We have a new perspective on Who is persecuting “christians.”

by Harmon Taylor

7 September A.D. 2015 [GMT]

The word game in the subject line is a little hidden, given that Who is the first term in the sentence.  In general, this author capitalizes the terms that refer to God, whether directly or as pronouns.  Thus, “Who” in that subject line is a reference to God, Almighty, Himself.

“Who” is exactly Who is prosecuting “christians.”  On what grounds?  The same grounds as always: Rebellion under Rule 1.

ten“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me.”


(Of course, there are “at least 11,” but we can pick up on that again at some future time.)

The second one is directly related.

“You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My Commandments.”

So, while this nation loses its mind over the fact that the trial judge has ordered a defiant clerk to do her job, those who have access to these thoughts will have at least some measure of peace of mind in the self-consistency of the matter.  There’s nothing new going on here.  All this “persecution” stuff is marketing, likely by agents provocateur, as well as (deliberately, self-) uninformed parties who mean well but who have no practical or working understanding of the legal problem at issue, whether viewed from the Law of God or from the “law of man.”

The Scriptural problem is that God is sick and tired of our looking to “man” instead of to Him, including our preferences for paganisms and rituals instead of relationship with Him.  Despite the fact He’s given us sign after sign after sign (the obvious ones being War, Famine, Pestilence, and this “Beast” system) that we need to change something (which He’d be all too glad to tell us, if we’d but ask), we are still very much committed to doing that which pleases “man” instead of God.  Those who we’re opting to please have set us up in a line of thought, word, and deed, by means of an unending stream of out and out lies and distortions of varying degrees, that so keeps us in rebellion that it practically guarantees these power-mongers running this “Beast” system continued reign over this world, thus over us.

Why does this “Beast” have such power?  Because God commissioned them to have that power.  To what end?  To devour and to destroy the rebellious. Even still, God has kept this “Beast” in check, ever since we got away from His system of Law by getting away from His system of honest weights and measures.  To this day, God is keeping this “Beast” quite frustrated, by keeping it in check, and the great super-majority of the Beast-system’s minions just can’t figure out why.  The “why” is that this “Beast” gets clobbered, and that day is quickly approaching.

But, that day can’t arrive until this “Beast’s” job is complete.  What completes this “Beast’s” job?  The devouring and destroying of the rebellious.  One way to be destroyed for rebellion is by a physical death, and many we know and hear about and read about have stopped rebelling in this manner.  Another way is repentance.  When is an enemy no longer an enemy (and yet not dead)?  When he becomes a friend.  So, the “fast” way this “Beast” system ends its reign of “terror” is for us to repent, which includes stopping our dependence on “man,” i.e., on “government,” and start depending on God to provide, e.g., “tomorrow’s bread” (popularly mistranslated “our daily bread”).

We can’t and won’t end this “Beast” by arm-of-the-flesh, fullback-up-the-middle plays and activities.  It just won’t happen.  This “Beast” isn’t here that we correct it.  This “Beast” is here that we become corrected.  So, until that is accomplished, we’ll have this “Beast.”

Who is behind this “Beast?”  Exactly.  (Said to the “tune” of “Who’s on First?” by Abbott and Costello.  Who is on First; What’s on Second, I-don’t-know is on Third, and etc.).  Except that Who is God.

God is behind this “Beast.”  Thus, it’s God, Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Who is prosecuting “christians.”  Why?  Rebellion.

clerkIn the instance of this clerk in KENTUCKY, she’s as rebellious as she can be, and what we’re learning, in spades, is the depravity in the “christian” community in which she’s been raised.  How can a woman in her position of leadership in that community not understand that Yes means yes, and No, no?  How can that possibly be so flagrantly overlooked in this matter?

Now, let’s take her side of this for just a moment or two.  Several have raised the reality that the rug has been pulled out from under her.  When she first signed up for this office, i.e., when she took her oath, agreeing to abide by the “constitution” and “laws” of “this state” (and the “United States”), there was no such thing as homosexual marriage.  There was only heterosexual marriage (approved, i.e., “licensed” by the state).

However (and back to the prosecution), why were even the heterosexual, one-man and one-woman oriented “christians” getting “licenses,” at all, in the first place?  What in the ______ have we, as “christians” been doing?  We’ve been doing what we’ve been told to do. By whom? By this “Beast” system.  By getting those “state” “licenses,” what has been happening, legally, has been the sufficient transfer of ownership in the children of that “commercial marriage” to the “state” so as to allow the STATE to direct “eduction” and “health care.”  That has produced a generation (or two) of very pro-communist children, now young adults, along with this now-developing notion that all school-children must be vaccinated (and made autistic, etc., or even just flat out dead).

