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Fake History Is Nothing New

What’s real and what’s fake? It’s hard to tell these days. But is “fake news” and media collusion in disseminating the official, albeit sometimes bogus, narrative something new? Not according to maverick researcher Pat Shannan, who says we have been hoodwinked on many occasions by the media/intelligence complex.

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.  — George Orwell

Those of us born before 1950 have fond memories of those halcyon days when we actually lived in a free country, before America lost her innocence. That happened on November 22, 1963, on the streets of Dallas, Texas. It was the day a sitting president was publicly executed. A half- century down the road, while we have moved into a hi-tech world of living, not much has changed in the clandestine world of government murder, cover-up and political protection. Therein, lying is a part of living. When a young man stands on truth and uses some of his hi-tech knowledge to expose the NSA’s attempt to spy on the whole world, he is pilloried and driven into seclusion. The government-protecting Controlled Mass Media hacks call him a traitor.

We won’t bore the reader with details of the JFK murder and cover-up. That case was solved decades ago, and everyone in this audience learned it long ago, too, even though the Controlled Mass Media all still cling to the ridiculous, official but very fake news story of the “lone gunman.” This is one of the longtime accepted pieces of “very fake news” that the controllers can never allow to be exposed until everyone is long dead, because any true report would implicate the actual perpetrators, who have been protected by others involved. Any honest newsperson over the years has either had to compromise his principles by continuing to regurgitate the party line or lose his job. Most have refrained from truth-telling (at least until retirement). Others have refused to hide the truth and paid dearly for their honesty—some with their lives.

Fake news, when overshadowed by truth, is eventually exposed. “Very fake news” must remain under cover at all costs. To the Controlled Mass Media, these become “unmentionable.” In my opinion, the Apollo 11 hoax is one such story. It is quite evident to me that the whole story was an implausible charade. I have found absolutely no concrete evidence whatsoever that the event ever happened, with a plethora insinuating it did not.

In 1969, NASA’s most advanced and sophisticated computers were operating at a lower level of technology than that of today’s average cell phone, yet the finely edited-for-TV films were convincing enough to fool even the NASA engineers in Houston and Cape Kennedy. Nearly 50 years later, it is difficult to find a single person in your neighborhood, college campus or hometown church who does not continue to cling to the fairytale of Neil Armstrong’s alleged walk on the Moon.

If you happen to be one of these so unshakably convinced that you cannot be moved, then you have to be harboring more knowledge about America’s space pro- gram than a guy named Werner von Braun did. In 1958, when this “Granddaddy of the Space Race” poked in derision of the proposed folly, he said that in order for man to get to Luna and back, it would require a spaceship the size of the Empire State Building to house enough fuel for the half-million-mile round trip. In addition, in order to get through the recently discovered and radioactivity-laden Van Allen belts, the ship would need to be surrounded on all sides with a lead shield at least a foot thick to protect the astronauts from the deadly radiation exuding from the belts. All this weight would render the spaceship far too heavy to even leave the ground. Von Braun, of course, had to be hushed into secrecy during the next decade, as the hoax was put into action.


This writer believes that the whole charade was probably the slickest the American government has ever pulled off, apparently fooling even 99.9% of the NASA engineers and otherwise intelligent people. This subject is just not available for discussion on the airwaves. Try Limbaugh and Hannity on this one and see how fast you get ridiculed and rudely cut off. Talk show hosts have their restrictions, too, and there are some subjects (and the hosts have been warned) that carry the “death penalty” if discussed. In this case, of course, “death” means permanent ejection from the driver’s seat.

While you will find much evidence (requiring a minimal amount of research) that the whole Moonwalk scenario was an impossible feat at the time and still is, you will probably be amazed to discover how the educational system and the news media have continued to hoodwink the world when you find that there is no proof whatsoever that man ever succeeded in even attempting the mission, let alone completing it. (This photo is from my own scrapbook from the era.)


Furthermore, the alleged communication between President Richard Nixon (with his talking head posted on the TV screen the night of the alleged landing) and the “astro-nots,” when we saw and heard him congratulating them on their “historic” accomplishment, was not even a capability available within the television technology at the time to exercise between New York and San Francisco, let alone between the Earth and the Moon.

