While the Controlled Mass Media continue to brainwash Americans with why Trump is bad, Cruz is good and Hillary is the one the people really want; that Trump can’t beat her but Cruz can, the following brief lesson in Electronic Vote Fraud 101 displays what will be the tool to prove them right. It also is the convincing evidence of why the antiquated method of elimination of an undesirable via bullets or a plane crash is no longer necessary.


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  1. David Hamill

    All preachers,county voting administrators,PTA presidents, etc, should be notified about this type of fraud on voters and urge everyone to pass this on to ten friends. I would like to suggest notifying the Congress and Senators, but they obviously are not interested in anything outside the Washington D. C. bubble.
    Pat Shannan should be commended for posting this short article and video …David

  2. Jeff

    So much for government by the people for the people …. I’d suggest going back to Counting ballots but we wouldn’t find the results out till a year after the election. And then you go to find the people that are willing to count the ballots….

  3. Bill Rodgers

    This is BS! We need to know that the machines are fixed before the election.


    It is a huge task to make our elections true. This has to get out to all centers.

  5. John

    I’ve been saying it all along. The electronic voting machines just allow a fixed outcome all the time. It’s rigged before it starts. How can there be more votes in an area where not that many people live. And, no one seems to be able do anything about it. How could O’Bama be elected for a second term after what he did and said during his first term. How can a crooked lying person still be running for president. I think I’ve said enough

  6. Jerry Neal

    I know only one solution to fix America and return to honest and true democracy and the American Dream for all citizens. That is for voting age American Citizens to join together and write down our demands for our country and only vote for leaders that agree to follow our wishes and demands and work for the American people.
    I have been thinking about a plan for several years now and we can make all the changes to fix our country if we are willing to work together. 2 people find 2 friends, and their 2 friends find 2 of their friends, which would be 4 and those 4 find 8, and so on. Do this 27 times and we have over 100 millions citizens voting together and we can elect all the government leaders in our country and we select only those that are bound to serve us and change all all laws and regulations to make the changes we want.

    1. Pat Shannan (Post author)

      Jerry, if you could really get that cooperation, this might have been a good plan during the letter-writing days of John Birch suggestions, but you have not provided a solution. What stops the enemy from changing your 100 million votes to that of their choice? Also, you should check into the history of the founding of America to learn why the nation’s fathers rejected Democracy as form of government with little debate. Modern politicians have inserted the word into our daily conversations (as well as the textbooks).

  7. alan kosinski

    This country’s over. [the problem] goes much deeper. Late night programs like Rense and Nory as well as others have been talking about this as well as many other topics concerning the death of western society. Low birth rates among whites. Massive immigration, drugs, cancer, economic, transgenderism, gay lesbian same sex marriage on and on. Girls more manly like the males feminized over-sensitized society. All the free giveaways. This voter fraud is, as they say, the tip of the ice berg!!! Nothing to see here folks. Go back to your silly lives.

  8. John Crebassa

    Not that I’m surprised, but one way to do a checks and balance is to run a test before and after the votes are counted with a set amount of ballots pre-marked.

  9. Kathy Easterday

    I’m with John Crebassa. Have the districts do a pre check on the machines in the precincts with both parties leaders of the voting stations before voting continues. That way the machines will all be certified by the precinct itself. I think it’s a great idea John .

    1. Pat Shannan (Post author)

      Good luck, boys. This is like asking the enemy to throw down its weapons and raise hands in surrender.
      Of course, the idea would work, but let’s see you implement it.

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