Forbidden Knowledge

This is a great little piece by Truthstream Media’s Melissa Dykes about the curious story of Aron Ranen, who was commissioned by the State of Ohio to create the film, ‘Did We Go?’, that was supposed to definitively prove that the United States landed on the Moon in 1969.

Like every other American of his generation, Ranen had no doubt that this was true. However, during the course of hunting down all of the disappeared documents and equipment, Ranen was forced to conclude that the Lunar Landings were faked, the Space Race was a psychological operation of the Cold War and total propaganda.

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  1. Jean

    I have known for years that we did not land men on the moon. The fabricated story never made a bit of sense. The LEM lander did not have the capability
    of lifting off the moon to return to the return vehicle which supposedly was
    circling the moon at 3000 mph and 60 mile altitude. The whole thing was a scam to get lots of dollars and divert it for other uses. They are still lying
    about it to this day.

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