The photos allegedly taken from the Moon with the flag blowing in the Moon’s breeze (where there is no atmosphere), showing the footprints in the moistened sand (no moisture up there); the total lack of blow-away of Moon dust under the landing module; the multiple shadows in the photos when there should be only one source of light, the Sun; the ridiculous premise that the spaceship could travel 500,000 miles roundtrip without refueling; the outlandish refusal by every one of the supposed Moon travelers to swear on the Holy Bible that they had actually done so; and the 700 boxes of data documenting the greatest-ever human event and accomplishment in world history being destroyed by NASA without any excuse all contribute to the very convincing case for government fraud, once again.

Photographic expert Jack White made an innovative discovery. Using data from NASA’s official records, he added up the total time astronauts spent on the Moon’s surface in all of the Apollo program’s alleged visits over the years and came up with 4,834 minutes. He then divided that by the 5,771 pictures “taken on Moon’s surface” and found that NASA’s propagandists had shot themselves in the foot with a photo overload. If the imitators had been taking pictures of one another every 50 seconds, when would they have had time to do anything else?

The scenario is just one more example of the power of the “mainstream” media. When the famous quote by Hitler’s officer Joseph Goebbels hit the news after World War II about, “Tell a lie big enough and long enough, eventually everyone will believe it” etc, it was twisted by the Controlled Mass Media to reflect negatively on the National Socialist regime; but at the time the words were spoken and written, Goebbels was referring to the enemy’s news media—a statement still very much accurate today. The way it was twisted against the Germans at the time continues today as well.


And what about this? They arrived the night before. What more do we need?

FEMA Search & Rescue worker admits his Denver-based team arrived to Manhattan 1-day ahead of 9/11



Barry Soetoro’s fraudulent, eight-year occupation of the White House is another fake story that must remain covered at all costs. Did anyone else notice how fast Donald Trump backtracked on the birth certificate issue last August, following his nomination? After castigating the whole Obama fraud over the past four years, Trump suddenly burped up amid another media attack, “OK, Obama was born in the U.S.” (and I paraphrase here, not bothering to find the unimportant precise quote).

What is important is the mercurial speed with which he surrendered. As a naïve outsider, he simply didn’t understand that he was treading on hallowed (to the New World Order insiders) ground that was not to be penetrated. Then he got (no doubt) orders that helped him quickly understand. Even the “great conservative hero” radio voices of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity know these limits and restrictions. If you don’t believe it, give them an on-air call one day and ask about the birth certificate issue or some of the others about to follow here and see how fast you get shut down.

Their orders came long before Trump got the same. It is a subject that simply is not to be discussed, and to do so is a one-way ticket to retirement. Meanwhile, Obama could be prevented at any time from visiting Trump at the White House because of his inability to pass the same Homeland Security E-Verify test that all green-card applicants must pass in order to work in the United States. All E-Verify attempts using Obama’s name and social security number from his federal and state tax returns produce a “no match” response. He could not even be hired as a floor-mopping custodian in the U.S. Capitol building. In addition to that fraud, (the former) Barry Soetoro’s whole resumé may be fictitious, particularly his alleged and continuing-to-be-sealed college transcripts. He is the ghost of Columbia University, where no students or professors ever saw him, met him, remembered him or even heard of him. (www.dcclothesline.com)

When one of the most honored professors in Columbia University history gave a speech to alumni a few years ago, the speech was followed by a Q&A session. The professor was asked from the floor about Obama’s claims he actually attended Columbia, and he replied, “I have my doubts about the story.” The crowd was stunned. He immediately went on to the next question and said no more.

Obama is a fraud, and his attempted but failed creation of a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) was so crude and impotent that even high school kids proved it to be a hoax. (Nothing on this from Faux News, of course.) However, as long as the current regime of corruption remains inside the federal government, what must rank as one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated by any government on its people will always remain as another suppressed “unmentionable.” We would all delight in seeing President Trump expose it, but he walks a tightrope with a gun to his head; so don’t count on seeing this one, the previous or the one upcoming.


