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Evidence Shows “Deep State” Behind Mass Shooting
October 3rd, 2017
by Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)
The corrupt Communist Left are so predictable after a mass shooting. THEY WANT ALL GUNS BANNED…..
At a time when America and specific Americans….”Trump supporters” are under attack in this evolving Civil War, the “Deep State” pundits and conspirators want to disarm good Americans, KNOWING the fact…..criminals will always have access to weapons when one of the most corrupt and dangerous countries (MEXICO) is at our back door.
A complete ban on weapons would cause a revolution against this “Shadow Government” of sharks that hover around President Trump.
If you give up your weapons voluntarily, regardless of WHEN the Communist legislators and Liberal Politicians initiate legislation to make possession of any and all weapons a Felony, you can (then) bet on the fact, America will be transformed into a Communist State controlled by the United Nations. And like Great Britain…if you (then) kill a perpetrator that enters your home to kill you….YOU go to jail for 20 years.
This mass shooting in Las Vegas has many abnormalities that suggest it is in fact a False Flag (again) to demonize all Trump supporters as “gun toting nuts !”
The Communist Left will go to great lengths, including the killing of innocent civilians in-order to advance an agenda. The “Shadow Government” and their cohorts under the al Qaida / ISIS flag have absolutely no problem with murdering over 3,000 citizens on 9/11. We know the “Deep State” is an extension of Satan’s infamous Illuminati / Rothchild / Bank of England / World Banking System under the guise (in America) as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a group of corrupt (pedophile) criminals with the help of the CIA and NSA….work together for a New World Order under Communist rule.
Note: Many do not know that other massacres by the U.S. in America was over gun confiscation….just ask Native Americans.
The former Vice President under the Bush regime, Dick Cheney was a leading member of the CFR and stated,” When I was campaigning, I never stated I was a member of the CFR and if I am accused of sitting at the right hand of Satan, then I am proud.” (sic). Dick Cheney was the lead agent for the creation of the 9/11 attacks.
What corporate fakestream media are NOT telling their viewers, a contact within the FBI Hostage Response Team (HRT) in Las Vegas states that numerous ANTIFA material was among the many weapons that were smuggled into the hotel over a 5 day period….nearly an impossible task. Many reports say there was more than one shooter. The shooter has connections with ANTIFA / ISIS and was paid thousands of dollars to commit this recent act of murder…..of a specific target, “Trump supporters.”
ANTIFA recently stated their plans for a full blown Civil War to take-over this government. But specifically, to take-down President Trump alleged as the instigator of political dissent, a “racial” issue, but more importantly….to win sympathy from the sheeple for extreme gun legislation. WHY?? Because an “armed society is a polite society” except…the Communist / New World Order take-over of the last hold-out country (America) is a threat to THEM, while a nearly disarmed population will allow the Communists to re-shape America into a Third World Nation under Communist rule.
You ask…why do they want the U.S. to be a Third World Nation? That doesn’t make any sense you ask?
Let’s go back to when Bush secretly signed the North American Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico under the guise of (their version) a plausible solution for free trade. NAFTA which created that “sucking sound” of jobs that left America and opened the door for illegal aliens to reap the rewards of YOUR potential hard work, forcing millions of Americans out-of-their homes and jobs after the signing….also created a powerful voting base for the Democrats, because the next step (as we have seen recently) the push for “amnesty” continues to rattle the Conservative Right.
The plan has always been to reduce America’s GDP to a level that matches Canada and Mexico in-order to allow trade to flow inward to America (cheaply) and to force exports to meet certain standards that gives Canada and Mexico an edge. The result has forced American industries to move overseas for cheaper labor, because AMNESTY has not been implemented as of yet and illegal aliens work menial jobs and cannot openly work for mega corporations….because of us, the Conservative Right !
The North American Union plans for “Free Trade” is absolute bullshit ! It’s meant to consolidate world power by merging the NAU with the European Union (collapsing) and the North Pacific Union (rim countries). To the south, the consolidation of power in South America was initiated by Brazil and Venezuela under BRICS which is counter to the New World Order plans for world domination. Is it any wonder how and why Venezuela is collapsing? You think the CIA isn’t there creating havoc to take-down that country?
The plans for world domination by consolidating world powers and injecting puppet dictators in those countries, that have been taken-over (ex: Arab Spring Initiative) by the Rothchild banking cartel, by using U.S. military strength to accomplish the mission is failing…especially in America with Trump in office.
We are at war on many levels and the attacks are dubbed ISIS or Lone Wolf patriots within the Liberty Movement that “hate people of color” a typical CIA psyop used in every civil war in the world. But yet…ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter get a free ticket….because those elements are controlled by the Communist Left. Obama inside his newly constructed bunker offices in Washington D.C. and Hillary campaigning again, are managing ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, two extremist terrorist groups.
Taking down any country requires (1) an instigated civil war based-on ethnicity (2) political fighting and media brainwashing propaganda (3) newly installed puppet requests U.S. military intervention…..and WE pay for it !
The latest mass shooting in Las Vegas has all the signs of a False Flag for two specific purposes. (1) Demonize all legal gun owners and (2) to make Trump look like a supporter of everything the Communist Left do not want. Until President Trump is impeached over something THEY cannot find, the next move is to instigate a Left or Right lunatic / patsy to assassinate this president. It’s coming and a full blown Civil War is about to be launched, followed by a revolution.
America is on the verge of changing and we are faced with dangerous decisions that ultimately requires vigilance, strategies, awareness and we cannot EVER accept disarmament.
The “Deep State” New World Order / Globalists are about to give all Americans an ultimatum…..basically, the mass shootings will continue (by design) and many Americans will freely give-up their weapons and will support new legislation for confiscation, or America will be allowed to be nuked without a pre-emptive strike against a foreign power.
The proverbial gun is being held against our heads and holding that gun are those that openly declare themselves as Liberals, like Obama, Hillary Clinton and many corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle, working overtime to instigate havoc in America.
—Dave Bertrand
And most important…..

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