Is the “Big Picture” far bigger than anyone can imagine?

Does Hillary possess enough behind-the-scenes information to potentially destroy all or most of the congresscritters as well as the high-ranking bureaucrats? Probably.

Now the most revealing thing (a common procedure known to us since the 1995 OKC bombing Inside Job deception) is the FBI complicity exposed here once more by this message from an insider whose life is certainly in danger. His immediate shutdown of the interview at the end here indicates that at least one or more set of big ears  had appeared on the scene at the wrong time. Word from inside the beltway seems to agree that Hillary possesses so much “J.Edgar Hoover-type” information from dossiers compiled over the years (decades?), it has everyone walking on eggshells in trepidation of what might come out under oath at her trial, should she be indicted. This would explain the great James Comey whitewash. However, what most Americans have forgotten is that the FBI doesn’t decide who is brought to trial (so what kind of deceptive report was that FBI back-away anyhow?) but rather a Grand Jury that must review the evidence. So that, too, remains to be ever happen. What is the handwriting on the wall here? More assassinations? Probably not, at least of the big names. It is too late for that as well, thanx to the Internet, and there are too many witnesses with inside info with which the deceivers must contend. The long-held secret is out. Too many people know too much. However, should Hillary die suddenly with a stroke, heart attack, etc., as has been already predicted by her spasm attacks in public, the “system” just might be able to stomach (albeit reluctantly) endorsing Trump, knowing that if he doesn’t behave somewhat within its rules, it can remove him and use the little known phony conservative backup called “Pence”  as its new Obama-like deal maker.

Pence is a put-up puppet. He is there as “one of ours” as an insurance policy for the elite, should Donald get just a little too patriotic, red, white & blue and anti-NWO. If Trump stays reasonably in line with the NWO instructions, he, as was Reagan, will be allowed to live. Otherwise, the “big boys” already know that Pence will behave. (He is one of theirs. His voting record during his years in Congress was 62% in line with the Constitution — hardly a performance geared to making America great again.) Here what we have is more testimony to that.  As a reminder from history see, once again, the Sept. of ’15 Musings posted at this site: http://www.ini-world-report.org/2015/09/08/september-2015-musings/. Over my 35 years as a professional investigative journalist, I cannot remember ever writing anything more prophetically accurate than what I told you a year ago following the the first so-called “debate” by the so-called “Republicans.” Everything is falling into place for the enemy. I am not nearly the only “Watchman on the Wall,” but many more must blow their trumpets.

So what will the controllers do? With Trump’s massive support that no one could imagine a year ago, the electronic vote fraud may now be useless because of the stir it would provoke. The American people have not nearly figured out whole & massive faux news controlled deception, but far too many Americans already know the truth about how slick it is (and if you don’t know, go here and feel foolish about your wasted time at the polls:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaLyth-08Hg



August 7, 2016

Max Insider

DNC Social Media Situation Room

Insiders say the Hillary camp is panicked–possibly on the verge of collapse. Not only is Trump’s polling far better than the media narrative shows but the even more predictive Social Media scene has collapsed to “landslide” proportions in favor of Donald Trump. While Brietbart and The Gateway Pundit had covered the publicly available data, we used some of our benefactors extensive resources to try to get a look inside the Social Media response center of the Clinton Campaign.

We’ll tell you: the shop they run is tight. Fear–terror, really–of Mrs. Clinton goes a long way to keeping people in line–but now that the cracks have started we were able to compromise a key person inside the sequestered Media Room run by David Brock’s “Internet Warrior Virgins” (his term, not ours).

This is what we learned.

RealTrueNews: “We understand that a lot of attention has been paid to the ‘social media’ campaign by the Clinton campaign–and it’s not working out?”

DNC Source: “An understatement. Hillary inherited Obama’s ‘Victory Lab’ and analytics–but that was all geared to 2012 which was still pretty primitive by today’s standards–and to Mitt Romney who might as well have been a caveman by today’s standards. Things . . .  changed. [quietly] Hillary didn’t.”

RTN: “What do you mean? What things changed?”

DNC: “I could give you all the stats about social media penetration and stuff–but what really changed? Trump. Trump is what changed. None of the old strategies work on him.”

 RTN: “What do you mean?”

