Long before I ever investigated any real life conspiracies, I experienced first hand the Red Cross in action the morning after Hurricane Camille struck the Gulf Coast of Mississippi on August 17, 1969. Shortly after daybreak, many of us were outside the apartment complex on Highway 90 examining the damage when we saw what we thought was a welcome sight ~ the Red Cross and the Salvation Army dispensing coffee and pastries. However, there was one slight difference in the two operations. The sincerely compassionate Salvation Army personnel were giving away the food and beverages, but the Red Cross money grabbers were selling the coffee for 25 cents a cup, and another 25 cents for the muffins, etc. I have cursed them and that memory for nearly fifty years now while their empire has grown to a $3 billion a year operation. However, now they have invited the curses of God Almighty, and I fully expect to see its walls come tumbling down.

Oklahoma City personnel stole tens of thousands of $ from envelopes addressed to Kathy Wilburn but mis-directed to the Red Cross office when people from all over the nation mailed it to “the lady who lost two grandchildren in the Murrah bombing” or something similar. When Mrs. Wilburn inquired, she was delivered hundreds of opened envelopes, many with letters referring to the “enclosed check,” but not one contained any such funds. (See our DVD in the book section of this site where we interviewed Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn on this and other subjects.)


Here is another letter from a reader displaying her displeasure at the recent developments:

This is the “final straw that has broken the camel’s back”.  Being relatively close to that area, a lot of local people have independently gone there to offer help and aid.  There are a bunch of 4-wheel, diesel-powered trucking young people who help locally  to rescue people  when we have flooding problems.  This past Sunday, they convoyed there with truck beds brimming with pallets of water and some water in shrink-wrap topping to the edges of their truck beds.  All volunteer,….self-funded.
A neighbor from our area near College Station went with some fellow nurses to offer their nurse skills, and they took clothing and foodstuffs.  The American Red Cross representative refused the food and clothing.  Said they would take money donations, though.  Seems Red Cross is under contract to Homeland Security/FEMA.
There was a  Facebook posting of some people going back to clean up.  They decided to get a meal from a Red Cross cantina.  A picture of the meal showed 2/3 pieces of small chicken nuggets  and small portions of green peas in the Styrofoam plates.  My 3 year-old grandson eats more food than was shown in the picture.
This video tells me that Red Cross has been infiltrated by the progessive types as those who have infiltrated our schools. The charitable spirit of aid and comfort in difficult times by “volunteer organizations” has been replaced by professional fund raisers…”perpetrators” to maintain their incomes and job securities.  Much like our professional politicians.
Years ago, I realized that there are 2 types of workers in our work places.  Both types expend their energies to accomplish their work objectives in the business workplace.  The problem is that the work objective is not the same.  One type works to achieve  the company’s goals. The other type works to achieve personal goals for self positioning. This has always been common to society perhaps.  Today our society is so burdened with this problem and similar ones which have transitioned from minor or acknowledged to becoming major issues to our country.  Loss of freedoms, lowering of our social and education standards, and loss of our national pride are some very evident examples of these negative burdens.
God save your church and our country!

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  1. Barb Anderson

    Back in the 40s, while my father was in the service; they were called to help mother and me after he broke his neck…they did absolutely nothing but tell us where we could go and that is where the sun does not shine.


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