Longtime oppression fighter Dick Bachert continues to express his longtime frustration. We have taken the liberty of entitling his latest piece with the very unoriginal:

We Have Met the Enemy, and it is us ~

In 1860, when South Carolina was about to secede from the Union, one of its most distinguished statesmen, James L. Petigru, was asked by a stranger the way to the Charleston insane asylum. He replied: “My dear Sir, take any road. You can’t go wrong. The whole state is one vast insane asylum.”

Well, today, if anybody should, by some rare chance, ask the way to an institution for the mentally deficient, your answer would require even less hesitation. “Mister,” you could tell him, “don’t budge an inch. You’re not only in the middle of one, but you can’t get out. Not only is the whole country now one vast insane asylum, but they are letting the worst patients run the place. And just about the only inmates they ever lock up any more are those that come nearest to being sane”.

Mr. Robert Welch – founder of the vilified John Birch Society – wrote those words many years ago for a speech that became a pamphlet entitled “A Touch Of Sanity.” The vilification flowed from fact that Mr. Welch was absolutely correct when in the 1950s he began pointing out that this nation’s major institutions had been infiltrated by the alien ideology of Marxism/socialism and, unless stopped, would be totally captured. You have to only look around to understand that he was right (which, to reinforce the point, again explains the vilification).

That said, SOMEHOW, those of us who are not involved or affiliated with those major institutions have managed to divine what’s been – and BEING – done to us and America – the IDEA – and on November of 2016 – in the face of what seemed insurmountable odds – put in the White House a man who was NOT one of “THEM” and loves this country.

November, 2016 also told us that something like 47% of our fellow citizens either intentionally or foolishly embrace the alien ideology that threatens the freedoms of us ALL. To use the Petigru/Welch metaphor, just under HALF the folks out here are “tetched in the head” (that’s southern).

Let me cut to the chase here: Those 47% continue to sent to Washington members of congress who are either lukewarm to the principles on which this country was founded or, in too many cases, hold those principles – and those of us who revere them – in utter contempt.

Bottom line? We STILL have much work to do to if the 53% of us want this country and ALL our freedoms back. Now is NOT the time to go back to sleep!

Stay busy!!

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