As time moves on, a decade and a half now, more and more enlightened researchers come to the realization that the “conspiracy theories” we reported the world in 2001 and 2002 as fact were facts, indeed.


by Pete Ketcham



Many of you have read, heard, and researched the theory, that the World Trade Center twin towers were brought down intentionally using the aircraft strikes a cover.

Until a week ago I felt that anybody who ascribed to that conspiracy theory was just a little goofy. It was perfectly obvious to me that aircraft strikes took the buildings down. I had came to that conclusion after viewing a CD video years ago produced by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) illustrating the structural weakness of the buildings concerning the bolt shearing failure of the floor trusses tying the outer perimeter walls to the inner core, and thus they fell away and down came the two buildings.

I have an Associate Degree in Highway Engineering (OIT), and understood through my structural analysis classes the concept of shearing strength, dead loads, dynamic loads, etc. and thus accepted the official NIST report.

A week ago my daughter directed me to an organizational website (ae911truth.org ) composed of over a thousand licensed seasoned corporate structural Engineers and Architects, who through their structural expertise have stated that the twin towers should have withstood the impact of the aircraft and resulting fires, and that WT7 a third building could not have fallen due to fires alone, which had made it the first steel structure of that type in history to fall due to fire alone. What really convinced me is when I looked at the video of the forty seven storied WT7 building going down. WT7 was a third building that went down approximately 6 to 7 hours after the twin towers went down. It fell exactly like a controlled demolition of comparable buildings brought down by controlled demolition. It fell symmetrically into it’s own footprint with no collateral damage to adjacent buildings. It fell completely to the ground in about 6 seconds, literally as fast as a steel ball would fall if thrown from the top of the building.. As one views this building going down you know there is something terribly wrong with the official 911 Commission report and the NIST report.

I also researched the twin towers construction and found that the two towers were designed and constructed as a “tube within a tube”, a very strong “tall building” design that can resist lateral loads (wind, aircraft strikes) with a center core and a outer perimeter tied together that carry their own vertical loads, basically the outer perimeter walls gain their strength tied together as a “tube” and would not just fall away as describe by the NIST report. At this point I wondered who, why, and how all this came about, and became motivated to learn more.


As many of you know there are literally thousands of videos, reports, articles, and interviews detailing every aspect of this apparent deception, and I might add, I have viewed and read many many of these and could not possibly comment on the detailed information contained in them all, but will attempt to summarize the facts with some speculation and see where it leads us. ! Where are Agatha Christie and inspector Clouseau when you need them!. Anyway, I will start at the center bottom of the pile and attempt to work out, as there is no truth in this mess.


I believe it all started with a man named Larry Silverstein, the owner of the three World trade Center (WTC) buildings which needed over $200 Million of mandatory renovations (asbestos removal etc) and were heavily insured against normal building risks including terrorist attacks. As it turned out he has now received approximately $4.6 Billion insurance money thus far, and made a failed attempt to sue the airlines for several Billion more. This still leaves him with a huge profit in the high Millions, perhaps a Billion. At this point I believe Larry Silverstein was the catalyst that started this huge event with resulting consequences that has killed many thousands, cost trillions of dollars, and led us into a no-win war in the middle East that we are still dealing with14 years latter. You may say this is a pretty big load to put on just one man, but just one man in cooperation with others, as history shows, can cause far more damage that what I just described, I give you Adolph Hitler.


  1. 1. Larry Silverstein: I have detailed his monetary benefit in the previous paragraph.
  2. Muslim world community: They could literally strike right into the heartland of the “Great Satan” and take down two of our tallest buildings, destroy a portion of our main military command center, and destroy the most symbolic building in America’s history , the white house. What an ân in your face event the Moslem world could rejoice in, and the perpetrators would be Muslim heros reverenced throughout the world, not to mention the72 virgins these lunatics expected to receive upon death.

