That’s Thursday, December 15, 2016.

Even though Barry Soetoro was exposed as a fraud several years ago, now the dumbed-down fake news victims will be forced face it too, even though we know that they already knew it then. But what will be the ramifications?

Will all his Executive Orders be expunged? How about his Supreme Court appointments? There has never been a more blatant act of treason in this nation’s history. Will it mean public execution? If so, who else was in criminal compliance with the cover-up?  In addition to Nancy Pelosi’s blatant “accessory after the fact” actions, we must also suspect the whole Congress of the same. Republicans sided with the whole Democat fraud gang and took no action, while flying in the face of this evidence that was already surfacing at the time.

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  1. Jean

    Until a real attorney general is put in place, nothing will change because the
    present Judicial branch is totally corrupt. They were behind the gun running into Mexico and the law suits against Sheriff Arpio in Arizona when he made his attempt to weed out the illegal aliens. They punished border patrol agents
    who did the job they were hired to do.


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