Because it was an inside job, the Oklahoma City (OKC) bombing has always been another “unmentionable,” except by the media’s deceptive parroting of the same old impossibility that a disgruntled former soldier by the name of Timothy McVeigh parked a Ryder rental truck full of ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO) in front of the federal Murrah Building and ignited the explosion that decimated the nine-story structure.

Actually, the fact that it was an inside job was obvious. The building was prepped for days prior to the April 19 detonation with charges set at the third-floor level directly above the second-floor children’s nursery. Retired U.S. Air Force explosives expert Brig. Gen. Benton Partin’s discerning eye could see the truth with no more than current magazine issues of Time, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report, etc. in front of him in his living room in Alexandria, Virginia. Gen. Partin’s credentials spanned 25 years of demolition expertise including many years of instruction on the subject at one of the war colleges.

Already well aware of the history of government cover-ups, Gen. Partin decided to get involved by doing a closer inspection—meaning on location. In June, he went to OKC and was able to look at a hundred more photos taken by the OKC Fire Department. From those he showed us on camera not only the lack of capability of an ANFO bomb to create such substantial damage but also that the massive destruction in the center and rear of the building (at the pre-wired columns) as compared to the lack of same in the front (directly exposed to the Ryder truck) made the government’s story of McVeigh and the ANFO bomb another fairytale. (See Murder in the Heartland DVD available at American Free Press.)

Furthermore, and to strengthen his premise against all debate, Gen. Partin showed us that while the ANFO bomb would exude a devastating half-million psi at detonation inside the truck, the air blast would have dissipated to a mere 27 psi at the center of the building where the middle columns collapsed onto the nursery and killed 23 innocent children.

In layman’s language, he was telling us that the government wanted us to believe the equivalent of a bicycle tire bursting next to one of the columns brought it down.

The OKC bombing was another inside job brought on for reasons still unknown. Some speculated that the infamous “Whitewater Papers” incriminating Hillary Clinton and which might have shown a connection or two to the murder of Vince Foster were stored in the building. Others believe that it was but one more attempt by the Clinton administration to discredit the militia movement and the “talk-show right,” which was a classic failure by the fake news media. Whatever the motivation, the OKC bombing will remain another inside job and continue to be disguised by the fake news controllers.




The TWA Flight 800 cover-up remains in place whenever necessary because the investigation is controlled as well. In 1996, many experts attempted to tell the world that the government’s explanation of the July 17 TWA 800 crash outside of New York was not only untrue but impossible. Those who accepted the government’s claim that the crash was caused by a fuel-tank explosion dismissed the evidence that the plane was shot down accidentally by missiles launched in a U.S. Navy exercise off the Long Island coast.

Private investigator Jim Sanders and his wife Elizabeth, herself a TWA flight attendant who knew the pilots and had trained and flown with several of the flight attendants on board the ill-fated flight, were jailed and eventually convicted of “conspiracy” when they exposed the residue evidence of a missile having hit the jetliner. “Conspiracy Theorist and Wife” said the FBI press release. (These are the bureaucratic deceivers that feed the mass media.)

Now, two decades later, no fewer than six whistle-blowing National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) retirees, who worked on the reconstruction of the crashed fuselage, have come forward to say the official story was a lie, that a missile was involved and that they knew it then and were part of the cover-up. They kept quiet until after their retirements out of fear of losing their jobs because the U.S. Navy was suspected of launching the missile from one of its ships.

Even former JFK Press Secretary Pierre Salinger was not immune from attack. He declared at a press conference in March 1997 that TWA 800 had been shot down accidentally by a U.S. Navy missile. His credentials of being JFK’s press secretary, a former U.S. senator and ABC News correspondent were meaningless, as he was mercilessly attacked by his former colleagues, accusing him of peddling unsubstantiated Internet gossip. Such is the nature of the wild animal.

According to Accuracy in Media publisher Reed Irvine, Salinger said his information had been confirmed by a source that learned of the Navy’s involvement from a friend who had a son in the Navy. “The son was said to have personal knowledge that a Navy missile had downed the plane, but his father did not want to be identified, fearing his son would suffer retaliation for disclosing information the Navy was hiding.”

