Who remembers TWA-800? This one had three potential targets but missed them all.  Why is the CMM ignoring this?


by Will Goode

Hundreds of Lives Lost because US Navy has Crazy People at the Helm

 This could have been the headline one week ago, Saturday, November 7, 2015 when three eastbound airline pilots over the Pacific Ocean on their final approach, in preparation for landing at Los Angeles International Airport each reported seeing a US Navy missile flash past their cabin exactly in a westbound direction, dangerously occupying the same airspace.
 Numerous individuals on the ground saw the missile take off and its trail as it sped toward the unsuspecting passenger airships.  The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office indicated numerous calls reporting the incident, many people speculating UFO’s were involved.
 A collision or an explosion at or near the commercial airliners would have meant death to all passengers and crew on board; with a possible domino effect on one or more other aircraft traveling in the area where the destroyed airplane would have been, potentially causing damage from any debris.   
 Each of the three commercial airline pilots called in the incident immediately to Air Traffic Control at the Longmont Center in Colorado which monitors the airspace over the Los Angeles area. No advance alert was given that a military exercise was to take place and the air traffic controllers became aware of the incident only from the distress calls of the pilots.
 The US Navy has officially acknowledged the incident and described the supersonic projectile as either a “Tomahawk Missile” or a “Rocket.” No explanation was given to justify the hostile invasion of commercial airliner air space by the US Navy ordinance, which, according to official sources, may or may not have been armed.
 Accountability is completely lacking. How stupid does the US Government think the American people are?  A Muslim kills 13 people at Ft. Hood and officially it is called a work place incident? Really, it was a massacre perpetrated by an enemy of humanity, the Islamic Jihad, exercising its prerogative to murder anyone, even other Muslims at will, because they have a philosophy that allows the individual to justify such despicable conduct.
 It is likely that we will learn that the ones responsible for the missile incident were also Muslims, and that the missile was redirected at the last second by someone who could not agree with the carnage of innocent people.
 Remember the TWA airliner brought down by a Tomahawk missile over New York Harbor, with hundreds of innocent people losing their lives?
 So, despite the speculation, the US Navy is responsible to the American people to account for the incident by publicizing a full investigation immediately as to what happened and provide those of us in this Nation who still care about human life and freedom, with a full accounting, including a plan that would assure us that it will not happen again.  Apologies are meaningless without accountability.
 Anything less is open tyranny against the people and amounts to US Government sponsored terrorism.

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