Fireman Saw Nobody at Sandy Hook! Google Banned This!

Sunday, August 27, 2017 10:01

(Before It’s News)

Fireman Saw Nobody At Sandy Hook! He Was First On Scene! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

I just uncovered shocking new information on the Sandy Hook hoax pulled on us by Barack Obama and the criminal Fake News!   A man I’ve known casually for about 3 years told me some incredible testimony from two different sources.  This video was banned by Google in 30 minutes so need everybody to share in Facebook, Twitter, good websites and all email lists!

His first source came from people in the local funeral home business in a small town in Florida that knew the people who handled the Sandy Hook funerals!   He was told by his friend that the entire thing was fake!  The coffins were all bought the week before the event!  Then when the hoax was staged and it was time for the fake funerals, the coffins were loaded with rocks for burials!   He told me this before I began taping him with his permission.

During the brief interview he goes over what one of his firefighter friends who worked right next to the Sandy Hook school told him.  As soon as the call went out on the radio, his friend grabbed his AR-15 out of his vehicle and ran to the school.  Nobody was there!  No shooter!  No kids – nothing!  Officials showed up immediately after he went through the school and told him to leave the property.  Within the hour he was visited by some men in dark suits who told him to shut up about it or he would be transferred to Antarctica!

I’ve never seen a video taken down from Google so quickly!   I uploaded this Sandy Hook video on Youtube and it was deleted within 30 minutes on a Saturday!  Here’s proof.

Clearly this interview struck a nerve for the evil ones putting out this hoax!  I mean let’s get serious, if Sandy Hook was real, why would Google care if some “tin foil” hat people put out videos on it?   Jim Fetzer’s ebook, “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook” was banned because it was devastating the scum pushing the hoax.  You can download it free here:

Jim has smoking gun photos in the ebook showing FEMA drilling holes in the window to simulate bullets BEFORE the event!   Amazon deleted the ebook from their system and Alex Jones censored all of this information from his 20 million fans!   Why?   I’m urging all patriots worldwide to email Alex at and tell him unless he lets Jim Fetzer put out all the photographic proof showing Sandy Hook was fake, you’ll have no choice but to believe he’s in on the hoax too!   Alex needs to show ALL the truth on Sandy Hook from real researchers like Jim Fetzer who has done the most work!   If everybody reading this article emails Alex at it might convince Alex to do the right thing.  No more time for games!  They’re trying to kill Trump or impeach him so ALL the Sandy Hook stuff must be brought out now and let the SCUM pushing this hoax explain it!  All weapons must be fired and that’s why I am giving $1000 to the patriot who gets Alex to win as shown in the video “Fire Everything Alex Jones” !  Email him on that too if you want the $1,000!

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