If you might already have read of my 25-year association with this American icon in I Rode with Tupper, you will realize that these scenes are from the first year that I knew Tupper Saussy. If you have not, his book, The Miracle on Main Street, which first captivated me into the Constitutional money issue, is part of the $99 Book Special found at this site. It and the other six books and two DVDs are a MUST for anyone desiring to know and understand how and why all the criminal deception(s) have been perpetrated by the federal government against “We the People.”

Here is a great excerpt from history — another that the CMM would never report then or now ~

After blowing the whistle too long for the comfort of the “friends of paper money,” Tupper was sent into exile out of fear for his life. See our Book Section for details of what is the real modern-day root of all evil. Meanwhile, here is what happened with all of us, thanx to Tuppers’s great research and book. This is a classic piece of history that not even your editor had seen until today. Thanx to a colleague from those days and now, it has surfaced.

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