As a sidebar, it has been reported that due to the current death rate caused by ISSI and other Muslim terrorist groups that it has been necessary for Alla to reduce the number of virgins available, and in some cases substitute non-virgins.

  1. 3. Israel: The magnitude of a terrorist attack blamed on a middle east group such as Al Qaeda headed by Bin laden would pull the worlds greatest military force into the middle east to literally beat the hell out of multiple enemies of Israel as they sat in the bleachers of this contest and watched. It would also hopefully have Israel’s greatest “friend” keeping a continuing presence in the middle east.
  2. Saudi Arabia: Has been our ally in the middle east against organizations that threaten the regime of the ruling Royal Family. We have sold them military equipment including latest fighter planes, and also trained their pilots. They have benefitted from our middle east presence, and also sat in the bleachers of this contest and watched the threat to their power being diminished by the good old USA. Also, I have read where members of the Royal Family were very close to the Bush family during this time.
  3. Bush administration: George Bush & his military would now have an event that would justify an invasion into the middle east again, and really finish the job his Daddy started. It would also be a rallying event that would push his poll numbers to the sky, and provide him a heros status after winning the war and saving the American people. History has shown that this scenario has been played over and over again in large and small countries ruled by despots or elected leadership in order to bolster their leadership popularity, it is termed false-flag .

These five seem to be the primary beneficiaries, but as you dig deeper I am sure one could discover many more in the world of finance and world politics who benefitted. .


It has aptly been demonstrated by qualified experts in the fields of high-rise steel building design, construction, and demolition that all three building were brought down by, thermite cutter charges, nano-thermite cutter charges, thurmate, and various explosives. Thermite Cutter charges can cut through steel columns at a 45 degree angle in micro seconds, and by the strategic placement and computer controlled electronic timing of these charges they can cut all the supporting columns of a steel building in seconds and drop it to the ground in its own footprint in seconds. This has been demonstrated numerous times by intentional demolition of steel buildings. WT7 was brought down by conventional controlled demolition from the bottom up and the towers were brought down non-conventional from the top down. This procedure can be set to happen in sequence to drop the core columns slightly before the perimeter columns, thus pulling the building into itself as it drops. This procedure was evident in all three buildings except the two towers which had additional explosives which blew debris far and wide.

According to statements by the professionals in the field of controlled demolition, it was patently evident that who ever brought these buildings down were top professionals.

So, how could Silverstein arrange to bring down three huge skyscrapers in one day combined with coordinated aircraft strikes, and using a unique top down controlled demolition on the towers? Where in the world would he find a sophisticated and professional covert entity that had the capability to not only plan this disaster, but successfully execute this plan in cooperation with individuals willing to kill themselves to make it happen? Can one honestly believe that a ragtag terrorist organization living in caves are responsible for all this? Some entity with far more assets and capabilities than them “pulled this off”.

I do not believe that George Bush and his Administration actively created or participated in the actual 911 destruction and death, but did actively provide cover after the fact for those who did. There are numerous websites that have articles, documented information, and public facts that show that the Bush Administration went out of its way to blame the Muslim community for this tragedy and provide cover for their very close friends and allies who did, namely Saudi Arabia and Israel. It is personally hard for me to accept the fact that our greatest ally in the Mideast, and perhaps in the world may have stabbed us in the back in pursuit of their own greater agenda, yet Israel had motive, opportunity, and capabilities to carry this whole operation out. There are also numerous websites and articles showing that Saudi Arabia could have also been involved, primarily in the financing and flight training. Is it possible that these two countries worked together to bring this all about?, I believe they did.

Facts have now emerged concerning the cooperative relationship between Larry Silverstein, Israel, Mossad (Israel’s equivalent to our CIA), Muslim terrorists, and even our own government. I realize this statement sounds bizarre and conspiratorial, but consider the facts as listed below.