This, of course, was the exact opinion held by the NTSB whistleblowers who cautiously decided to wait for retirement before coming forward.

With such devious adversaries lurking in the shadows, no one could blame the honest people for taking such cautious steps.

Conversely, it should be noted, James Kallstrom, the New York FBI special agent in charge at the time and later promoted to assistant director in Washington, was rewarded for his lying under oath to Congress with a position as host of “The FBI Files” still being aired on late night cable television reruns.

Kallstrom had said in Capitol Hill hearings that there were no records of witnesses having seen a missile launched when there were precisely 755 separate records of such testimony on file with the FBI. (Any honest reporter could have shot this down and should have known from previous coverage of the story that this was a lie.) And in an earlier press conference held shortly after the crash, Kallstrom called on a reporter who had waited his turn and politely raised his hand, and his question was, “Why is the Navy involved in the recovery operation when it is one of the suspects?”

Instead of offering any attempt at a sound reason or even a lame excuse in reply, Kallstrom instead hailed his goon squad, saying, “Remove him!” And in seconds the man was gone in a swift “Gestapo-style” action. The meeting proceeded as if nothing had happened, and all the other reporters knew better than to tread on this protected turf. Other eyewitnesses had visits at their Long Island beach homes by FBI agents who informed them that they did not see what they said they saw and had better stop saying they saw it.

A few months after the attack, another TWA attendant, Marge Gross, whose brother was killed in the crash, heard a reporter yell to Kallstrom, “You can’t tell me it was anything but a missile that took that plane down.” According to Gross, Kallstrom fired back, “You’re right, but if you quote me, I’ll deny it.” Indeed, denial was the theme of the day throughout the charade.

Kallstrom silenced even the NTSB. He sent a four-page letter to its chairman on the eve of the NTSB’s first public hearing in December 1997 demanding the board “not discuss eyewitness reports, explosives, residue trails or any other raw investigative details of the criminal investigation.” These details were to remain under wraps at least “until the NTSB has definitively determined an accidental cause for the crash,” which hasn’t been seen yet— at least not officially. For good measure, Kallstrom also banned any further showing of the TV film animation put together by the CIA, displaying the ridiculous notion that the plane soared skyward after it broke up. In the two weeks after its debut, the video had become the laughingstock of the aviation community.

Former CBS producer Kristina Borjesson, who was shut down by CBS News when she attempted to get at the truth and ultimately forced out, said, “I can’t tell you with absolute certainty what happened, but when that many people die, you owe it to them and to the other people who are getting on those planes every day to find out what really happened.”

Meanwhile, in normal FBI and bureaucratic fashion and because he knows he will be protected, Kallstrom continues to lie and poke fun at the whistleblowers who finally have told the truth.

Reporter Philip Weiss of The New York Observer said: “The press bought it. The press bought the government’s version of events. CBS folded. Like an ice cube in the Sun, they just went. They decided this is not a story we’re going to fight for. It was a great moment of spinelessness on the corporate media’s part.”

But “spinelessness” may not be nearly as accurate a word as “cover-up” and, nowadays, the accurate Trump accusation of “fake news.”

The unnamed sailor quoted by Reed Irvine in 2002 said he was “underneath TWA 800 when he saw the missile hit it and the 747 explode overhead.”

Are we all “dumbed-down” enough to believe all this baloney? The real culprit in our lives is the fake news media that continued to further the deceiving but politically correct party line.

Washington investigative reporter Jack Cashill, who has since felt the retaliatory slap of the government hand for snooping, said:

“To further silence all protest on the eve of the NTSB hearing, Kallstrom had Jim and Elizabeth Sanders arrested for conspiracy—Kallstrom quit the FBI days afterward . . . Kallstrom knew his behavior was indefensible . . . Predictably, after the FBI’s departure, the NTSB squandered several more years and some $40 million in its pursuit not of the truth but of a plausible scenario that did not involve terrorists.”

You got it again, Jack. It’s called “cover-up.” Fake news is always the cooperating accessory after the fact, and sometimes it is the only chief “investigative” agency the people ever see and hear.



