• All preplanned by “law enforcement terrorists” (LET)

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There’s a FULL 54-minute plus press conference with the Deschutes County Sheriff from yesterday you need to watch VERY carefully:


Watch the beginning as the ‘stooges’ in this theatrical play file-into the room and awkwardly take up their assigned positions. It’s apparent that the lead investigating agency head, Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson, is orchestrating how it will all go down. Notice the initial “scope” and “expectations” theme from the young sergeant, designed to squelch the media from getting into any serious questioning. Also notice the “man behind the curtain” beneath the large video screen to the left side of the room. He will ‘edit’ and stop/start the presentation on commands of his superiors at the podium. He receives ‘special instructions’ at a particularly sensitive moment in the presentation from Sheriff Nelson.

Especially zero-in on Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris at about 31-minutes and 30-seconds… he is on the verge of a complete mental breakdown. Watch his breathing, his body language, the twitches, neck twisting – and the quavering voice. Norris is having EXTREME second thoughts about delivering his ‘lines’ on behalf of Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson and the rest of this rabble. Notice how Sheriff Nelson gives Norris the good ole’ boy pat-on-the-back for “a job well done” as Norris walks away from the podium. Norris almost blew their cover, but in a mentally weak moment – to save his career – he puts down the gauntlet. The stupid lapdog media NEVER ONCE ask what this is all about, yet you can hear their still-photo cameras clicking away.

Watch carefully the demeanor of all the participants as they deliver their lines, their body language, eyes and facial expressions – especially the stiff-necked Sheriff Nelson. Even his composure is carefully controlled. They’re all scared shitless they’re going to be found out. And they have!

It’s VERY obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that this whole narrative is, by design, a full blown cover-up – including the arrogant FBI Agent in charge – Gregory T. Bretzing – who fumbles the ball and can’t answer ‘which weapon’ Finicum had on him after being asked by one of the reporters about Finicum’s shoulder holstered six-gun – yet their so-called “investigation” alleges that Finicum was carrying a 9MM Ruger semi-auto pistol that he was reaching for in his left inside jacket pocket. Finicum could just have easily been reaching for a pack of gum. No matter. Remember, this was PRE-PLANNED. This is the purported weapon they recovered, and more than likely ‘planted evidence’ to support their narrative:

finicum gun

Also remember, it was FBI Agent Bretzing with his Lon Horiuchi “HRT” (Hostage Rescue Team) sniper types who put together ‘THE PLAN’ he speaks of in the video above to ultimately ‘roadblock’ the Bundy/Finicum vehicles on a remote section of Highway 395 – where there was no cell service and where they could control the outcome. The FBI/OSP could’ve easily made their arrests peacefully in another setting, however, because LaVoy Finicum’s message had become a so-called “VIRUS” – which the two Oregon Senators spoke about – the FBI/OSP mission was all about taking-out Finicum in order to kill the message. So much for their sorrowful thoughts at the loss of a loved one. This is the reality of the event that occurred at Mile Post 51 on Highway 395. Bottom line: The FBI/OSP “operators” DREW FIRST BLOOD. They, and they alone, escalated the matter to “extreme prejudice” in order to squelch the message.

Until ALL exculpatory/forensic video/audio is released, including the edited and missing video frames, and the individual OSP/FBI “operators” testify under oath – there is no way to really determine the sequence and timing of the shots fired at Finicum. Even the Shawna Cox cell phone video has been carefully scrubbed and doctored – and not released in full. And the two unaccounted FBI bullets, purportedly “unreported”, are inserted to make it appear there was some minor wrongdoing – which is designed to deflect attention away from the real and genuine issues.

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  1. Randall

    i believe the serial numbers need to be run on the gun they claim was in Lavoy’s pocket and see who it comes back registered to, and to see if it comes anywhere near Lavoy owning possession of it. Trace the gun back to where it came from POPS


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