Larry Silverstein is a Jew who was very active in the American Jewish community as the head of and also contributor to major Jewish organizations. His influence was not limited to just America, he had significant connections to major political leadership in Israel. It has been reported that he and Benjamin Netanyahu, PM of Israel ( who I have greatly admired) had weekly conversations. As an American Jew, involved in major Jewish organizations he had demonstrated a great passion for the welfare of Israel.

From all the evidence it seems that this entire operation could have been carried out by Israel’s Mossad, which is responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, and counter terrorism. It’s director reports directly to the Prime Minister. This organization is the worlds premier covert organization in the middle east, and through the years has conducted covert operations in most world countries, including the USA. The assets and expertise this organization has gained over the years makes it entirely possible for them with Silverstein’s cooperation to pull this off from start to finish. They also owned the necessary security and maintenance companies at the WTC site and airport of departure. In addition to this they have been very successful penetrating the Muslim world as covert spies, thus being capable of recruiting, training, and managing the 911 teams . I direct you to this website for further details:

http://www.lostscribemedia.com/news/911-israels-masterpiece/ This site gives a very comprehensive overview of the “Jewish/Israeli connection” which is far too elaborate for me to cover in this article. I believe the author of this site is somewhat anti-Israel and I discard his personal opinions, but do believe he has most of the facts correct.

Evidence seems to point to a cooperative venture between Israel and Saud Arabia, with the Mossad taking care of everything except for the actual pilot training and training aircraft, which the Saudis provided

Theses Muslims were no doubt recruited, managed, controlled, and trained by Mossad operatives posing as fellow Muslims terrorists. When I say trained I am talking about training to fly 757’s and 767’s in cruise configuration with the additional skills to make high rate turns, high rate descents, and precise course to a target. Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) were amazed at the precise maneuvers these airliners had made, and compared them to military fighter aircraft. The hijackers went all over the country to small aircraft flight schools to intentionally demonstrate their mediocre to poor flying skills in small Cessna aircraft in order to leave a trail of incompetence that would not point to the true training source of their superior airliner flying skills. At this point I refer you to Captain Phillip Marshall who with his two teenage children may have been assassinated February 2, 2013 in California. Here is his detailed story

As a former flight instructor, I believe the training scenario had been relatively easy to carry out at the Pinal Airpark south of Tucson Arizona. There was a multitude of Jet airliners scatted about Pinal Airpark in Arizona for storage, maintenance, and awaiting flying contracts. Two Saudi aircraft of the type aircraft used in the highjackings would cause no suspicion as aircraft from all over the world came in there. One or two Saudi instructors could easily handle all the training. By running the axillary power unit (APU) they could have hours of cockpit training and familiarization on the ground with all four pilots at one time, one training, three watching and then swapping around. This same scenario would happen when actually flying, one training, three watching. It would appear to those on the ground that these were just test flights after maintenance work. The instructors could set up GPS flight plans over the desert duplicating the flight routes to be used in the actual highjackings. Not only could the pilots be trained, but the procedure for cockpit take over could be rehearsed over and over.


Can all this be proven?, Perhaps, but it will take considerable more time and effort, yet two irrefutable facts stand out.

1.The buildings were intentional taken down by controlled demolition experts,

2.The hijacker pilots were professionally trained for their mission.

So one may ask what difference does all this make today, January 2015? I believe this hijacking scenario shows the depth of deception various world governments are capable of (including our own), with the total disregard for human life & suffering in order to achieve national agendas, and most important, the depth of degeneracy of those individuals who have gained world wealth, power and title. These corrupt degenerate individuals with their various titles of, President, Prince, Prime Minister, Senator, and administrative titles exist today in increasing numbers. They move about in a world of wealth, power, and corruption that normal citizens of this nation “can not get their minds around”, in essence it is almost beyond our understanding to grasp the magnitude of the ongoing deception of our own government, and other world governments taking place today.

911 I believe serves as the tip of the iceberg that is in the path of our ship of state, but it could possibly warn us in time to take some evasive action providing we elect to see it for what it is.

Pete Ketcham 1-18–2015

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