When America “lost its innocence” on November 22, 1963, the NWO powers were sending the message, to all who would follow JFK to the Oval Office, “We are in charge, and you ain’t,”

It was the public execution of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, at age 46 and one of the most colorful and popular presidents in American history, that had inserted this message into the mailbox of every future candidate for the presidency. George Wallace found out the hard way. So did Ford, almost, when two mind-controlled women—Sara Jane Moore and Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme—shot and missed Ford in separate attacks less than three weeks apart in September of 1975. But how many remember who the vice president was expecting to accede to the White House with the death of Ford? I guess Nelson Rockefeller figured a third shot at Ford just might be a little too obvious.

On March 30, 1981, a mere nine weeks after attaining the office that he believed made him President of the United States, Ronald Reagan learned the lesson, too. Fortunately for him, he survived the ordeal, but the fear of the bully had once again been sufficiently infused to make Reagan “behave.” No president has dared misbehave since, until Trump upset the cart, but he knows he walks a balance beam with a gun to his head, as he continues to learn his boundaries. The fake news attacks may not be his most fearsome enemies.

Remember the Iran/Contra hearings in 1987 and the “thousands of pages” being run through the paper shredder? CIA Director William Casey had a very convenient “brain seizure” and died only days before testifying; dozens of others wriggled out with but a slap on the wrist; and Oliver North, aka “John Cathey,” got his own TV show. Meanwhile, the Bush family’s Silverado scandal simply slipped through the cracks. Fake news can also protect its own, not only by lying or with deceptive headlines, but by simply ignoring what an honest press would be reporting.

In 1983, rogue U.S. marshals attempted to bushwhack a North Dakota farmer because of his outspokenness regarding the many farm foreclosures and the “stealing of the land” by the Federal Reserve and local bankers. Screaming their filth and murderous intent, the maniacal marshals surrounded Gordon Kahl, his wife and others in two stopped cars, but the murder plan backfired when the former World War II tail-gunner and possessor of a Silver Star medal out-shot the incompetent “lawmen,” killing two and wounding three more before escaping. The largest manhunt in American history was launched.

Medina, North Dakota police chief Darrell Graf told us of the next morning while sitting in his office listening to two federal officers—one U.S. marshal and one FBI agent—“argue like a couple of schoolchildren fighting over a toy” while deciding who would get to kill Gordon Kahl. According to Graf, the marshal said, “We get to do it because he got two of ours;” then the FBI agent replied, “No, that’s why we should kill him so it doesn’t look so much like revenge by you guys.” Obviously, because either could do it and get away with it, the legalized murder actually became a struggle over which agency would get the headlines.

Three and a half months later, on June 3, 1983 in northwest Arkansas, 40 agents surrounded a tiny hovel of a farmhouse where the 63-year-old Kahl was watching the six o’clock news from his friend’s supper table. Without any attempt to arrest him or even an announcement of his presence, Deputy U.S. Marshal Jim Hall fired a bullet into the back of Kahl’s skull.

Then, following a mistaken report causing them to fear they had killed the wrong man, paranoid officers cut off Kahl’s hands and feet to prevent identification, placed a mattress over his corpse and soaked it with an accelerant, poured five gallons of diesel fuel down the chimney and flung more throughout the room and through the windows from the outside. Kahl’s body was then set on fire as crazed FBI agents and federal marshals riddled the concrete-block structure with thousands of rounds of gunfire and tear gas canisters for the next several hours. (A neighboring farmer told this writer in 1987 that the shots continued until well after midnight.)

Here was not only a blatant cover-up of facts and destruction of evidence but another false portrayal of a shoot-out that never happened. Why is it that professional, highly paid journalists cannot uncover these truths? (Oh, did we just discover the answer with the “highly paid” part?)