DNC: “It’s pretty obvious–ask any veteran of the Hillary-Clinton battle of ’08. Or Obama vs. McCain–or Romney even. What’d we call our opponents?”

RTN: “Called your opponents?”

DNC: “Racists. We called our opponents racist. It worked–like, 93-98 times out of a hundred–people would back down. Run. Back then there was zero counter-narrative. McCain played it soft-ball. Romney was pretty clean but he wasn’t ready to get nasty and take the heat. All their surrogates? Allies? Only Sarah Palin had the woman-card. That was it. We crushed them. Their online-portion of the vote? It was smaller than today–but they were demoralized. Shut down.”

RTN: “So that was intentional.”

DNC: “Totally. It tested through the roof. It did this time too–the focus groups? Say Donald Trump is racist? It’d work on them about 83 points–it came down due to saturation–but that’d be more than enough.”

RTN: “So? What changed?”

DNC: “None of our focus groups were Trump voters. We just didn’t bring any of them in at the start. We tried racist. We tried misogynist. We tried anti-Islam. It worked on our focus people. On Trump voters? No effect–reverse even.”

RTN: “What do you mean reverse?”

DNC: “It made them stronger–more committed. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like Trump didn’t collapse when we tired it on him and suddenly it didn’t work any more.”

RTN: “Was there . . . other stuff?”

DNC: “The social media front might be the biggest deal going. Right now tests have shown that attack-ads almost never have any lasting impact. Events like conventions? Like debates? They determine who answers the phone–not who changed their vote. But social media? That’s your kids being on your back–or your buddies. That has a real, lasting impact. That actually moves votes in a way we can track. Around May our High Command said we had this in the bag.

It’s not in the bag.”

RTN: “Can you be a little more explicit?”

DNC: “I can’t get caught saying this. None of us are gonna have careers when this is over but there are . . . other concerns.”

RTN: “Can you say what?”

DNC: [ flatly ] “No.”

RTN: “What can you say?”

DNC: “We bought fake followers. That used to be what everyone did. Trump? His guys are all real. We’ve got media-established narratives. Our coms-team works with the major outlets to shape the stories. That’s traditional. He doesn’t even have a Coms Team–he just fires off tweets and they all go viral. Every last damn one. “

“We have our response team go hard–racist. Sexist. Social Justice up the ass. It just pisses everyone off. It changes nobody’s mind. We’ve got Black Lives Matter. He’s got Milo [ Yiannopoulos ]. We’ve paid like–like 300k for Politico. They paid nothing and they’ve got Brietbart. You know who Trump voters trust? Brietbart. Look at the numbers.”

[ shakes his head ]

“Hillary’s in a panic. She’s always been on some kind of medication–but they’ve been upping the hell out of it. She’s freezing. She’s having panic attacks. The Secret Service is trained to get her out of these  . . . fugue states–but one’s going to happen in public, and it’ll all be over. Why do you think she doesn’t talk to the press? No one knows what to do about the debates. It’s going to be a disaster.”

RTN: “Wasn’t there an issue with the scheduling or something?”

DNC: “We want to minimize exposure everywhere we can. With press questions. With Sanders. And so on. So we work with the NFL on scheduling. Sure–Trump complains–but he’s not going to bail. That’s a problem. We don’t think she can last 30 minutes with him under optimal conditions.”

RTN: “So what IS the plan?”

DNC: “Nobody knows right now. I’m hearing drop out and give it to Tim Kaine. I’m hearing have some kind of big Black Lives Matter ‘event’ around the debates to get them canceled. I saw–“

 [ trails off ]

RTN: “What?”

DNC: “You know the FBI’s counter-terrorism playbook involves encouraging radicals to take extra steps to see if they will and then busting them?”

RTN: “We have.”

 DNC: “There’s a plan to use assets inside the FBI–compromised agents–to have one of these go-too-far schemes actually not get stopped. Have something go wrong. Deliver guns–explosives–whatever to these radicalized groups and then instead of busing them . . . the event happens. That way it could be timed and targeted since it’s actually agents doing the planning. I’ve seen a plan tor an event near the first debate–State of Emergency. Local Martial Law. It’d soft-kill the whole thing.”

[ goes silent ]

RTN: “Can you tell us–“

DNC: [ leaves ]

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