The ultimate goal of benevolent totalitarianism (“democracy”) is thought control. This is not in the future. It is NOW!

The most sophisticated and subtle method of thought control is to control all public media and all public and private education. Here state controlled thought patterns are molded putting us in a mental straightjacket.

It’s simple. If our thoughts are formed by government blueprint, we think only government thoughts. We are stamped into the system like cupcakes. Our individualism subtly changes to group consciousness or government control.

Unless an individual like you, the reader of this letter, has a tiny spark of doubt within about the system around you, you may never question why things are as they are. The problem is that we are unaware that we are unaware.

Only the very few avid hyperindividualists and creative thinkers and readers will escape the mental net. Hopefully you fit here.

People control and manipulation is directly related to the art of propaganda. No government in history could rule for any length of time without using propaganda on its people. It’s called psychological warfare.

Propaganda is a word control system. Certain words and phrases evoke certain thoughts and responses. Political power increases in direct proportion to the ability of politicians and bureaucrats to manipulate words.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines propaganda as: “The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause, or of information reflecting the views and interest of those people advocating such a doctrine or cause; selected truth or lies.”

We are very alert to what fuel we put into our automobile. Some of us are extremely careful what food we eat. But almost nobody is conscious of propaganda that goes into our brains and effects every thought that we have. Yet probably nothing in the world even comes close to the influence of propaganda on our lives. By the time most Americans are twenty-five years old, their propaganda conditioning is irreversible. The great danger is that they are completely unaware.

Repeated words and phrases cause an electro-chemical stimulation that creates permanent thought patterns. Any external word stimulation which violates our established thought patterns or programming evokes negative stimulation, hostility and even emotional trauma. Word control systems have inherent defenses that shut out any words that don’t match established thought patterns.

No, words don’t just bounce off. Words are not something that we can take or leave. Constant word bombardment penetrates the conscious rearranging neuron structure, transforming our thought patterns. Our minds are yielded to the system so that certain word stimulation evokes conditioned responses. This is such an exact science that our responses can be predicted, measured and plotted on graphs. This is being done by your government and big business.

Propaganda is memetics — part of the science of electrochemistry of the brain. I explain all the details and what you need to do to fight back in the upcoming June issue of The Bob Livingston Letter. Because government and large businesses know exactly what they can achieve with word manipulation unless you do something about it.

If you want to know how you are being programmed, look for the words oft-repeated in the media and TV… phrases injected into the public debate so you think they are real and have meaning. Remember, the elites know what words and what phrases they want to use to develop precise thought patterns that trigger the response that they want and can predict. Phrases like:

  • Public good
  • Quantitative easing
  • Buy and hold
  • Pay your fair share
  • Talk to your doctor
  • Objective media
  • Respect the flag
  • Government spending
  • Support the troops
  • Too big to fail

As soon as something is repeated enough, the next phase is to call it ‘wisdom’ (like the code word “conventional wisdom”) and voila, a nonsensical code word has become reality.

Propaganda is not Sunday school. It is not Left vs. Right. It is total warfare against your mind. It is the language the elites use to make people fight with each other so they can profit and stay in power.

Yours for the truth,
Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™

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