Thanks to the Internet, the otherwise forgotten-to-time Ruby Ridge atrocity lives on within the anger of patriots. In August of 1992, U.S. marshals shot and killed 14-year-old Sammy Weaver in the northern Idaho woods, firing three blasts by automatic weapon through his back. The next day, FBI snipers wounded his dad, Randy, 44, along with family friend Kevin Harris, and killed Vicki Weaver, the wife and mother, with a shot through the temple as she stood in the doorway holding her suckling baby. The official deceptive story was babbled to American people as the major TV networks continued to demonize this Christian family by reporting the fake news that the family, including two daughters, aged 16 and 10, held the marshals at bay for eight hours, firing automatic weapons out the windows of the mountain cabin. No such absurd thing ever happened, but it was the only way for the marshals to publicly perform a CYA (that’s “Cover Your Ass” and always a pre-planned option) and redeem credibility with the public for their crimes.

The Weavers eventually collected $3.1 million (but no apology), while the agents got promotions within the system for their illegal acts. Fake news had scored once more. Two years after Waco, to the day, it was the false-flag (that has continued to go unreported by the mainstream media for two decades) attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. The fake news report this time was that (the patsy) Tim McVeigh had been a witness in Waco and chose this anniversary date for his retaliation. The deceivers ignored the impotence of the ANFO truck bomb and the truth of other bombs being intentionally placed above the second-floor nursery (not by McVeigh) in order to kill the children. Nineteen of them under the age of six perished. (See sideline story above.)


Speaking of “inside jobs,” three of the smelliest on record have popped up in recent years, and all were heralded as “outside jobs” by the Controlled Mass Media: the Aurora, Colorado movie theater, where too many people in too many places (particularly a dozen in a second theater) were shot for it to have been the drugged-up James Holmes acting alone.

Then there’s the investigation into the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting where we have learned that the Sandy Hook School had allegedly been closed for three years, an organized drill was in progress, “crisis actors” were employed, and participating locals quietly got their mortgages paid off. And, with support from CNN and Anderson Cooper, fake news helped portray it all.

Third, the Boston marathon bombings, in which more than 250 new names have been added to the original list of 55 injured people since the April 15, 2013 incident, was another false-flag incident gobbled up by the fake news. Even the Boston Globe on its website the morning of the incident warned that it was “a drill.”

But police and politicians claimed differently. They prosecuted it as a conspiracy of two Chechen Russian immigrants and “no one else should be considered,” and relentlessly pursued and captured the Tsarnaev brothers. One, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, died at the scene under suspicious circumstances that may have been “legalized” murder. The younger brother, Dzhokhar, wound up with his throat cut, preventing him from talking while chained to a hospital bed. But who cut his throat and when? Pictures showed him surrendering from his hideout totally mobile and with no blood visible only seconds before being arrested.

In fact, the Boston false flag was No. 23 in a 12-year span of FBI-created false-flag operations designed to bring more restrictions to our daily living along with glory to the FBI. Were the brothers—conveniently captured on film—patsies? Was it, perhaps, an intricate combination of both— where the government factions actually implicate the designated patsies months and even years ahead of time before directing them to be at the right place at the wrong time? So far, nothing indicates “a sting operation gone wrong”—but, rather, gone just as planned; and with total cooperation from the controlled mass media.

Peter Dale Scott, a Canadian by birth, who has published many outspoken writings over the past decades on the JFK assassination cover-up and the hoax of the Vietnam War as a University of California professor, has now stepped forward with his ideas to counter the official government/news media story line of the marathon bombings.  Two months after the Boston incident, Scott wrote:

Amid the swirl of mysteries surrounding the alleged Boston bombers, one fact, barely touched upon in the mainstream U.S. media, stands out: There is a strong possibility that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older of the two brothers, was a double agent, perhaps recruited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If Tsarnaev was a double agent, he would be just one of thousands of young people coerced by the FBI, as the price for settling a minor legal problem, into a dangerous career as an informant. That he was so coerced is the easiest explanation for two seemingly incompatible incidents in his life.The first is that he returned to Russia in 2012, ostensibly to renew his Russian passport so he could file an application for U.S. citizenship. The second is that Tsarnaev then jeopardized his citizenship application with conspicuous, provocative—almost theatrical—behavior that seemed more caricature than characteristic of a Muslim extremist.

Yes, indeed. Caricature is the most descriptively accurate term for nearly every national crisis we have had in this country since 1945. Here we close with the ever-pertinent quote from Joseph Goebbels that will forever apply to the fake news artists:

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the state can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the state to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state.

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