Abe Lincoln: What They WON’T Teach in School

May 3, 2017 in News, Video by Slad

Fake news sometimes evolves into fake history, especially for the martyred. Lincoln is heralded annually by the fake polls as the super duper, humdinger #1 president of all, but thanks to the fake history, few people today are aware of the tyrannical criminality of Semi-honest Abe. Probably the most outrageous of his constitutional abuses (and there were many) was in the jailing of a hundred Maryland state legislators because they were about to vote to become the twelth Confederate state. Then there was the suspension of Habeas Corpus and somehow the creation of the myth that the War of Federal Aggression was fought over Slavery. Those details are explained here in this short video made especially for the maleducated of the current generation:

Lincoln: Racist Instigator of the Federal War Machine


CORRECTION: @ 4:09 to 4:15 I credited Lincoln with a quote, which, according to further research looks like it may have come from a Reverend James Mitchell. James Mitchell to A. Lincoln, May 18, 1862. Lincoln Collection, Vol. 76, f. 16044.; P. J. Scheips, “Lincoln … ,” The Journal of Negro History, Vol. 37, No. 4 (1952), pp. 426-427.

BUT, there are those who debate this and say that it is a quote from Lincoln.

Speech source:…

Lincoln: Racist Instigator of the Federal War Machine
Among Lincoln’s unconstitutional acts were launching an invasion without the consent of Congress, blockading Southern ports before formally declaring war, unilaterally suspending the writ of habeas corpus, arresting and imprisoning thousands of Northern citizens without a warrant, censoring telegraph communications, confiscating private property, including firearms, effectively gutting the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, robbing, raping and burning the homes of undefended Southern civilians, not just men and women, but as Sherman would freely admit in his memoirs, children as well.
Even worshipful Lincoln biographers and historians called him a “dictator.” In his book, Constitutional Dictatorship, Clinton Rossiter devoted an entire chapter to Lincoln and calls him a “great dictator.” “Lincoln’s amazing disregard for the . . . Constitution was considered by nobody as legal,”
Abraham Lincoln, named the great emancipator and champion of the constitution by government school textbooks, was more concerned with exercising federal control over sovereign states, than he was in freeing the negro from the shackles of slavery. He himself made this clear in no uncertain terms.

On March 4th 1861 Lincoln clarified his position on slavery in his first inaugural address on the East Portico of the Capital building:
“I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.”
While America’s children continue to be brainwashed into believing that Lincoln was the savior of the black man, the Congressman from Illinois tells a different tale in his Fourth debate with Stephen Douglas at Charleston, Illinois, on September 18, 1858):