It’s not anything like as “bad” as passing the children through the fire to Molech, to be sure, but it’s on the level, spiritually, just the same.

We have a choice.  We can set up marriages under Scripture, which is essentially a Common Law-based relationship, documented by contract, or we can get STATE-permission, obligating the relationship not to to God but to the STATE, i.e., to “the image” (shown to Daniel).

How “christian,” then, has this clerk been, from day one, by helping “christians” get “licenses” to marry, so that this “Beast” system owns that much of the children?  Is that what “christians” need to be doing?  Why are “christians” asking the STATEs for permission to do what God has already granted permission to do?  Is God pleased that the “Beast” controls the “education” and “health care” interests in the children of “licensed” “marriages?  This author greatly and seriously doubts it.  Yet, He’s turned us over to this “Beast” system for “processing,” i.e., for Judgment.

Ok. What leadership position, in any capacity, in a “funny money”-dependent system, should any “christian” be assuming?  What “christian,” in light of God’s Law that we use honest weights and measures, can take any oath of any office in a system that exists to deny and defy God on this very point?

We have a choice.  We can never be compelled into any particular choice of law.  Where the “christians,” as the Amish set the example, had simply stated, “We’re not going there,” and, for example, where the “christians,” for example, had refused to trade with “funny money,” but only with honest weights and measures, then this particular level of development of this “Beast” system’s de-population agenda could and would never have come about.  The “christians” would have their own society, own organizations, own structure, own legislature(s), own executives, own judiciary, and they’d be living a life some less polluted with the policies of “this state” than presently exist.  But, for “convenience,” we abandoned God and hooked up with this “Beast” system, formally and officially as of 1965, when the last vestiges of silver were sucked back out of general circulation.

So, after selling out, generally (and, to her defense, “who knew?”  Really, “who knew” what this change in “money” meant?  No one knew, at the time, and the exception that proves the rule is expected to be something on the order of one in a million.), we arrive at this day of saying, “I’m not going down that path any farther.”  But, it’s already too late, for she’s agreed, under oath, likely stated with something like, “So help me God,” or that concept, by whatever terms, to abide by and uphold the “laws” of “this state.”

Now, back to her defense, again.  The rules have changed.  We can get academic and say that the law has always been the law and that nothing has changed, but in all reality, we’ve got a very, very marked change here.

The national legislation, and these Supreme Court rulings, have overruled every STATE’s “constitution” and legislation on this issue of “marriage.”  Even where the children were being “given” to the STATE for the STATE’s purposes of “eduction” and “health care,” at least we were still talking about relationships that could naturally produce children.  We’re no longer talking (necessarily) about naturally procreating relationships.  We’re talking about non-naturally-procreating relationships.  This is part and parcel of the de-population agenda.  Set up by whom?  The “Beast” via its minions. And, Who set up this “Beast?”  Exactly.  Why?  Because we’re in abject rebellion, and He’s sick of it.  So, He’s not interested in there being any more production of children raised to worship “the image,” to worship the “Beast.”  In short, it’s His de-population agenda.  We can blame the “Beast,” but we do so either ignorantly or in vain or both.

The problem, here, is God.  He’s sick of us.  He’s sick of our pagan ways.  He’s sick of our rebellion against Him and His standards.  So, He’s shutting it all down, and He’s accomplishing that via this “Beast” system.

This is a difficult message to hear, which makes it a difficult message to deliver, but it must be delivered, so that it may be “heard.”  To solve a problem, where must we start?  In identifying it correctly.   For so long as we continue with “blame game,” here blaming the Court for the ruling and now this trial judge for enforcing the law of “this state,” or “the State,” per that judicial officer’s oath of office, there’ll just be more Judgment.  This cycle ends only when we get off this merry-go-round.  And, we get off this merry-go-round once we start accepting individual responsibility for the problems, here.

We’re not worshiping God via participation in Lent.

We’re not worshiping God via participation in Easter.

We’re not worshiping God via participation in Christmas.

We’re not worshiping God via non-recognition of the rest days (and years).

We’re not worshiping God by attributing His character (everywhere present, all-knowing, all-powerful, unending in existence) to some evil thingie.  All that this “devil” stuff does is call God evil, and He’s sick of “hearing” that.

