Rick and Carolyn Kiesz are pamphleteers who edit, publish and mail out the Palouse Patriot. In the current issue, Carolyn bemoans the fact that during her child-rearing years she had swallowed the TV lies distributed by the Controlled Mass Media (CMM) and did not become aware of the Truth until recent years. Here she issues one last caveat to her grown children:


The way things are progressing in our Country right now, with the rise of the Police State and the targeting of those who speak out against our dictatorial government, I fear for our future. I see our “rights” violated on a daily basis. The Bush and Obama administrations have set things in motion that threaten to strip us of all our “Natural Rights.” The job of the government, as established by the Founders, is to preserve those rights; however, every year our government has chipped away at them by overregulation and intervention into areas that are Constitutionally outside of the government’s authority. At this time, I feel compelled to write the following letter:

To my adult children: I apologize to you for not being aware of what was happening to our freedom when I was raising you. I was preoccupied at that time and didn’t really know anything about politics, corporatism and the many bureaus involved, or their agendas. I didn’t know about “pay for play” and how politicians were paid-off by lobbyists to give them special favors. I didn’t understand that politicians tell you they will represent YOU; however, they really represent themselves, their re-election and wealth-building is their major focus. I didn’t understand that the education system was purposefully “left-leaning” and that you were targeted for indoctrination. I had no understanding that the ideology of “collectivism” was being propagandized in your schools. I certainly wasn’t aware that what you were being taught back then was not academics. It was a “world view” that made little if any, mention of the Founding Documents and the preservation of freedom.

I could use the excuse that I was struggling to raise you alone and trying to overcome the issues surrounding divorce, but excuses make no difference.

I did teach you that we are “our brother’s keeper.” I taught you to be kind to those less fortunate and to reach out to help those who are in need. I raised you to be mindful of what Jesus might do in any given situation and to always try to put yourself in the shoes of the other person. Don’t simply “dismiss” another human being without understanding where they’ve been and what they have been through. I promoted love and peace, rather than hatred and war.

When you were growing up we opened our home to many people — some were struggling with addiction issues and we tried to help as best we could. We tried to help both young and old. When we brought home the old veterans from the VA to eat dinners with us, we did it because we loved them — but also because they had no one and we became their family. I tried to raise you with a big and open heart and with eyes that saw no color barrier. My focus was more on “relationships” BUT — I wish I had more knowledge of what was happening in government so that I could have prepared you for what I see unfolding at this very instant.

I urge you to reread the book 1984, by George Orwell. Big Brother was alive and well back then and is flourishing today. Propaganda is very real and is used by government, educators and all forms of media — in order to make us all think alike, believe alike and to encourage us to judge, mock and vilify individuals who are not like-minded.

Back when you were growing up, jobs were abundant and even I found a great job and made a lot of money for someone who had not completed her college education. Had I known then, what I know now, I’d have equipped you with a better understanding of how our Founding Fathers agonized over shaping a type of government where “The people” would be at the top, running everything — and the government would be “limited” in its and power.

Sadly, there were many my age who did not properly equip their youngsters, because today huge masses of people are convinced that “the majority rule” is the way to go — “democracy” rules the day — only what they and you do not understand is that democracy is “mob rule,” and that is never a good thing.

I hope you will understand what I’m saying before it is too late — before I am dead and gone — perhaps before I am shackled and chained behind bars for expressing ideas and concepts that are true to the Rule of Law — but against my government. Please read the Constitution and understand that it was written for the “common man.” It was simply put, so anyone could comprehend it. You needn’t be a lawyer to know what “limited government” means.

I wish that I had understood far earlier the cost of freedom and what our Founding Fathers did to secure it permanently for us. Had I known, I would have shared that knowledge with you. As it is now, I can only hope that you will one day realize the price paid by the Founders and the pearl of a document they left behind for us to protect and defend. Without it we are doomed to a life of slavery to an all powerful, tyrannical central government. Again, I am so sorry and I hope you will forgive me. Your loving mother. ~ Carolyn Kiesz

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