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Dear Fellow Patriot,
Pray For US has identified three statements from FBI Director James Comey’s March 20th testimony that were false.

I believe Comey is attempting to cover up the Obama administration’s unlawful wiretapping of President Trump, his family members and his presidential campaign team.

After you see the evidence for yourself, I hope you will speak out to the House Judiciary Committee or even the full Congress and demand that Articles of Impeachment be filed against James Comey!

Here are the statements Comey made under oath that we have identified so far which do not match up with the truth:

Statement #1: Comey stated that the FBI has “no information” that supports the President’s assertion that he was wiretapped. The Truth: We have published a PDF of a January 20 New York Times article which reports emphatically that the FBI has been running a wiretap operation against President Trump’s team.

Statement #2: Comey stated that he did not brief the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) about the wiretap operation (which he said does not exist) until Dan Coats was sworn in last week. Comey stated that there was no DNI to brief on the matter until that date. The Truth: The wiretapping started almost a year ago. Are we to believe that Comey NEVER briefed Obama’s DNI James Clapper over the course of nine months when it was Comey’s job to do so?

Statement #3: Comey stated that the Russians hacked the Republican National Committee (RNC) but did not publish any emails, implying that the Russian government was benefiting the Trump team. The Truth: Thousands of hacked RNC emails were published online in October 2016 but this was unworthy of news coverage because the emails were all perfectly legal (unlike the DNC, Clinton and Podesta emails that were published by WikiLeaks).

James Comey’s testimony does not match up with the truth.

Tell Congress to open impeachment hearings against Comey immediately and if proven guilty, boot him out!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
I really want to encourage you to watch today’s video on our campaign page which shows Comey’s statements under oath. It is a real eye opener and you can judge for yourself whether he is telling the truth!

If you know anyone else who would speak out on this issue, please send them this link:


In His Name,

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