We’re not worshiping God by dissecting Him into a number of pieces suitable for “matching” with the pagan theories and theologies. There is One being in the God-head.  There are not three, or seven, etc.  There is One, and He is it.

And, of course, we’re not worshiping God by defying His Law that earmarks His worshipers as those who use honest weights and measures.

We’re so addicted to matters and thoughts and practices that flat out defy His word that we don’t even recognize His word.  And, we’ve been at that for so long that we can’t even see that “christians” don’t want or need “marriage” “licenses,” at all, in the first place.

So, this “christian” nation stands with the woman who has helped her family, friends, and neighbors sell their children to the “Beast,” and who is now defying her oath of office to that same system of “laws of man” by refusing to issue “commercial” “licenses” to homosexual couples, and therefore to all who want to sell their children to the “Beast” for “education” and “health care” purposes.  In her repugnant rebellion against God, she’s now a “hero” to this same “christian” community.

And that same “christian” community just can’t figure out why we’re being “invaded” by peoples from other nationalities (study into the meaning of “locusts” in Scripture), and why there are all these diseases making a lot of people’s lives miserable or just that much shorter, and why this notion of War has been unending for the past 100 years straight.

The pulpit has been (totally) silent regarding War, Famine, Pestilence (Disease, Plague), and “Beast” systems, the result being a nation of believers who have no real idea of what it is, exactly, that they believe, or why they do or don’t do what they do or don’t do. Clearly, none of that religion-think is “working,” because we’re drowning, Deluge style, in War, Famine, Pestilence (Disease, Plague), and this “Beast” system (with, for example, its de-population agenda).  God is not satisfied with our worship, and so He’s Judging us.

Thus, where so many want to blame this trial judge for doing his job (which he doesn’t necessarily enjoy doing, here), the reality is that this problem starts in the mirror. What is she doing “wishing well” this “Beast” system by working for it in the first place?  A great many people are deceived with labels of “constitutional” and Common Law. So, those still deceived with and by such labels are greatly encouraged to feel free to look around.  To find one community within this nation’s borders not affected by War, Famine, Pestilence (Disease, Plague), and this “Beast” system is to find one community that has preferred relationship with God to the options and alternatives offered by man, including what’s offered by this “Beast.”  To find one community not using “funny money,” for example, is to find the start of a congregation of Believers.

Who is prosecuting “christians.”  Yep, that’s exactly right. Now you’ve got it.

And, what is “the” solution He holds out still, and will always hold out?  It’s called repentance.

We hear the term kicked around, but those who “get it” will realize that there’s very little in the way of “organized religion” that can lead anyone anywhere in the direction of repentance.  When the plate is passed, for example, what’s collected?  “Funny money” and scrap-metal tokens.

We’ve got a very long way to go, as evidenced by the ever-increasing nature and level of Divine Judgment under which we find ourselves.  Where do we start?  With something we feel we can manage as a first effort in getting out from among her.  Not everyone needs necessarily to start in the same place.  The “money” problem is a long-term matter.  We’re very dependent on small business owners to start to make known that they accept honest weights and measures. This is definitely developing, and we’ll “never” hear about this progress in the news, which is “owned” by the “banking party” and used for the specific purpose of promoting the “banking party” by all means possible.  Shorter term is non-participation in Lent, Easter, and Christmas.  Not easy to end the addiction, but these are the easier items on the list.  Shorter term is respecting one day a week as one’s day of rest (and not providing one’s goods and services in commerce).

Until we change our minds, as Paul was called to teach then, which message is as vital today under this Beast as then under that Beast (Rome), nothing is going to change for the better.  Nothing.  Until we stop denying and defying God, we’re going to get more “Beast” actions.  It’s not about what the other guy is or isn’t doing.  It’s about what the person we find in the mirror is doing or not doing.

May Davis set a national example by repenting of her defiance of the very oath she gave, by either resigning the office or issuing those ______ “licenses.”  It’s far better in God’s perspective that a Believer’s Yes mean yes, and No no than there be a spectacle of defiance of one’s word, in particular one’s oath.

Yes, the standard has changed during her tenure in office.  Sure has.  If she’s no longer able to fulfill her oath of office, she needs to resign. She’ll remain in jail for so long as her oath is relevant, thus for so long as he’s still claiming title to that office and yet refusing to perform the functions of that office.  [10 Sep. Update.  Since she’s been released, within about a day after this original note was circulated, and since she’s still claiming title to the office, it’s noteworthy to mention that her deputies are greatly responsible for her release, by issuing those _____ “licenses.”]


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