Christmas Gropings-er, Greetings from the TSA

Nonetheless, the TSA has wrested even that sliver of a decision from its victims while giving its power-hungry deviants a Christmas present: from now on, they will decree whether passengers can “opt-out” of its porno-scanners–though, true to its deceptive nature, the agency says otherwise:

Generally, passengers undergoing screening will still have the option to decline a (full-body) screening [sic for ‘ogling’] in favor of physical screening [sic for ‘sexual molestation’],” said Bruce Anderson, a TSA spokesman [sic for ‘professional liar’]. “However, some passengers will be required to undergo (full-body) screening [sic for ‘ogling’] if warranted by security considerations in order to safeguard transportation security.

“This will occur in a very limited number of circumstances where enhanced screening is required,” Anderson added. “The vast majority of passengers will not be affected.”

Right. “Required” because the passenger doesn’t cringe as much as the bully abusing him prefers, or because he’s elderly and doesn’t immediately snap-to at the TSA’s orders, or because the woman–or man–is particularly attractive and the assailants want a pictorial memento.

Regarding that last scenario, the TSA claims that its new, millimeter-wave porno-scanners neither take pictures of our naked bodies nor retain them, as it now admits its old backscatter gizmos did. But since the agency lies about everything, all the time, and since it alleged exactly the same thing about backscatter X-ray before finally confessing the truth, only a fool would believe that (and sure enough, the corporate media mindlessly parrots this whopper).

I was reading the prophet Micah yesterday and savoring the Lord’s condemnation of Israel’s  government. Yet none of its corruption and oppression came anywhere near gate-raping two million folks every day, day after day, for fourteen years. Imagine the fate of these bureaucrats as well as the politicians and corporations enabling them when the Almighty finally unleashes His judgement.

(Meanwhile, thanks to the many readers who sent me stories on this newest of the TSA’s insults.)

Update: Jonathan Corbett, who so heroically and convincingly proved that the TSA’s porno-contraptions cannot detect items hidden in certain ways on the body, has sued the agency for revoking our “right” to opt-out. He’s a thoughtful guy: he even gift-wrapped the lawsuit for the TSA’s delectation. Merry Christmas, all you pervs. (Thank you, Bill Martin, for the link. Merry Christmas to you and to all of LRC’s readers and staff as well!)

10:07 am on December 24, 2015

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