrah Building and was the sole source of detonation. Nothing more to consider. The driver who parked the truck (Tim McVeigh) was the culprit, and he had a confederate (Terry Nichols) up the road in Kansas that helped him build the bomb.

Brigadier General Benton Partin (U.S.A.F. Ret.)

Brigadier General Benton Partin (U.S.A.F. Ret.)

“Izzat so,” thought Brig. Gen.[ret.] Benton Partin, as he sat in his Alexandria, Virginia home the following week looking at no more than national magazines chronicling the story.

As a 25-year demolition expert that even taught the subject in one of the war colleges, Gen. Partin could immediately see from at least two blatant pieces of photographic evidence that no bomb in front of the building had wreaked this havoc.

First of all, there was far more damage in the left center of the Murrah Building than there was in front much closer to the alleged truck. Then Partin’s discerning eye noted the sawn-through appearance of at least three columns in that left center of the photographs which was telegraphing to him that those columns had not been knocked over by any blast force but wrapped with demolition charges sometime earlier.

Late that summer, we began to travel from one end of the country to the other interviewing witnesses, survivors and other private investigators – including General Partin — for a two-hour video production later turned into a DVD entitled “OKC Bombing – Forerunner to 9/11.” This is available in our book special at this site or can be viewed free of charge at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P0Kn6IswPw or  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WH3IpmJ34U.

Much has been written in the alternative press and on Internet postings about this fraud on the American people and the premeditated murder of Oklahomans by agencies of the federal government. Not a word, of course in the Controlled Mass Media (CMM), which is the Orwellian tool fictionally known (1984) as the “Ministry of Truth” come to real life and keeping the masses in everlasting ignorance.

Knowing that the real definition of “conspiracy theorist” is one who questions the statements of known liars, a few of us have tried, mostly in vain over the years until the Internet gave us an ever-growing audience, to tell the truth about these government false-flag atrocities.

As far the OKC false flag and cover-up are concerned, there were few people both then and now that were closer to the ongoing developments than I, but certainly, the one man that was ahead of us all was Tulsa police officer Craig Roberts.

3Already well seasoned in the investigative-reporting arena before April 19, 1995, Officer Roberts had authored THE MEDUSA FILE: CRIMES AND COVER-UPS OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, sparked by his interest in the JFK assassination, as well as several other books in that venue and a few more since.

Somehow and whoknowswhy? (divine intervention may be the only answer), Roberts was contacted by the FBI to aid in the initial investigation, but they would regret that decision to include him, as he would soon prove to be their biggest nightmare.

The week wasn’t out before Officer Roberts began to smell a rat, and not only was the rat stinking a little more every week, it was not anywhere near the fairy tale we were being told about by the media.  He says, “While I and others were coming up with new findings and new leads, not only did the FBI personnel to whom I was reporting ignore the new information but tapped my phones & FAX at both my office and home, re-routed my emails and placed me under 24-hour surveillance.”

And Craig reminds us of Why the Murrah Building? The answer lay in the first hour of FBI activity when victim rescue was postponed while certain files were removed from strategic hiding. Only God knows how many people died that might otherwise have been saved during this two-hour interval that federal agents also spent climbing poles and removing all the surveillance cameras from the area’s crime scene.


Finally, after four file drawers filled with evidence and 22 years after the fact, Craig Roberts has come forward with THE MEDUSA FILE II: THE POLITICS OF TERROR AND THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING, and it is a blockbuster. (Hint: the “rat” is not unlike the one(s) exposed in the U. S. Justice Department in the recent months and years.)



While we do not sell this book at INI, we rate it as a “must have” for anyone seeking the truth about one more giant cover-up in American history. It is 370 (8×11) pages of blockbuster information and is available on Apple ibooks or Amazon and Kindle E-books.